Rebuff to Adam Burrfoot on the Recent Town Crier and the relation to it in CoEs Riding system

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You mentioned that anyone can ride a horse easily is wrong, the reason Riding vacation locations accept newcomers to riding is because those horses have done those exact same routes and exercises for a longtime, they are specifically trained to do that essentially without you on the horse. In reality the rider does very little.

Real riding skill happens when you take the horse away from the ride then "newcomers" will fail; Horses naturally follow the one in front as they are herd animals so one trained rider can lead a load of newcomers to riding that way, it is used in the trade to make newcomers feel like they have achieved a lot in the first lesson when in reality you have not progressed much and that you will need to keep doing it to learn the skills needed.

I invite you Adam the next time you are in the UK to come to my Stables and I will give you a lesson in the Arena to teach you some Equestrian skills; As it is a big misconception that "everyone can ride a horse, it is easy!" when it is blatantly false and can be seen as ignorant.

Also the Gaits are Walk, Trot, Canter, I hope SBS doesn't call a Canter a Gallop, gallop is a thing but what many think of gallop is actually a canter.

How does this relate to CoE?

Well the way I see the Riding skill tree progressing is that everyone can at least walk on the horse after a few minute observation of others riding with some basic trot after a short while of riding, the key is the efficiency of your movements increases as you progress along the skill tree. So you will be able to canter, it will reduce the energy usage of the character etc...

Leading up to actions such as jumping, grid jumping, saddle movements (your character sitting back-to-front on the saddle). This allows for actions such as mounted archery, Lancing, throwing Javelins etc..

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Horse Lord

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No venom there just the facts as I see them..

Sometimes the toughest pills to swallow are the best medicine. anyone has spoken to me or any of my friends in that manner, that person would be very lucky to only get perma ignored/banned from any interaction with me. Considering you are a Moderator....that is insanely unacceptable considering he didn't use any offensive language, was never insulting or demeaning.

Edit: And btw, how you state the facts is just as important as the facts you state...and also in what environment you state them in.

Do mods remove their own messages or does another mod need to come override them? Or does it have to be serp?

Those messages would have been removed from some other threads at least.


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I see no issue with what Dariusacmar contributed to this discussion. Am I missing something?

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The mod team have put in incredible time and effort over and over again trying to help Zultra reintegrate into the forums, and move away from his past and his reputation. Far more than any other mod team for any other game or forums that I've seen. I don't think Noslim was being rude or breaking the ToS, and if you read it as that then I'm positive it wasn't his intention, he's just trying to get Maulvorn to see why a lot of people see him as arrogant or narcissistic.

Could he have PM'd him? Sure. But like Noslim has stated, perhaps some stronger medicine would be a better treatment.

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Since this thread started out as a vocal debate about an opinion on a Youtube show by members of this community, and devolved into an argument over the wording of a moderators plead with a veteran member of the community, I will lock this thread.

Thank you for the contributions, have a fantastic weekend Elyrians!

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