Last Updated: August 2015

Welcome to the Chronicles of Elyria Forums!

Our philosophy at Soulbound Studios is that great communities are made up of individuals who are passionate, friendly, and positive towards one another. Our forums were created so that community members could have discussions regarding all aspects of Chronicles of Elyria in a safe and constructive environment.

To that end, it’s necessary for there to be some rules in place regarding conduct while participating within the forums and interacting with fellow community members.

Our Code of Conduct is as follows:

Be Civil and Respectful

We are all here because we love what Soulbound Studios is doing with Chronicles of Elyria and want to be a part of it. Keeping that in mind, let’s treat one another kindly and with civility. It’s perfectly okay to state a disagreeing opinion towards something, but only if you can do so in a polite and courteous fashion.

  1. Language: The CoE Forums are all about sharing your interests and thoughts with fellow gamers in a friendly atmosphere. To that end, excessive use of strong language will not be tolerated. However, we at Soulbound Studios believe that personal expression is important. As such, the occasional use of an expletive to help emphasis or enhance a statement is allowed. Expressive Language is okay, Explicit Language is not. Discretion will rest with the moderators and Community Managers.
  2. Personal Attacks: Derogatory, offensive, and otherwise hurtful or inflammatory remarks are entirely prohibited. Attacks on the beliefs, values, ideas, race, gender, nationality, culture, sex, or any other element of individual expression will result in an immediate ban from the site.

Be Constructive

The forums exist so that players can discuss content relating to CoE, whether new or old. Being constructive and focused in your comments is important to keeping the conversation beneficial to one another.

  1. Trolling: Trolling is a waste of everyone’s time, so don’t do it. Unless you are “being a troll” by roleplaying as the kind who live under bridges in the Fan Fiction and Roleplaying forum, just don’t do it. Doing so will result in disciplinary actions being taken, and potentially having your account banned.
  2. Game Bashing: While being supportive of Chronicles of Elyria is great, it’s important to be respectful of other games as well. Comparing and contrasting our game with others is fine as long as you provide details in a constructive manner, but making mean-spirited remarks simply because isn’t okay.

  3. Spam: Do not spam the forums by reposting a comment multiple times within a single thread. Furthermore, do not spam the forums with comments comprising a single word or link.

  4. External Links: Don’t link to external webpages that are unrelated to the topic at hand and/or Chronicles of Elyria.

  5. Cross-Posting: Avoid posting the same comment multiple times across multiple threads. Keep each topic to its own thread. If you want to start a conversation on a new topic, create a new thread.

  6. Advertising: Unless related to an off-topic post, do not link to or otherwise promote non-gaming products.

Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Discretion: This is a public forum, and anything you share here is, as such, public. Don’t post any personal information that you wouldn’t also share with your creepy neighbor. This also means that ideas shared become public access and Soulbound Studios does not need permission from or payment to the original poster to use that idea in-game.
  2. Liability: Although the Community Managers & moderators of the Chronicles of Elyria Forums will attempt to remove messages which violate this Code of Conduct, it is impossible for us to review all messages. Each message expresses the views of the author, and Soulbound Studios will not be held responsible for the content of any post or comment.

  3. Private Issues: If you have a personal matter that you feel it necessary to discuss with either our Community Manager or the Soulbound Studios team, such as a grievance with a fellow community member, it is not okay to post it in the forums. Message us by email at either [email protected] or [email protected].

To report a post or comment that violates any aspect of this Code of Conduct, please do email [email protected] so we can remove that post.

By posting or commenting on the Chronicles of Elyria forums, you're agreeing to this Code of Conduct. If you do not agree to abide by this Code of Conduct, or disagree with any part of this document, do not post on the forums.