[Sticky] EU Kingdom/Duchy Information & Welcome
They are in alphabetical order as to not push one kingdom over another.

Hey so there has been a lot of questions about the different kingdoms on this server with their posts so I thought it would help to put a post out with some of the information for them so that people who are looking aren't too overwhelmed looking through all the posts in the domains forum. So here we go!

Some duchies don't have a forum post as of yet, as they add them I will update this post.

EU CoE Discord

King Usifan Banu'Usifan

King regent: GravGunner

Royal Court - Where all the Dukes have a seat.

"Al'Khezam welcomes all who wish to join it, irrespective of beliefs, ethnicity or social standing. Our aim is to build a healthy and prosperous kingdom, where schools of thought and science create new wonders for Elyria, where crops flourish, trade is never-ending, wine flows and a man can rise from humble farmer to wealthy landowner, an itinerant layman to head scholar at a university. We only ask that you embrace the spirit by which our kingdom is founded: the spirit of community, love for our fellow man and the sharing of burdens when times are hard. The land in which Al'Khezam will be placed is one in which this vision will come to pass, one in which all cultures are seamlessly blended into a magnificent tapestry that brings joy to all who see it." - King Usifan. For more detailed information visit their recruitment post by clicking "Kingdom Recruitment Thread(Clicky)" below.

Kingdom Discord(clicky)

Duchies: Royal duchy of Draigh's Falzame || Duchy of Falzame || Duchy of Feann || Duchy of Lemuria || Duchy of Tyr Nansur || Duchy of Asébeia || Duchy of Munzo || Duchy of Iyandolin || Duchy of Anor

King Raziel

“Once a land of many different tribes fighting for supremacy over the other, Arkadia is now a peaceful and respectable Kingdom. All these sons of Mann realized with time that strength lies in unity and that steel may harm a man but it can't kill an idea. This is what Arkadia is so proud to have become. A place of gathering for people from all origins working together for the betterment of their land. Ruled by his Majesty Raziel the kingdom prospers through trade and technology. But do not mistake peaceful intentions for weakness. The Arkadian army is fearsome, well organized and shows no mercy in time of war.” - King Raziel

Kingdom Discord(clicky)

Duchies: Duchy of Salernum || Duchy of Lumen || Duchy of Emerald Bay || Duchy of Wirtenberg || Duchy of Wolfsden || Duchy of Kaleria

Emperor Vaizer

"In the name of the Emperor ‘Vaizer’ we hereby welcome you to the Demalion Empire, a realm like no other, bound in spirit through our undying adherence to the principles that form the base on which our society will structure itself. A mode of belief and practice that will see us emerge as a light amongst nations, kingdoms and empires, if we but resolve to stay true to the following four principles in all areas of our lives.” - Emperor Vaizer

Kingdom Discord(clicky)

Duchies: Duchy of Achlis || Duchy of Krytan || Duchy of Kaga || Duchy of Dae Erath || Duchy of Sarnur || Duchy of Azkhar || Duchy of Prudentia || Duchy of Ljón || Duchy of Ljóngaard || Duchy of Lanegg || Duchy of Stormhollow || Duchy of Redshore || Duchy of Aerilon || Duchy of Rivereign || Duchy of Dugh Kahldur

Kingdom currently under construction, please try again later.

Duchies: Duchy of Ashen || Duchy of Ashenn || Duchy of The Sage || Duchy of Lyrhia || Duchy of Norgoth || Duchy of Skuldheim || Duchy of Mîr'harad || Duchy of Adelia

Kingdom Discord(clicky)

Darhk Kilmaar

The Triumvirate of Tryggr act on behalf of the High King. They are entrusted with the day to day management of the Kingdom. The triumvirate is comprised of Wrrynth Thonos and Muhrder & Darhk Kilmaar

"The Kingdom of Tryggr was forged from the pieces of a long forgotten Kingdom. From the ashes of this kingdom grew a renowned community. They formed the Kingdom we now know as Tryggr. Tryggr is known for its rambunctious yet fiercely loyal members. Its centers around a Viking motif,with a focus on PVP. " - High King Ereshkigall.

Kingdom Discord(clicky)

Duchies: Duchy of Kvasir || Duchy of Myrkland || Duchy of Avaland || Duchy of Turadh

1/20/2020 1:49:37 PM #61

Hi Violet,

I've got an update for your Tryggr post as well.

Tryggr is now run by King Darhk Kilmaar who is advised by his royal council. And the house of Dukes who are the ruling nobility. We are an EU kingdom with a history steep in Viking culture with large numbers of UK, Dutch, German, Polish and various Scandinavian speakers among our player base, including players from North America. The citizens of Tryggr are a passionate, driven and coordinated group. We aim to settle as a community and will continue to reach new heights regardless of any obstacles placed before us.

Additional dutchies and their posts: Dutchy of Avaland

Coalition of Orisha

Darkmoon Union

1/20/2020 4:12:09 PM #62

Hey, could you also update the discord link for Al'Khezam? Looks like the one used here has expired. Here's a link that should work:


1/20/2020 7:53:10 PM #63

For sure! Thank you both!

2/14/2020 7:27:33 PM #64

wheres best place to go to get to know other people who will be starting in the same area as myself? I'm in Keridwen, Ashen, Seaflat. City of Dill

2/14/2020 8:25:30 PM #65

Posted By JeanneRodin at 2:27 PM - Fri Feb 14 2020

wheres best place to go to get to know other people who will be starting in the same area as myself? I'm in Keridwen, Ashen, Seaflat. City of Dill

I'm not sure if they have a Duchy discord yet, but you can surely find all the info you need HERE in the discord of the Duchess' former kingdom.

2/16/2020 8:58:05 PM #66

Kingdom of Keridwen Discord click on the link. Once inside please tell us where are you based and your Pledge or if you are only visiting.

VioletWinterlynn can you please add the Discord on the Keridwen kingdom?

Keridwen Discord


3/10/2020 5:15:06 PM #67

anyone starting from ashen?whitefall terrace ,stanpebble hill ?

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