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The Rangers of Coranth are one of three specialist branches existing within the military of the Duchy of Coranth. The Rangers are tasked specifically with sustaining and protecting the health, diversity, and productivity of the Coranth’s natural ecosystems in order to meet the needs of present and future generations. The Rangers’ motto is: "Caring for the land and serving the people of Coranth."

The Rangers are led by the Ranger General who will be headquartered in a special Barony. Funded by the Duke, the Rangers’ Barony will be responsible for outfitting and training all of the Rangers. The Ranger General is responsible for overseeing all enforcement of ducal laws and regulations governing Coranth’s natural lands and resources as well as the development and implementation of effective land and resources management plans.

Depending on the size of Coranth’s various counties, the Rangers of Coranth will operate across 24 ranger districts, each roughly conforming to the borders of its home county. Each district has a staff of Rangers under the direction of a Ranger Captain, a line officer who reports directly to the Ranger General.

As members of Coranth’s military the Rangers are organized according to ranks:

  • Ranger General
  • Ranger Captain
  • Ranger
  • Ranger Apprentice


As the official ducal agency in charge of natural resource conservation, the Rangers provide leadership in the protection, management, and use of Coranth’s ecosystems. The agency's approach to the management of Coranth’s natural ecosystems integrates ecological, economic, and social factors to maintain and enhance the quality of the environment to meet current and future needs.

Law enforcement

Uniformed Rangers enforce ducal laws and regulations governing Coranth’s natural ecosystems and resources. As part of that mission, Rangers are armed and can make arrests. The primary focus of a Ranger’s law enforcement duties is the protection of natural resources and wildlife by combating poaching, illegal logging as well as other illegal uses of lands and resources. The Rangers will strive to establish a regular and recurring presence in Coranth’s vast wildlands as well as on its roads.

Land and resource management

Through the development and implementation of land and resource management plans, the Rangers seek to ensure sustainable ecosystems by maintaining and/or restoring species diversity and ecological productivity that helps provide water, timber, minerals, fish, wildlife, wilderness, and aesthetic values for current and future generations of people. The Rangers will collaborate with the local Counts, private landowners and other stakeholders in a joint effort to develop effective land and resources management plans for each ranger district.


In close collaboration with the Shamans of Seornai the Rangers will provide assistance to Counts, Mayors, private landowners and local communities to help sustain Coranth’s urban and rural forests and to protect communities and the environment from wildland fires, insects, disease, and invasive plants.

Research and development

Through a dedicated research and development (R&D) arm the Rangers work to improve the health and use of Coranth’s natural ecosystems as well as to ensure its sustainable management. Research focuses on informing policy and land management decisions and includes addressing invasive flora and fauna, degraded river ecosystems as well as sustainable ways to harvest forest products. The researchers of the Rangers will work closely with the Shamans of Seornai.


As Rangers are responsible for protecting the natural resources within their district they will be required to obtain and maintain extensive knowledge about their local area. Because of this knowledge the Rangers will know Coranth’s lands better than anyone. Thus in times of war the Rangers will be tasked with scouting enemy positions and/or engaging in guerilla style activities against invading enemy forces. The Ranger General will be responsible for coordinating these activities with Coranth’s Strategos while the Ranger Captains will be tasked with leading the actual missions.

Becoming a Ranger

So, what makes a Ranger of Coranth? Do you enjoy the challenge of survival games and like to adventure as well as spend much of your time out in the wilds? Do you enjoy bringing justice to the frontier? Do you enjoy the idea of helping the community and keeping the game fun for everyone by protecting Coranth’s ecosystems against potential destruction?

If the above appeals to you then you will find a home and a purpose among the Rangers. As the Duchy of Coranth will actively foster the formation of role-playing communities, role-players looking to role-play a ranger-like character will also find a home within the Rangers. The Rangers and their wide variety of duties will provide ample opportunities and avenues to engage in role-playing.

Anyone who is interested in joining the Rangers is welcome to come and meet us in Coranth’s Discord!

In addition, Coranth is currently looking for a Ranger General to lead the Rangers. If you are interested in assuming the role and duties of the Ranger General please don’t hesitate to get in touch with Coranth’s Duke. To be considered a viable applicant you will need to own at least a Mayor pledge and be willing to turn your settlement into a Barony to serve as the Ranger’s headquarters.

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A very interesting read Wolffje, I hope others will enjoy reading it as much as I have!

Keep up the good work buddy!

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Posted By Lewis_Wright at 6:16 PM - Mon Mar 26 2018

A very interesting read Wolffje, I hope others will enjoy reading it as much as I have!

Keep up the good work buddy!

Thank you!

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Nice thread Wolffje. I welcome the sight of Rangers of Coranth within the Demalion Empire.

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Nice thread Wolffje. I welcome the sight of Rangers of Coranth within the Demalion Empire.

Thank you, Isildur!

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The Rangers are still looking for a Ranger General to lead them. Please consult the original post for more information. If you are interested in taking command of the Rangers and aid me in building up the organization from the ground up please get in touch with me on Discord.

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The Rangers of Coranth are still looking for Rangers to join its ranks as well as a Ranger General to lead it!

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