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Ahh, Forgeborne County! As a double county, it boasts a hardy production and commerce community within it's county seat of Baldreth's Crossing and we hope to expand our reach and expertise through the skills of the neighboring towns within the county. Our county will have an overal focus of producing martial armaments for the duchy and hopefully to the kingdom as a whole. We also hope to establish a research academy that also strives to discover and invent new and improved weaponry that gives Cremoria the bleeding edge it needs to defend itself from those who would usurp it.

Production and Trade

Being a county focused on production and the ferrying of wares, we will be developing various tools to assist our citizens with finding homes for the goods they craft. First of these will be one-to-many contracts for those who either do not wish to or are unable to sell off their wares themselves. These contracts will be for a variety of items being actively crafted in the county and will be used to source armaments for the duchy or to be ferried and sold elsewhere for the profit and betterment of the county itself.

The Rest for the Weary

Even those who are vehemently passionate about their trade get overworked and burnt out from time to time. To alleviate this, we will be hosting events and entertainment periodically in the county seat of Baldreth's Crossing as well as in other neighboring towns at their behest. There will also be Duchy-wide and Kingdom-wide events that are likely to draw your attention and give you some much needed respite as well.

Recruitment and Settlements

We are currently no longer accepting mayor or baron applications (unless you're okay with starting with a village rather than a town), but we're still looking for suitable people for leadership roles in our county seat, all manner of craftspeople, merchants, resource gatherers, and combat personnel. Fear not if we didn’t mention you! We are a community of inclusion, and we would love to have you at the very least to give the county some color and flair! We have a more specific list of the sorts of people we're looking for on our county discord, and if you'd like to inquire about how else you could help, just send me a message.

We look forward to getting to know you!


Mayor: Count Sigma Lancaster

The county seat of Baldreth's Crossing serves as the proverbial beating heart of the county, where nearly all of the goods and materials in the county flow to and from. We plan to boast a wide variety of craftspeople and merchants at our disposal to make the county seat and our county as a whole a veritable hub of commerce. County-wide events such as crafting competitions and many of our local festivals will also be hosted here.


Mayor: Fierywind Empyrean

Brighthaven is a city for all those who wish to excel, to reach the pinnacle, to be the inspiration and motivators of all those who would aspire to the same heights. A city of good and virtue, we will uphold the beliefs of the Kingdom of Kairos. An economic heart for Forgeborne County, its focus will be on economics and the circulation of goods, but all will be needed to truly flourish. Any that are mature, have good attitudes, and insist on success are welcome!

Mayor: Krensit Bowmaker

Sylvanwood, City of Quality Goods, is the home of those craftsmen and women who wish to achieve the highest standards of their chosen profession. The city will cater to those families which aim for Master, Grandmaster, and Legendary skills. The Academy of Sylvanwood, located in the heart of the city, will be a school designed around the professions of the inhabitants of the city. Cremoria will be a border duchy. Much of the focus will be militaristic, however those interested in any type of wood work will particularly find a home. However, no city can function with craftsmen alone. Those who desire to focus on production and provision will also find a home where they can ply their trade with a great deal of success. All are welcome! Please feel free to PM me with any questions! - Krensit of the Bowmaker Dynasty

Minkari Grove

Mayor: Cielo

For the people, for the Kingdom. A welcoming community town, Minkari Grove is home to those interested in sustainable hunting, farming & gathering. The town is also fondly called home, by explorers and warriors between their many travels and adventures, providing a satisfied belly and a soft place to sleep. As a town of stability and structure, Minkari Grove has a healthy economy, supported by the sale and trade of both animal and plant products, to nearby production towns. Minkari Grove is also proud host of the renowned feasting festival, which is visited by townsfolk from all across Cremoria, in celebration of the passing of the long night.

Mayor: Winter Graupel

Twinburgh is the logistics hub of Forgeborne County. It acts as the extended arm of the other towns by creating a place of transactions, storage, and headquarters for businesses. Its vicinity will offer a safe haven for merchandises, their owners and their creators, and provide opportunities to sell these merchandises to businesses outside of Forgeborne. Looks and civic services will not play a large role in Twinburgh, instead the priority will be practicality and safety.


Baron: Damocles

Stonehaven is a sister city to Brighthaven, seeking to be the shield behind which commerce can thrive. As a part of Forgeborne County, Stonehaven will seek to train soldiers to patrol the roads and cities, keeping commerce safe. Stonehaven is will not be the richest city, but it may well be the safest. If you have an interest in helping others, in being a part of a greater whole, of working hard so that all may thrive, Stonehaven welcomes you to get to work.


Twin Accord Wholesale

Manager: Winter Graupel

The Twin Accord is a wholesale company specialising in the distribution of resources and materials throughout the Duchy of Cremoria, Kingdom of Kairos and beyond. Our mission is to provide a convenient place for producers to sell their goods without having to worry about quantity or timing, while creating a convenient place for merchants and craftsman to acquire large quantities of materials for their trade.

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