Searing Plague Needs a Rewrite

This isn't a technical issue, per se. It's just this portion needs to be addressed and I know a few people read it and thought they understood what it meant. Let me post what I mean:

Select a Role Commit Purity Seals to the Cure Bar, Commit Plague Signs to the Outbreak Bar, Neutralize Plague Signs, or use abilities to unlock new roles.

My issue is, "Commit Plague Signs to the Outbreak Bar" to unlock new roles. Now, after about 13 plague seals that I contributed, I still didn't see a role. Until, I understood that it only applies to Infected/Plagued people, not Pure. I'm sure a few people read this and thought the same thing, if I contribute plague AND purity, I can get a role quicker, but that's not the case.

Could someone rewrite this portion or put a clarification somewhere stating this point. "If you're PLAGUED, you can contribute to the Outbreak meter" or something along those lines?

Thank you.

8/4/2018 3:49:19 PM #1

id rather spread the plague but alas, im pure

8/6/2018 6:21:19 PM #2

Thanks for letting us know, when our next deployment goes out for the site (soon), this will be resolved.

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