During the daily reset, there is an automatic neutralization to cancel out plague signs which does not count towards obtaining a role. If there are any remaining signs they are automatically added to the outbreak bar. Due to today's attempted update and subsequent problems they had two "ticks" occur simultaneously and I believe they also tried to add some purity compensation. I think you first received a plague sign for 9am, were then neutralized for 5 seals/signs, and then received your 1pm sign with 2 bonus seals.

Daily Schedule:

  • 9am PDT - Daily Reset/Utility Reset/Instant Reset/Neutralize/Plague Dump/Purity & Plague Cooldown
  • 1pm PDT - Purity & Plague Cooldown
  • 5pm PDT - Instant Reset / Purity & Plague Cooldown
  • 9pm PDT - Utility Reset / Purity & Plague Cooldown
  • 1am PDT - Instant Reset / Purity & Plague Cooldown
  • 5am PDT - Purity & Plague Cooldown