(EU) County of Skelanos

Welcome to the pearl of the north.

the Grand County of Skelanos!

a county build upon lore, progression, co-operation and respect

A home to Viking Giants, Dwarves and humans!

Server: EU
Kingdom: Demalion Empire
Duchy: Grand Duchy of Sarnur
County Seat: The Seaside Capital Delving ofTherion
Noble House: Paleblood
Pre Launch Focus: Establishing a tight-knit community that will thrive in a friendly environment in one of the PVP, PVE or RP settlements
Gameplay Focus: PvP,PvE,RP (depending on settlement choice)
Biome: Alpine Tundra
Primary Tribes: Hrothi, Brudvir, Neran.


Point of Contact: Count Athorias Paleblood or any of the mayors or ministers.
Recruitment Status: Open - (Actively recruiting)
Open Settlement Slots: 2

The County of Skelanos is a county with a rich history founded by bringing together players with different play styles, therefor we host a multitude of different gamestyle focussed cities (PVP, PVE, RP) On top of this the guildmasters that have chosen to settle in our county can also provide the playstyle you are looking for.

besides the guilds that are based in our county our main focus is:

Military (both naval and land based).



To make sure none of our citizens run into any problems while dealing with receiving permits, premission or access to recources we created the following hierarchy:

We are looking for players who are interested in working closely together within an active and progressive community,

We are not actively seeking mayors, but if you feel like you are an addition to our county, feel free to have a talk with us.

Do you want more info, or are you interested in applying for citizenship in our county, please join this discord:

We take a different approach to military in our county.
The Skelanos army is not funded by the duke or the kingdom, but by the guilds, aristocrats and nobles, this ensures that our combat groups and naval fleets can always be deployed when the county needs them and when the kingdom needs help.

Below links to the settlements of Skelanos:

The The Seaside Capital Delving of Therion (county capital)

The Capital Delving of Dâhl Gorreth

The Town Delving of Ventis

The City of the Silver Phoenix

The City of Tauros

Below links to the guild and organisations of Skelanos:

The Corvus Corax Adventurer guild

The Obelisk, Construction and Architecture Corporation

The Black Lotus Alchemy Guild

The Golden Grain Agriculture Guild

The Ægir's Commerce Guild ÆCG

The Stoneblood Animal Husbandry Center

The Pioneer Brewing Guild

Below a link to a collection post where you can read all lore

created in and for Skelanos County.

If you prefer to listen to the lore please follow this link:


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Kingdom, Tribe or Biome preferred? Anyway good luck mate with your vision.

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Hrothi and Brudvir

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