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The Grand County of Stenhus is the Capital county of the HammerBull Collective, situated within the Duchy realm of Drakeolm, Stenhus is to be an Industrial-Militaristic society.

Central around industrial trade, Stenhus operates in a highly organized and Merit based society, valuing strong infrastructure and the extraction/wholesale of Raw commodity. Trades such as Mining, Smithing, Wood-working, Leather-working, and animal husbandry take center stage throughout the county. All trades, and skills are welcome however, and will see the same care given to ensure ample opportunity.

Tarvald HammerBull, as one of my Brothers/Sisters, know that I will do my best to do right by YOU. Our members are the single most important aspect throughout all of our games and this will not change in Chronicles of Elyria. Joining Stenhus and the greater collective ensures you will experience a fair, opportune, and balanced approach to the greater PvE, Industrial, and PvP aspects of CoE.

The morning air bights at your face as you climb the path to Black-Ridge Hold. Capital of the Grand-County of Stenhus, if you could call such Barbaric men and women grand..A faint glow of orange and red sets the scene with a gust of chilled wind carrying the forest brush across the path that lay before you. The echoes of the forest engulf you in their natural beauty, calming you as you continue your journey. You come across a drink, flowing crystal as it appears the Capital is close, you can feel it. As you follow the winding river, your path becomes obstructed; before you a pertruding cliff, no less than twenty Yoru-kin tall. The air now settled, and the glow of gold in the sky you begin your ascent. The crack of ice-rock can be heard with every grasp of stone you take, the drums of civilization begging you onward; how so can it be that this sense of purpose is at the furthest edge of our shining cities of black and gold. Your tired arms make for one final reach, the tattered cloth of your glove rest it's edge on the hibernating grass atop the ridge.

Taking one lass glance before you pull yourself up, you twist your body so that you may gaze upon the majesty of which you have traveled. Below you the forest canopy, broken only by the echoing wind, great mountains painted in a hundred shades of purple in the distance, silent coursing streams poking their crystal shine unto your tired eyes; you pull yourself up. A crow soars over you, breaking your thought; you follow it with a glance as it disappears behind a gate carved in form of two mighty warriors, grizzled veterans of hardship they must have been. The gate's beautiful elegance holds your view attention, as you find that every piece has been worked in the image of these ancestors adorned in the rare colors of crimson, and shade grey; what a architect could capture such fine detail with such simple product of wood and stone. Between the pillars lay the entrance, sealed shut by the finest Alpine, coated in the sigilic paints of Clan HammerBull, only broken by the metal adornment of a Bull's skull and twin crossed Hammers.

An Icy rain begins to fall, as the clacking of heavy chain begins to pull. The mighty Alpine splits opening before you. As if imbued with magic, you hear the faint sound of Nordic throat song, by the Two-Faced Queen may she protect you. Staring back at you, you find yourself of sudden realization that no Southern-Mann could live in such far from Civilization, the icy-blue eyes of women and children stare at you, you approach. You now notice the clang of metal, the break of rock...of axe on wood; a fell tree. Though spread more-so than the many cities of Blackheart these buildings hold a simple elegance, a shifting wood represented in beauty by old-gods and beings resembling those that still watch your every step. Snow capped grass beneath your feet, you follow that path which has been most walked and find yourself agaze at a fine structure, the entrance alone, of two carved bulls on their hind legs horns crossing.

A Guard stops you, a giant of a mann; as simple as that city which lay around you, decorated in the adornments of his ancestors, his beard of fire orange braided in the skulls of vermin. Looking you over, he rest his grizzled hands on the blood red doors of this great hall, and with mighty force pushes. The doors slowly open, revealing a long shadow complex. Crimson and Shade banners hang from the ceiling, a fire pit stretching the length down the center. In the distance a shadowy figure sits, arm rested on his throne, fist pressed against his chin...a large figure indeed. The doors slowly close behind you, the Guard is gone. The room falls silent and black aside from the glow and flicker of the crackling fire.

While living in Stenhus, you will find that all avenues of play are focused around the betterment of our community. A merit based society where the gains of the individual are reflected in the gains of the community. Valuing Military trade-skills above all else Stenhus operates in a structured and highly organized environment. One would find themselves working forges, leather, delving deep into our mines, or training at one of our many player ran Academies. As one comes to explore the realm that is Stenhus they would find a love of hard-work, welcoming atmosphere, and a sense of duty as continues to be reflected throughout our Collective community.

Traveling our meticulously planned infrastructure one would find speckled across the countryside many blossoming towns and hamlets, each with a sense of purpose and direction in their chosen craft to support the greater community. As is provided by our many proven and diverse Mayors/Barons that forge their own unique and hungry communities.

Marketing ourselves as Industrial and Militaristic one should come to find that we are as such prepared and will continue to prepare ourselves for both times of peace and war. Diligence will be provided for unexpected events, assuring that the needs of our Brothers/Sisters and our realm are thoughtfully balanced.

Following such an exploratory day one might be so pressed to stop at one of our many Inns, and try our Mead as they do what all members of Stenhus value, and learn/discuss/socialize about their experiences so that they may the next day support our Collective at greater capacity.

The standing military of the Duke of Drakeolm are known collectively as the BloodSwords, from this organization the majority of Stenhus and the Collective will operate within.

As central as our core tenants that the individual is the sum of the community, so shall we strive to aid our Duchy in times of need. The members of Stenhus by effort of County leadership will insure that each citizen of varying capacity is trained at atleast base level military operations, make no mistake our realm will rely heavily on PvP related endeavors.

Our Regiment within the Bloodswords from the Grand County of Stenhus is to be named the Stålhammer legion. These recruits come from those wishing to focus primarily in the PvP aspects of Chronicles of Elyria, a standing militia force in peace-time operations, as well as a defensive/siege force in times of war. The Stalhammer will and are expected to be those paragons of our community that embody the virtues of Stenhus. These forces at time will be expected to leave the County at moments notice and respond to the call of the Duke. Stålhammer will run as its own Military faction within the realm of Stenhus and is under the direct operation of the Collect Military Elder, and appointed Military leader of Stenhus.

Stenhus will operate within the Laws of the Kingdom of Blackheart, and the Duchy of Drakeolm. An internal mandate has been devised by the leadership of the HammerBull Collective to govern those actions of our Brothers/Sisters. The majority of our Laws will be set towards in-game mechanics, however as an acting Guild of players outside of Elyria all members living within our territories are subject to the external laws of our Guild.

Our Government is represented by an All-Father Tribunal, and an Elder Conciliate. Note, our society is not Democratic. We would like to make that clear. It is extremely rigid with leadership, ranks and duties are obtained through acts of merit, and appointed by upper leadership.

Given the Political nature of Chronicles of Elyria, further information regarding our Government will only be discussed internally. We thankyou for your understanding.

The Capital of Stenhus, Blackridge stands as the bastion of virtue throughout the County. A Military and Trade hub, the Castle is seated by All-Father Tarvald Hammerbull, Lord of the Collective. Situated within the highlands of Stenhus, Black-Ridge will provide the central point of Governance throughout the Collective.

The Capital maintains a prominent investment in the duties of Stenhus Scholars, Politicians, Smiths, Mining, and Architectural communities. It will be here that all members of all economic class throughout Stenhus can call home, find comfort and need of skill.

As well as being the seat of Governance, Black-Ridge will be home of the Stenhus Iron-Bank. A Centralized bank where goods can be stored and protected by the Capital, as well as reinforced by a To be decided commodity with intrinsic value.

The Town of Vapenhjem aims to be a Forge-City. Home of Smiths, Miners and those schools of trade. An aesthetically Norse town, Vapenhjem looks to represent the finest Military goods that can be provided throughout the Collective.

One looking to settle in the town of Vapenhjem would want to be meticulous in nature, never satisfied with their craft and always wanting to push themselves to new heights.

The Town of Evenhand is built on the promise that each mann makes his worth. A hardy settlement Evenhand offers no profession but all profession. One of the more capitalistic societies within Stenhus, Evenhand aims to be a place of trade above all else, money, skulls, information...

Looking for a fresh start, or perhaps play that of a Knight Errant seeking unbridled fame and fortune, learn a darker trade, or perhaps a more scrappy character looking to bruise their knuckles then inquire in Evenhand. A free society.

Note: This is a special settlement within Stenhus, given the nature of Law, within the boundaries of this Settlement transgressions are at the will of the Mayor. Taxes, Military, and any perceived threats to Stenhus and the Collective are still under jurisdiction of the Count.

A Flyer is found, with a message… Greetings Adventurers! If you looking for a place to settle, look no further than Widow's Reach. A place that embodies Individuality and freedom. I seek to craft the Hardiest Ale and the sweetest wine, but I can't do it alone. I will need brewmasters and farmers to make it, merchants to sell it and adventures to drink it! If that’s not for you fine but if you follow your dreams and forge your destiny you will always be welcome in Widow's Reach! I say Let the Farmers farm, The Weavers weave, and let the Merchants chase their coins

Widows peak is home to much of Stenhus's farming, and a central point for Trade and good honest work. As you may have guessed, Alchemy, the arts, and mercantilism are core to this settlement. Those wishing to take a PvE centric route may inquire Widows peak.

Planning goes a long way in the grand scheme of things, brutes are brutes, and power is power but it means nothing if you have nothing to plan for, develop upon and grow with unquestioned resolve that what you build will be long after you have gone.

A Town of the Quill and Book. BarterTown looks to stand out as a center of trade within the realm of Stenhus, as well as a central location for the Academics. If you're looking to major in an Economic profession then perhaps inquire into the prosperous Bartertown.

Fort Khorne is one of the key military installations of the realm of Stenhus, situated in the more internal lands of the realm Fort Khorne looks to build upon those wishing to go with a heavier playstyle within a military focus.

Those citizens taking a less involved military role will focus in a yet undecided industrial facet to support the economy of Stenhus during military and peacetime operations.

Under Construction is a key military installation within the realm of Stenhus. Emboldened by the glory of battle, Uner Construction looks to take the fight to the enemies of the realm, an entirely PvP focused settlement.

Under Construction more details to come.



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*The Royal Carriage’s steady pace was swift. Inside it, the Queen’s handmaiden accompanied Her Majesty. *

The young, beautiful, maiden parted the veil on the window “Your Highness, I noticed you don’t look out to marvel at the unearthly beauty of this land. Are you unimpressed by it?”

The golden orbs in the Queen’s eyes met those of the maiden. Without looking through the window, her lips parted “Alex, dearest. Lord Tarvald has made of Stenhus a place most admirable. It is a diamond among the lands of our Blood. Why would I need to look out and admire something that is, without a doubt, just excellent...”

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