County of Trouvaire

Trouvaire is a county located within the Duchy of Prismatia. The county's focuses are on culture, crafting, and commerce. It is planned on being the cultural heart of the duchy and one of the cultural centers of the kingdom. The capital of Soveux is planned on being a trading hub for goods travelling to and from the kingdom.


Trouvaire is located on the border of the Duchy of Prismatia and the Kingdom of Ashland. The county shares water access with other Prismatian counties and with its neighboring county in Ashland.

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The Sylvien Court is the Marquise's council. It is filled with three positions: Provost, Vidame, and Intendant. The Provost ensures the safety of the county, the Vidame assists with the capital of the county, and the Intendant works with guilds, businesses, and traders. If you wish to apply join our discord


Culture is the main focus of Trouvaire. We believe that culture is one of the most important aspect in worldbuilding and immersion.

We plan on combining our desired cultural vision with that of the culture of our tribe and area selected during Domain Selection. The planned cultural vision and aesthetic of our duchy is Fantasy Forest and we plan our vision and aesthetic is a French style of that.

Trouvaire celebrates culture by the use of festivals and music and the advancement of the arts. Trouvaire is home to the Solaire Academy of Art which researches and educates on the arts and houses its own festivals and events.

Commerce and Trade is essential to the economic focus to the county. The county will create internal trade routes to ensure the proper sustainability of each settlement along with creating external trade routes. There will be a major road connecting Trouvaire with the ducal county of Lumina along with routes connecting to the neighboring royal duchy of Ignis.

Prismatia's maritime research will help assist in trade along the many lakes and rivers in the county and the surrounding areas.

Fashion drives the crafting industry in Trouvaire. Textile making, tailoring, and farming for silk make up the core of the Trouvairien professions. Farming, beekeeping, and herders make up a significant part of the economy.

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