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Ruler: The Crown (Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts; Erdrick Darkholm, the Black King; Anivar Darkholm, the Scepter) and the Duke Council.

Other Names: The Dark Lands; The Land of Night; Kingdom of the Black Hearts

Formerly Known as: Kingdom of Celeas; The Collective

Nationality: The Blood

Alignment: Lawful

Flag: A black heart in a red background. Its arteries spread to entangle the world around it. Black wings spring forth from the back. A golden crown, representing the spires of Castle Darkholde, sits atop the heart.

“The lands of Celeas were vast” a short womann taught the much younger female by her side as they looked out the balcony and over the landscape far below. “Old scripts reveal that there was no point in the mountain range where one could stand and see all borders of the kingdom.” Her hair was long and as fiery as the hottest ember in a smith’s forge. Yet, there was a coolness about this womann which spoke of wisdom, patience and confidence. She wore a turquoise robe, and a silver necklace adorned with emeralds. Despite her being much older, the young womann who walked by her towered over her, and she wasn’t even tall herself.

The youngster’s clothes were quite drab, dark gray trousers and a tunic the color of coal. Her hair was short, so short the wind this high up could not have it bother her eyes, hard as it blew. Steady was her walk, short steps that made certain to keep her by the side of the much shorter womann.

“Strong were the armies of Celeas…” the womann continued, as they passed by a room where smiths were discussing their trade, holding iron, bronze, and even strange metals in their hands “its armies multiplied and grew, fed by the sheer morale of its people.”

They continued their procession and started walking down a long flight of winding stairs and into a large chamber where merchants studied different scales and charts full of numbers “Rich were the people of Celeas, so wealthy, no one ever needed to beg for coin.” The young girl opened her mouth, but stopped herself from interrupting, as hard as it was for her, being naturally impulsive.

As they left the chamber, they walked by the high stone walls, where a dozen architects took measurements and discussed building theories. The womann added “Insurmountable were the defenses of Celeas, so much despite its every loss in battle, Celeas was never conquered…”

“Lady Isolde…” the elder one warmed up “what doomed Celeas?” “Headmistress Narkari, Great was the Kingdom of Celeas” the young womann’s yellow eyes lit up at the opportunity to answer “but despite its greatness, despite its strength, its riches, or its insurmountable defenses, just like the rest of the world today, it was not ready.”

“Ready for what?” the Headmistress questioned. A sinister smile appeared in the young womann’s lips “…for the coming darkness.”


"There's an unfathomable darkness in the hearts of every mann. I just simply accept mine..." -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

Blackheart Kingdom is comprised of the former Collective Alliance and as such it shares many of its ideals. The former Collective Alliance, commonly referred to as The Collective, was established by a cohort of Dukes who swore loyalty to each other and gathered under a single banner.

Today, those who refer to Blackheart as ‘The Collective’ usually have an outdated idea of the tenets and philosophy of the Kingdom and its people.

Blackheart was founded on the principles of Loyalty and Freedom within the confines of the law of the land. While some may argue how can there be ‘freedom’ when there are laws of the land, its people do not fear following the Monarch’s laws. Queen Rowena Darkholm is and has always been a fair and just protector, not a tyrant as outsiders seem to think. Blackheart places heavy emphasis on the virtues of Loyalty, Freedom and Lawfulness. They represent the core beliefs and desires for its members. Those seeking to join Blackheart should desire similar goals.

Loyalty is by far the most important quality a Blackheart citizen must possess. This extends to our Crown, to ourselves and to our Kingdom. We want to build a land where we can feel safe knowing our neighboring citizens have our back. This means that should a RL emergency arise, our people will continue to take care of us when needed (reasonably so) and we will not suffer for it. As such, we try our best to avoid secrets from each other as it will only make us weaker and unprepared.

In addition, Blackheart encourages all of its Blood to share and give their best to the rest of the Kingdom, for a great reward in itself is to know the whole Kingdom will prosper.

Any action against the will of Her Majesty will be considered a most serious crime and can equate to treason. Though we do not expect this to become an issue, people can sometimes get over-ambitious and decide to try and backstab the aristocrat or royalty above them. Punishment for these actions will be severe, and potentially exacted on any potential heirs as well as all guilty or associated party/parties. In this, we would make every effort to remove the traitorous person from the kingdom as a whole. This crime will reside with the player and regardless of where his/her soul may rest within the kingdom he/she will be considered an enemy of the Kingdom. This concept refers to treason in the form of attempting to take a title that does not belong to you. This is to grant as much protection to Dukes, Counts, Barons and titled individuals as possible. There are enough legal ways to gain a title that such acts are not needed or tolerated within The Dark Lands.

Our people have agreed to maintain lawfulness and promote unity despite our differences. We agree to remain loyal to the Crown, defend the Kingdom, maintain lawful duchies and strive to work together to make the Kingdom prosper.

With this said, we allow each Duke to run their Duchy how they choose, so long as this maintains the peace and lawfulness of everyone in the kingdom, and more importantly, so long as these do not go against the will of our Monarchs and ruling Council. Our Dukes can create their own laws, but when in conflict, the Law of the Kingdom supersedes all.

We encourage dukes to punish law breakers as harshly as possible and we will actively hire bounty hunters and sheriffs in order to do everything we can to maintain the lowest possible level of crime. Players will of course take this as a challenge and it is part of the game for them to do so. However, we will do everything we can to keep lawlessness to a minimum for the best enjoyment of those who reside within the Blackheart.

Our Dukes, Counts and Barons cannot grant freedom from the Crown or immunity to any of its citizens. Doing so is considered High Treason, as it goes against the spirit of unity and loyalty the Kingdom was founded upon.

‘Free Cities/Duchies/Counties/Baronies’ are an affront to Blackheart and as such, are not and will not be part of the Kingdom in any way. Anyone who trades with or settles in these 'Free Cities' will be considered Traitorous to the Kingdom. If a ‘Free X’ settles itself within Blackheart, it will be dealt with in a swift and just manner, especially if this displaces one of our sworn Blood.

The Kingdom is known for having a high number of Role Players, and thus many of its negotiations and dealings are In Character. Players are not required to role play, of course, as we promote tolerance for all types of players. The goal is to have a place for everyone and to allow people as much freedom to enjoy the game as possible. As long as that free choice does not disrupt the harmony of the Kingdom or infringe on the freedoms and enjoyment of others. To this end, thieves, murderers, and other lawless people and guilds are generally not welcome into the Kingdom. Consideration will be given to those that refrain from the above actions against the Kingdom and its people. This is not to say that these "chaotic" play styles do not have their legal counterparts such as; bounty hunters, scouts, spies and military careers within our realm as well.


While the world can point out at the many flaws of the Kingdom of Blackheart, honor is the one virtue that shines through in all its dealings. The word of the Blood is worth more than any contract, and it is thus, not given without thinking of all the potential consequences of the agreement. Even the most chivalrous knight in Blackheart defines chivalry in a different way than the rest of humanity, and the Blood never allows the rest of humanity to define how it should hold its values.


The Philosophy of One is the main mentality the Crown seeks to instill on its Blood. We are people from different walks of life, but we all ‘belong’ as long as we want to, as long as we understand that we have our differences, and our differences make us rich.

The Gates

Blackheart has always promoted an ‘open gate’ policy. We want a great gaming experience for everyone, a fair game (even for those who oppose us). As time passes, people will find for one way or another they will fit better somewhere else. As long as they leave respectfully, we support this decision. Inevitably, sometimes people leave making up imagined slights. While we do not condone their way, we welcome a removal of a thorn from our side.


"The Light will show you what it will, in the Darkness you will find the way." -Anivar Darkholm; the Untainted Eye, Scepter of the Crown

The Kingdom largely follows the Church of the Two Fold Queen, although it gravitates more towards the darker aspect of the goddess of balance, believing somewhere else, there will be someone who will gravitate towards the ‘light’. The Crown promotes research into life extension, immortality and occult arcane knowledge. In the spirit of tolerance, the Crown promotes, it allows different religions and cults, viewing them as ‘aspects’ of the goddess of Life and Death, although it prefers for everyone to at least show reverence for the patron goddess of the Kingdom.

Fate, Destiny and Darkness

The Royal Family of Blackheart sees “the three” as forces to be respected, valued and revered, not as gods to be worshipped. Many among the Blood feel the same way. Fate is the end of all things, she is decisive, and no matter what course mann takes, it will always end in its embrace. Destiny is the fickle sister, the one who seduces mann, with promises of rewards for mann’s actions. Darkness is a different force, one that will reign in the end, after menn get tired of going to war for both, real and imagined slights. Darkness is also a compassionate mother, she who closes the eyes of its children so that they may accept one another without judgement.

“In the Darkness mann’s eyes cannot judge that which will impede his advance.” -Church of Darkholm prayer verse

The Throne

The seat of the current monarch is made of black stone, which stays cold regardless of the warmth of the dark room it sits in. On the backrest, there are carvings of strange shapes of unknown creatures, spirits, ravens, vultures, and feathers. Bone shapes line the legs of the throne and end in rats appearing to bite the feet of the monarch. Septem Darkholm, the White King, designed the throne himself for future generations, understanding the mortal coils that bound him. He told the story of how the Darkholm would lock their children in the cellar, tied up to a cold stone chair, rats gnawing at their feet to remind them that the throne is a coveted spot that places the ruler in an uncomfortable position where, no matter the sacrifices made, others would seek to do harm.


We respect the titles given to players. Barons will report to their Counts and Counts will report to their Dukes. The Dukes will sit upon the Duke Council and together with the Queen/Crown will forge all new policies and choices for the Kingdom. Essentially we are a 'top down' government that recognizes and rewards prowess, experience and talent. People who prove their merit and worthiness will find themselves in important positions. There are other positions in the Council, but as they currently stand, these positions are as ‘advisors’ with voice but no vote in order to avoid a Duchy having multiple votes.

Our governing body continues to develop slowly and carefully. More positions of trust will be created, but until more game mechanics information is released, we do not wish to sell players a position that may not exist or be needed in the end. Our main goal currently is for all players to meet and greet and become as one, so when any position needs to be filled, people will find it easier to understand and choose a role, instead of being boxed into one.

Currently we expect there to be a decent number of counts in each of the Duchies; each who works with and watches over a handful of Barons. The Barons then watch over their villages and strongholds while the common folk work hard enjoying the game. This supports the kingdom they belong to in order to ensure peace and prosperity for their lands, which in turn ensures their own growth. We are patient, and we do not want to build a complete, confining government structure before we know more of the game. This will allow people to not feel discouraged by being sent left and right with their positions being changed. Some people will want more structure and some will want less. Blackheart believes we will move carefully and slowly in order to allow different ideas to grow and prosper. We strongly promote Lawful freedom for all members of the kingdom. There are no pointless jobs and past that, the point of the game is fun for all. Further we allow our players to find a Barony, County or Duchy that fits their desired play style. Our current Duchies have their own style, aesthetics and preferences for gameplay. Thus RP heavy players might gravitate toward our RP heavy Duchies and those who enjoy PVP/PVE could find themselves a home with our more Militaristic Duchies. All players (RP, PVP and PVE) will have their place and purpose in our Kingdom. PVP is allowed as long as it follows the laws of the land.

Much will continue to change over the course of the next year and a half and the Kingdom will adapt to those changes. We ask our players to join with an understanding there is a lot that depends on the developers and not us. We will seek to adapt as needed, and hope everyone can adapt and grow with us.


"Our goals are yours, and yours are our own..." -Erdrick Darkholm, the Black King

Stability, Honesty, Conquest, Growth.

Stability: Our primary goal is to ascertain that our Blood have what they seek and need. That the Kingdom can provide the experience they want, and that we can help one another in times of need (in game and IRL, whenever possible). A healthy player contributes best to a healthy community.

Honesty: It is no secret Blackheart has enemies. Most of them hide their faces behind a façade that only they seem to believe. Our leadership is aware of the many attempts at espionage from neighboring kingdoms. Blackheart does not make any great effort to hide its intentions. It allows its opponents to spend energy and resources on spying on something that is hitting them right on the face.

Conquest: the Crown and Council of Blackheart want our PVPs to enjoy the gaming experience to its fullest while they can experience and develop their military trade. We will not pretend to be a friendly kingdom to those we do not trust. War is part of the game, and game we will.


Darkholm – Royal Double Duchy under Queen Rowena and King Erdrick Darkholm, where the capital is located. RP and PVP heavy, home of the Black Knights, the Hounds of Darkholde, the Talons, the Thornguard, and Xen of Onslaught. The Duchy has a balanced focus, gravitating towards technology and research. The main goal of the Royal Duchy is to promote growth by providing sustenance, resources, and military assistance to the rest of the Duchies. The main Cathedral of the Two Fold Queen is housed in this Duchy. (Victorian-gothic flavor)

Baxteria- Baxteria is a Duchy largely focused on financial prosperity for all its citizens and wealth creation for the Kingdom of Blackheart. Its people are traders and merchants of all kinds, holding a supportive role for the Kingdom as a whole. Its lands are under the wise leadership of ArchDuke Backsterius of Baxteria.

Bloodheim- Bloodheim is a militaristic duchy also focusing on provision, farming and development of training and fighting arts. It houses the Knight order known as the Veins of Blackheart. While men and women are equally important, Bloodheim has an Amazonian aspect to it that attracts warrior women from across the land. Ruled by Archduchess Kara ZorEl and her consort, Duchess Lena.

Drakeolm- A highly organized Military Duchy focused on PvP/PvE, and warfare under Archduke Fengo Darkholm and commerce, crafting, research, and technology under Archduchess Tenslea Darkholm. Functioning as a military Vanguard, Drakeolm has a heavy community focus. All player types are involved and found throughout their guild-like structure. Home to The Bloodswords, Undead Lords, Clan HammerBull, and multipleother guilds and organizations.

Featherfell – Military Duchy under ArchDuke Driscoll and ArchDuchess Erika Trodaire, focuses on rangers, scouts, and military strategy. They house ranger legions who study the land to use all its advantages against opposing forces. Featherfell is known as the land of knowledge, and the realm of secrets.

Misthaven- Focused on transportation and not simply seafaring but transportation of all sorts to include horses, carts, carriages, road maintenance and creation to establish speedy connections between all important areas of Blackheart under Archduke Martyr. Some say it is the circulatory system of Blackheart. It is thanks to Misthaven that Blackheart’s roads are safe and among the best in the known world.

Mycenae- Military Duchy focused on naval research, ship building and coastal trade under ArchDuke Tavadon. Mycenae warships are the largest in the Kingdom. Its ships are said to be as large as the Duchy’s fury in battle. Scholars from all across the land interested in sea travel come spend some time in this coastal Duchy.

Nocturne’s Reach- Nocturne’s reach, under the guiding hand of ArchDuchess Anarya Tiarell exists in the perpetual balance between graceful diplomacy and fierce combat. Many of its citizens are warriors who feel at home in the courts as much as in the battlefield. The Archduchess’s hands off approach when ruling allows her people to grow in whatever direction they wish.

Olath Valm – The Old Capital of Celeas before it became Blackheart. It is heavily focused on economy and trade, with a light focus on military and research under ArchDuchess Ilhar Kal’daka. Olath Valm works closely with Misthaven and the Royal Duchy. The Archduchess was the first friend the Queen ever made, and despite their differences, the Queen holds her close to her heart. Where Darkholm is the center of religion, Olath Valm is the center of trade.

Whisperwind - Focused on agriculture, research and military under ArchDuke Aubin Raine and ArchDuchess Aife Raine. Whisperwind is said to be the “bread bowl” of the kingdom and grows foods (plants and animals) to send them to the rest of the realm. It houses the Fennec Academy, the largest education center in all of Blackheart. The Kingdom sends books and research findings to the capital in Darkholm, with always a copy to Fennec for development and safekeeping.


Blackheart welcomes players from all walks of life. We encourage informed decisions, therefore, we want people to see what's out there before committing to The Blood. You may want to play a gallant knight, a fearsome warrior, a farmer, a musician, a healer, an assassin, a bandit, or something much darker...they all have a place among The Blood, for the Blood will only judge you if you use your skills against our people. Otherwise, the world can be your playground.

How did Celeas end up becoming Blackheart?

Darkholm Rising…

One thing mann can always doubt is the existence of the gods’ the elderly mann’s voice quivered as he walked across the long corridor, the candle snuffer in hand. With each step he extinguished the light, but saved the life of a candle…

Many years ago we were ruled by the Ostermund dynasty. King Dieter loved his people, and our land prospered in riches, culture, but more important perhaps, in union. It was through his power and charisma that he could unite Duchies as different and as varied as those in our Kingdom. But our beloved King fell ill and died without having named an heir…and dark times came upon us.

The Dukes and nobles who had once been friends and staunch allies squabbled, argued, and even fought, for the siren’s call of the throne was much too strong and all its power could and would drive a mann mad.

The civil war that ensued was such that it would split the world in two. Neighbor would kill neighbor, brother would kill brother, and father would kill son…

I prayed to the gods so that darkness would be driven away from these lands, but the gods heard me not…or perhaps they did, for it was then that, between the screams of the dying, I looked at the horizon and saw the black stone of Castle Darkholde, the seat of the Duke of Darkholm, a House that had remained, as always, uninvolved.

In all haste I rode forth to their first wall, through cliffs and unfriendly waters on both sides. Black Guards swiftly escorted me to an audience with their Lord, a man whose face had the same expression as the walls around us. ‘My Lord, Bishop Matriere Justin, I have an urgent matter...'

'What do you seek?' Lord Septem asked as the dark walls around us were lined with his knights and kin.

'I believe the gods have sent me here' 'And wouldn't you question why the gods would send you to a family of non-believers?' The patriarch remarked.

'I can only hope to imagine what the gods would think, but what I do know is that our land has fallen into turmoil. I prayed and begged that the gods would help our kingdom, and none of them have stepped down to do so, so this time I beg you, my Lord, save our Kingdom. Her heart bleeds and agonizes at the loss of its children.'

My eyes still get moist remembering that moment, when I knelt before Lord Septem, and my tears cascaded onto his black marble floor.

'Turn back' his words pierced my soul. Desperation had me prostrate myself and clutch at the Darkholm lord's hem as I cried and screamed, begging for help. Knights grabbed my arms and I was escorted out of his castle, his words 'Turn Back, turn back...' echoing in my head. Did our Kingdom mean nothing to him?

Once outside the main doors I saw, from where I stood, the vast kingdom at war. I remember taking a handful of the soil beneath me. 'How much longer will you bleed, my Kingdom? How much more will it take before you finally break?'

I rode back to give my last ounce of strength to help my Kingdom, who lay agonizing, a dying beast. Some buildings lay in ruins, others burnt. With the aid of some of my acolytes, I headed towards the main plaza and where the fighting was worse. A Duke lay dead, beheaded by another who had perished of his own wounds. Opposing forces fought in a chaotic dance, leaving bodies scattered in their midst.

Suddenly, a thunderous tremor was felt, I thought it was the end, and in a sense it was. The Black Knights of the Darkholm had arrived.Their black cloaks flew around the plaza, and in the center of them all, Lord Septem Darkholm, clad in his white cape and silver, magnificent armor.

The horns of the Darkholm bellowed, the dreaded sound a welcome song. Everyone stopped and watched, and listened to the words of the patriarch, who was surrounded by his House, the Lords of the House of Darkness that had not been seen in decades... "On this day we stand here, focused and fighting for the glory of the Throne. But there is no glory to the throne. It is a seat of enslavement: to the land, to the Kingdom, to its people, big and small. Our House once swore to protect the throne, and we will until the end of our line, even if we are alone in this. I will take and accept the shackles that tie me to this throne, and with me, my House accepts the burden, for the good of our land. We do what must be done, to spill not the blood of our people..."

With these words, Septem solemnly approached one of the dead bodies in the plaza. He touched the blood on the mann's chest and smeared his own face "...for I am Blood of Blackheart."

After him, we all did the same. The Kingdom's name was changed to Blackheart and we all became its Blood.

...I have learned to doubt many things, even the existence of the gods. But I will never doubt the protection of the darkness.

With these words, the priest snuffed the last of his candles.

Our Discord channel should you wish to join or socialize is Blackheart Discord

"When you feel you don't belong, you me" -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

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"When you feel you don't belong, you me" -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

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"When you feel you don't belong, you me" -Rowena Darkholm, Queen of Black Hearts

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Glory to the Kingdom of Blackhearts!

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I am honored to be in this amazing Kingdom!

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Praise Myrkul!

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For the Queendom

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I am so humbled to have been included in your post! Kingdoms may fall, but darkness is Immortal.

~ Isolde

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Praises the kingdom in which he resides in his own silent, special way

"I welcome you to the Higuri Regalia -- Where There is Power in Beauty."

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I am proud to be part of the greatest kingdom in all the lands! I dedicate my strategies and my sword to our dark queen, for we shall outlast all obstacles before us.

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Glory for the Blood. Luck for those who would wish to spill it.

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"I have learned to doubt many things, even the existence of the gods. But I will never doubt the protection of the darkness."

So much wisdom in this ending. Very well done. I am proud and honored to be called Blood. In Tenebris Nos!

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Fantastic! I am looking forward to meeting the wise and lucky people who join this wonderful Kingdom.

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For the Blood!

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Come take a look in our kingdom, see the ambition and let us see yours.

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