The Jester King

Though this is an expression of how I would make use of a Kingdom I do not want people to vote for me as they would be wasted votes. Please join me in world building, send me potatoes if you like we dont need titles to build nice things. I encourage people to vote for Ithikari as he is the only one who has entered with his main account and I see no negative side effects to him joining.

If he wins I hope all other entrants join K4. If he doesn't I know that they wont.

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If I am King I will put all my effort into creating opportunity and making an ideal social culture. Unlike other entrants here I am actually going to stay in K4 if I dont I do not win, and it is because of this I have to enter. If I have a Monarch that doesnt even have an interest in the community or the region this game is going to suck for me. I do not want a fair weather friend as Monarch who only tries to fix problems when there is none.

I do hope all the people entering do actually join the Kingdom, they have some great ideas but a Kingdom is about more than one person. I would hope to find a succesor I think it is important for people to understand the challenges of leadership.

If I am King, I will be a Jester king I will encourage a focus on deviant skills not so we can be common criminals but to keep balance on the server, chase story and ensure the common man is not left unheard. (Probably something similar to the great work). Also the Kingdom needs to be able to outmaneuver the other more powerful kingdoms.

I also think the deviant skills are undeniably interesting to play with. Disguises, surprises, parkour, SS. Millenium Falcon Religion I also feel is particularly under rated on Oce and needs some help to shine.

But one thing I do not want is spies and I also do not want secret channels. I like there to be secrets but I dont like to have barriers where only those that join are considered friends and anyone not in my inner circle can be thought of as "the other".

I hope people have fun with this event and I look forward to seeing more from other contestants.

My statements on the situation on OCE and who are legitimate entrants

My claim

If I were a King I would be playing as if Harlequins united Eldar and Dark eldar. If I am anything else I will be working on building the webway

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Go to this post for extra info.

Me I am the only one who has been dedicated to building the region. I am the only one who has made contests on OCE to encourage engagement I am only one who has actively tried to build all Kingdoms (with or without permission) though Alleykat does deserve a mention for his unbias contributions. I am the only one who laugh at my jokes.. wait a minute

Here is a photo of me representing Sokara after a day at Pax Alt text - can be left blank

I would like to give more voice and opportunity to new players, as I believe non nobles have the most potential for growth and that generates story.

I am happy for another person to be Monarch however I am concerned if the current K4 community would be locked out of communication and I would hope the monarch would lift some of the burden so i dont have to build the kingdom alone.

Here is my list of what I believe are legitimate claims to K4 that are people that already have investment in the region rather than only investing for themselves.

Matriach Morrigan - Matriach has been active and engaged in the community for a long time and has always had an intention to play as a Janoa. I believe by launch Matriach will be wiser and a genuine contribution to the Janoan region.

Sharielane. - Sharielane has persistently remained Dras and unlike others did not bend to the pressures and false promises of other Kingdoms to play as a Dras far from their homeland. Sharielane has often been a voice of reason while never coming into conflict with anyone.

The Greers - The Greer family are the most dedicated to Dras on the server and will stick to their homeland even if they can't remain in their kingdom.

And Alleykat -Alleykat has been the most unbias person I have met so far and I believe this is the attitude OCE needs. If anyone joins OCE and does not pledge to a Kingdom they will notice that they are not considered as valuable as other members.

There could be some more legitimate dras, toresk and Janoa out there but I do not know their thoughts.

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You're not wrong that disguises and 'creative use' of the rich tools on offer in this game would really help this place shine. Good luck!

Link to my story

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Good luck, O Most Regal of Jesters!

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