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The Bushido Lord

Sei-i Taishōgun Hajime Saito

My Vision of Yamashiro (Sokara) Kingdom


Those who know me, know me as (Daimyo) Hajime Saito, either on the forums or from discord. I have been an active member of CoE forums for some time and was recently honoured when SBS awarded me the role of Subject Matter Expert (SME) in the field of Chemistry. I will also be applying for a position as SME in Pharmacology and Medicine.

I am a passionate member of the OCE community and stand up for what I believe in, what I believe to be just and true. Sometimes the passion with which I speak comes across as aggression and I cause offense. It is regrettable and something I am working on; however, if there is a positive, it is that I am honest and upfront. You know exactly where I stand. I believe very strongly in fairness and justice and always welcome others feedback and opinion with my only requirement being that my voice is given equal consideration.

I am looking for honest, respectful people who wish to work cooperatively to BUILD a kingdom and since I would be relying on the generosity of others to make this dream come true I can guarantee your voices will be heard to make this kingdom the home you want to build and defend. Those who work hard for the betterment of the Kingdom, be it explorer of uncharted regions, the farmer who grows food for the citizens, the soldiers who defend the land and maintain public order, the crafters and merchants, Mayors, Counts, Countesses, Dukes or Duchesses, shall be suitably rewarded. As the kingdom grows and prospers, so shall we all.

Some may think my post is not be as pretty as others and in truth it is a reworked post of my Duchy, but substance and deeds in the years ahead will matter far more than a pretty forum post. artistically inclined as others and I truly struggle making pretty posts, so I hope it is not held against me if I reuse my existing Duchy post as I feel it conveys what I wish to say best!!

Thank you all.

Kingdom of Yamashiro (previously Sokara)

Ok so it’s a placeholder name.. gimme some time to think on it

Location and Lifestyle:

The To’reshian King

I see The Kingdom of Yamashiro as the harmonious blending of To’reshian diplomacy, Janoan military strength, and Drasian subterfuge. The Royal Bloodline is of To’reshian and Janoan descent, with a Japanese inspired aesthetic with a focus on majestic Japanese-styled castles and stunning To’reshian Armour (the recent Journal). The kingdom is a vast landscape of rich fertile jungle, rivers, and wetlands suitable for Asian style cultivate. The heart of Yamashiro is a double duchy of To’reshian and Janoan people. The Janoan are a warrior tribe that dedicate their lives to the pursuit of martial prowess, discipline, loyalty, justice, and honour, while the To’resk are an industrious class of diplomats, mercantile crafters and traders that seek perfection in their professions and wares, using only the highest quality materials to supply only the highest quality products.

Imperial Court of Yamashiro

The Kingdom of Yamashiro is ruled by Sei-i Taishōgun Hajime Saito and his Imperial Court of Counts and Advisors from each tribe, each biome who act as the voice of the people. The primary concerns of Saito and the Court are the welfare and prosperity of his people. While harsh on anyone who seeks to undermine this, they seek to settle all matters justly and fairly. Citizens are encouraged to voice their concerns, thoughts, and opinions, and speak up against any injustice they may feel or have witnessed.

What does Yamashiro have to offer?

Herbalism, Medicine, Pharmacology, Alchemy

Yamashiro Province is home to Elyria’s most prestigious school of Herbalism, Medicine and Pharmacology, Heian University, funded by the foremost expert in Herbalism, Medicine and Pharmacology, Lord Saito himself. If you wish to be a healer and study Herbalism, Medicine and Pharmacology, this is certainly the place for you. Lord Saito’s published life’s work can be found here: The Simplified Elyria Medica As this is his life’s work, there is still much to be written, hopefully, to be completed in the not too distant future.

Military Strength

Yamashiro boasts one of the finest defensive armies in the land. With such peaceful lands to date, there has been little use for the army; however, Lord Saito is resolute about being prepared to defend his lands, kingdom and his allies. With signs of possible trouble on the horizon, the value of this army cannot be understated.

Wealth, Trade and Crafting Excellence

Lord Saito also understands that a military is not enough. A military cannot feed or pay for itself, so a strong economy based on high-quality resources, crafting and trade is encouraged with subsidies, loans, investment opportunities and other financial assistance offered as an incentive to attract business and commerce to the land. All you need to do is ask. A wealthy duchy means a strong military and with a strong military comes safety, security, and happiness for the citizens of Yamashiro.

Opportunity. Want more?

Lord Saito is also looking for trusted individuals who can prove their loyalty and economic acumen to step up and take control of positions within the Imperial Court. Suitable individuals may be granted, lands and titles. It won’t be easy and it may not happen overnight, but if you show dedication and loyalty, your efforts will certainly be rewarded.

Heian City

Daisho Double Duchy and the Capital City of Yamashiro Province

Heian City is the Capital of Yamashiro, located in the double duchy of Daisho and is situated at the base of a Jungle Mountains next to a river which leads to the coast. The location provides excellent trading opportunities, is easily defended and is surrounded by rich, fertile soil for farming and herbalism, Jungle for hunting (no Kypiq sorry), furs and wood, rivers and the coast for fishing, resource and Heian University’s school of Herbalism, Medicine, and Pharmacology. Heian City is the Capital and seat of power for Sei-i Taishōgun Hajime Saito.

Does this sound like the place for you?

It doesn’t matter what tribe you are. It doesn’t matter the “theme” you may have in mind for your character, domain or settlement. It doesn’t matter what playstyle you like as long as you are respectful, loyal, honourable and not seeking to undermine Yamashiro or our allies. If you would like a home in Yamashiro Province, you are welcome!!

Do you wish to be JANOAN, TO’RESK OR DRAS?

Then Yamashiro wants YOU!! Lord Saito is willing to offer great incentives for ANYONE to settle his lands and become a loyal and valuable part of the community. If you do not have a title but want one, Lord Saito will do everything in his power to elevate your status to the position you desire as long as you prove to be trustworthy and dedicated. Do you wish to be a crafter, merchant, trader or soldier…or just whatever? Lord Saito will work with you, to make your dreams come true for the benefit of both us and Yamashiro.

Do you wish to be a Mayor, Baron or Count?

Lord Saito wants to hear from YOU!!. Whether you wish to run a commercial or agricultural focused settlement or a military fort training soldiers, Yamashiro is in need of both to grow a rich economy and strong military.

Don't have the package? Don't worry! In exchange for loyalty, diligence and a little time, we can make it happen!

Incentives for ALL tribes exist

You just have to ask and negotiations can occur!


Yamashiro (click me)

I hope to hear from you! Sei-i Taishōgun Hajime Saito

12/18/2018 7:24:50 AM #1

Haji has been a good friend of mine for some time and I have seen the dedication his community has to the game. I support Haji as king. Sorry Preacher, love ya, but I gotta give my bro here his dues!

12/18/2018 8:02:57 AM #2

Awesome looking post Hajime, love the smaller details you focused on for the pitch :)

Wish you the best man.

12/18/2018 9:04:22 AM #3

I'm really enjoying these non-westernised kingdom pitches. Always nice to see a bit of variety. Although I've already pledged my support elsewhere, I wish you the best of luck, Haji! :)

Friend Code: 2B5C19

12/18/2018 9:10:25 AM #4

Oh I'm so glad you decided to throw your hat into the ring too Haji.

Posted By AlvaSummerhal at 7:04 PM - Tue Dec 18 2018

I'm really enjoying these non-westernised kingdom pitches. Always nice to see a bit of variety. Although I've already pledged my support elsewhere, I wish you the best of luck, Haji! :)

Yeah, me too. It gives the OCE server that much needed spice of the exotic.

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12/18/2018 9:13:03 AM #5

As another that loves Asian themes, I support Haji for King. I've known him for quite some time and believe he will make an excellent leader of the fourth Kingdom and can really bring something new to the table.

I really like the pitch Haji, I hope you achieve your idea of a more community envisioned Kingdom.

12/18/2018 9:22:03 AM #6

Ooh, now my vote is torn between this and Caprakan! Both seem like excellent choices. I'll have to sleep on it and see what other pitches pop up.

12/18/2018 9:30:57 AM #7

Interesting theme.

12/18/2018 9:56:49 AM #8

Great post Haji. :)

12/18/2018 10:47:30 AM #9

Thank you everyone for your support.

To make the fourth kingdom great, for the benefit of OCE, I will need a lot of help. Of that I have no illusion.

So shall we do this together?

12/19/2018 1:03:15 AM #10

You've got my support on this one. I find To'resk to be pretty interesting and massively underloved as far as tribes go, especially considering that their potential to have huge, cosmopolitan settlements rivals and possibly surpasses even the Neran.

If you're willing to provide an active community and home for the To'resk, Dras and Janoa, I'm sure you'll get a lot of people rooting for you.

12/22/2018 10:59:50 AM #11

I really enjoy your vision

12/23/2018 9:24:28 AM #12

Good job, wish you all the best!!

12/23/2018 9:53:58 AM #13

Don't forget to message Haji to check out his vault item emporium!

12/23/2018 10:04:21 AM #14

Thanks for the support everyone.

Yes indeed, if you want an item, past or present, let me know chances are I have it.

if I don't, someone else probably will, but lets not go there!!

12/27/2018 8:04:05 AM #15

I find myself to be slightly biased here, as I like japanese culture, but I think your ideas are the best.

My downside I am seeing is that your entire campaign encompasses 1 page, on 1 thread. Maybe 2 pages if you reply to this, and Maybe 2 threads if I could find that other one where you are buying votes..

So I guess 1 and a half downsides.

Seems like so much potential, but you are just wasting it away. Why? Why not solidify your campaign. Why not really get after it, and ensure that you come out on top. As it stands you are just keeping other OCE competitors from competing.

Hell your japanese inspired culture is doable with the Duchy pledge you already have! just let someone else have this one. I mean, either that or prove you actually deserve this shit.