[EU] Duchy of Turadh

Welcome weary traveler to the Duchy of Turadh. If you have found your way here you have likely traveled many an Elyrian mile.

Please, dry yourself by the fire and share your story. News of the world is always welcome here

Whether you are looking for a place to settle, or just passing through we are happy to meet you, and hope you will have a pleasant time in our lands.

Turadh is a Scottish Gaelic word that refers to the break in the clouds after the rain, when the clouds part to let the sun shine through.

We thought this would be a suitable name for our Duchy.

Our motto has long been; “Transit Umbra,Lux Permanet”. Which loosely translates to “Shadow passes, and light remains.” It fits well with our duchy name.

It is also a reflection of our peoples attitude. We are a glass half full bunch. We´re realistic enough to expect trouble, and be prepared for it. At the same time we believe that the sun, the light, remains, and even when a shadow falls over us, it will pass.

The Duchy of Turadh is proudly part of the Kingdom of Tryggr on the Selene Server.

Tryggr in CoE terms is a pvp focused kingdom where everyone is obliged to learn how to defend themselves. That doesn’t mean we expect you all to march to war at the tip of a hat. That does mean we expect you to defend yourself and that which you wish to hold.

Tryggr is more than a kingdom, we are a community that loves to have fun together, on and offline.

If you want to learn more about the Kingdom of Tryggr check out the website, Forum post and discord

Tryggr will be kingdom three on the starting continent of our server. Meaning we will be bordered by Demalion to the north, Al-Khezam in the south-east.

The tribes in our kingdom will mainly be Waerd, Neran, and Kipiq. However migration is possible as early as Kingdoms of Elyria, and we will happily accept people of all tribes in our domain.

Our duchy has settled in Neran lands, in the Duchy originally known as Redmist Shoal.

We are happy to report that all of our Vassals have also comfortably settled with us.

The story of how this Duchy came to be is a little different from most others. We didn't start out by buying a duchy pledge.

We started off late 2016 as a Mayor pledge, with the intention of running a harbor town. Sea coast,and preferably by a river, with the intent of building a nice lighthouse.

We joined the kingdom of Tryggr and named our town Dore. We grew quickly from just a handful of people, to a little more. By the end of 2017, several of our people had upgraded their own pledges to Mayor/Baron, but they didn't want to leave us. Instead each one, separately, asked if we would take their pledge instead to merge to ours.

After the third person asked(and it didn't stop there) we felt it was getting mildly ridiculous. We decided we needed to do something. So when we got the opportunity to go county, we did. This way our people had the space they wanted to grow,and we could still stay together.

Dore became our county name, and it still is, and Gammrhafn is our harbor town, and capital. We named after the great griffin Gammur.

But that wasn't enough, our people had even bigger ambitions.

So not long ago, and with their help, and our kingdoms, we made it all the way up to Duke. And a handful of our people are now counts in their own right.

We are a Duchy that has grown in strength,through the strength of our people. And they are what makes Turadh a fantastic place to be.

We are proud to say that today we have a total of six counties that are player controlled in our duchy, and an ever growing number of Baron's & Mayors.

To start, aside from a Duchy we are of course also a county, with a lovely capital city, a barony or two, and an extra port.

County Dore

Our Ducal county will focus on trade, and using whatever natural resources we have to our advantage. We will also be researching archery, and doing a fair bit of hunting. As a coastal county we'll also be the jumping board for Exploration. Not just on land, also on the sea's of Selene.

Dore will be home to:

  • Gammrhafn - Our Capital City
  • Vargland - The ancestral home of Clan Norseblood led by Vaulgrm Norseblood
  • Hagalaz - The economic backbone of Clan Norseblood, led by Tar Dakun.
  • Vesethyr - A harbor town build by our Polish community. Shipbuilding and PVP are their focus.

County Drakön

Our vassal Kainan Misthowl will settle in Turadh, he will focus on Exploration, and the Fauna of Elyria. His ambition is to make an Elyrian Animal Encyclopedia/Monster Manual.

If you are interested in Elyrian Wildlife or Exploration, be sure to check out County Drakón

  • Ásmundr - The county capital of Drakón

County Ariamis

Home of Panda’s and infamous Walkers of the ground, this county is a haven for those who enjoy RP and Puns.

  • Silvermaw - The capital city of Ariamis County, it will focus on religion.
  • Terna - This barony is led by Caelen Baren, better known as Groundwalker. It is home to Tryggr fighting school, Mistletheim.

County Tauroch

Our vassal Gaeda will settle his county in Turadh with a focus on farming and breeding cattle.He is Tryggrs minister of Agriculture and the leader of Hemp& Horse farming and breeding guild.

The shining bastion of agriculture in the region, the land of Tauroch will keep their duchy well fed and prosperous. Tauroch’s moto is “We pull together!“

If you are interesting in farming or animal husbandry, or any of the related crafts. definitely check them out.

  • Gridungr - The county capital of Tauroch and home of Hemp & Horse will house research and administration not just of the county but also of the guild.
  • Mossalix - Mossalix is a town in Tauroch led by Lestat. It is safe haven for crafters and gatherers, wishing to provide a great place to start on your journey and prosper.
  • Mirafell -
  • Wulfarweijd - This barony is the strong arm of this otherwise pastoral county
  • Valknut - In Valknut like in most other places in Tauroch farming is the main focus.

County Gunnr

Our vassal Gabriyel Tyrsguard will settle his County in Turadh as the shield that guards our realm. He will focus on military and building. If you are looking for a heavy pvp focus, talk to Gabe about a place in his forces.

He will be training his people in an exclusive fighting style, which includes flail and the use of shield offensively.

  • Bergrisi - This proud keep stands as a bulwark of defense for Turadh.

County Hräsvelg

Our vassal Elitevulture will settle his county in Turadh with a focus on hunting and archery.

The Counties archers will provide the kingdoms army with advanced ranged units,so we can rain arrows down on our enemies.

For the Síðastr Jötunnøðr, our hunting and archery guild, this will be home. They’ll be training there or in Gammhafn before they partake in the hunt.

If you have an interest in archery, hunting, or leatherworking. Or if you are looking to be a fletcher or bowyer, please consider Hräsvelg if you're looking for a home.

  • Väderfölne - Väderfölne is Hräsvelg’s capital city.

With six counties out of 24 filled, we are of to a grand start, but we have quite a bit of space still.

If you are a count, or mayor/baron, looking for a home, and you're interested in finding a place in Turadh, please jump into our Discord

All Guilds and Crafts are welcome in Turadh. In fact we can do with some crafters. We are missing some of the essentials still.

If you are a glassblower, a beekeeper, a leatherworker. If you have an interest in crafting the To’resks specialized armor. If you want to try your hand at animal husbandry, brewing, fishing, or carpentry, you will find yourself doubly welcomed.

Some of the excisting Guilds in Tryggr already have a contract with our Duchy

Jörmungandr Explorers & Cartographers.

The Jörmungandr have been part of our domain since they started. Their guild Headquarters will be set in Gammrhafn our Duchy Captial. They will share their home with the Síðastr Jötunnøðr

These brave men and women will explore all of Elyria, from the starting continent, to the seven seas. They will chart us a course to the future, and bring us exotic goods and stories from afar along the way.

They are also the people naming things on our maps, so treat them well or they might name a dark cave, or bubbling bog after you.

Hemp & Horses

Hemp and Horses, the designated and government approved destination for all your Animal Breeding and Agricultural needs!

The goal of our guild is really simple. To keep our community fed, to sell and breed animals, and to support the local economy.

Hemp&Horses strive to have all aspects of our professions developed to its fullest extent. Since farming and breeding is so much more than just crops and livestock. For example, a farmer with enough time will be able to grow herbs that can be used as both a healing agent or a poison.

Síðastr Jötunnøðr Hunters & Archers.

These skilled men and women will hunt the game our lands are rich, and help maintain a balance in our wildlife, while keeping our community well fed.

They will hunt with more than just their bows, but these will be their main weapon. As a result they will also venture into training people in archery and crafting both bows and arrows.

If you need their services you will find the bulk of them in Gammrhafn in their shared guildhall with the Jörmungandr and in Hräsvelg county with the guildmaster Jarl Elitevulture.

W-Anchors Shipwrights

W-Anchors shipwrights is Tryggrs shipwrights guild. Their goal is to see to it that we sail not just the seas of Elyria, but also it's oceans.

They will build and maintain our ships and work hard to get our kingdom across to new and undiscovered lands.

There is a W-Anchors shipyard in Gammrhafn & Hagalaz that will look after the coastal cutters we start with and hopefully, they will build us many more. To build a ship requires many hands, so if you fancy crafting the vessels that will let us set sail, please sign on.

Tailors of Flander

For the fashionable and the discerning, Tailors of Flanders will have a store in Gammrhafn. If you need something to wear, do stop by and have a look at their wares.

Hyde the Jekyll

Osanyin Herbal Apothecaries is a guild focused on 4 main skill sets Medicine, First-Aid, Horticulture and Alchemy. The name Osanyin derives from the Yoruba tribe in Africa that is a reflection of the biome.

Osanyin Herbal Apothecaries is situated within the Kingdom of Tryggr and plans on having a kingdom-wide presence with branches of its storefront "Hyde the Jekyll" in each biome within Tryggr. The main one for Turadh is in Gammrhafn and run by the Duchess.

We’ve told you a little about how we came to be, where we'll be located, and who our people are, but it occurs to me that you might also be curious about the ruling family in the Duchy of Turadh. The Vánagandr.

Turadh’s ruling family is, for the moment small, and consists of three people.

Duke Fodtro Vánagandr

Our Duke is a Dutch man and a long time gamer, who will focus on military matters. Helping our Counts& Barons, and taking care of the defense of both the Duchy overall and it’s capital specifically.

He has been appointed as a Justicar Commander of Tryggr, making him involved in law enforcement beyond his ducal duties.

He favors the bow, and plans to research crossbows in his spare time.

Duchess Eltanin Vánagandr

Our Duchess is our Duke real life, as well as in game partner. She is also Dutch, and while she doesn’t normally play a lot of MMO’s, she has also enjoyed gaming for some time.

She will focus on civilian matters and will make sure that trade, craft and supply are in good order for the Duchy and capital.

She favors alchemy and healing, and will focus her efforts on making sure the Duchy and its inhabitants are happy and healthy.

For the kingdom at large she is responsible for Foreign Affairs, so don't be surprised to see foreign dignitaries in Gammrhafn from time to time.

Wulfrik Vánagandr

The last member of the Vánagandr family is a more mysterious man. Wulfrik prefers to remain in the shadows offering his wise counsel, as is needed.

We will aim to rule justly, and to the benefit of all. Does that mean we will rule perfectly and without fault in the eyes of all our inhabitants? No...We are human after all. Disagreements and differing opinions are all part of the package.

To keep us from blundering to much it’s important that we can hear the voice of the people, to advise us. Not just in times of trouble, but also in times of peace.

There is no way we as Duke and Duchess can keep an eye on everything. We are not god or gods to mark each sparrows fall. Especially come launch with an influx of many new players, we will need help to keep Turadh a happy stable place. Which is where we rely on our community, our people, to help out.

To give this shape we will form a small council. All on this council will have the honorary title Landvaettir. This council will consist, to start, of some of the guild leaders, and nobles of our demesne.

However we feel that natural leaders will always rise, and these may be added to the council in due time.

That doesn't mean the council exclusively has access to us. Anyone in the Duchy has a right to address the Duke and Duchess directly. Time will be set aside to hear disputes, complaint and suggestions every real life week.

However only matters that cannot be resolved by talking to the local landowner are to be addressed here.

Our goals have grown, just as Turadh has, with it’s people's wishes and wants. Our main goal is to be a place where all of our people can thrive, have fun together, and enjoy this epic story that is being created for us, and by us.

As you can see by the mix of guilds and domains supported in Turadh, we have something for everyone.

Dore’s focus will be more on crafting, research, trade and PVE, then on PVP. We hope to foster a peaceful environment that is conducive to research and crafting.

As a duchy we will have a PVP focus to defend ourselves. One of Tryggrs first laws is and always has been that every man and woman has a right to bear arms. We expect you to defend what is yours, and we'll help you do it.

Which means we will require everyone that joins us to become proficient with at least one weapon of their choosing. Self defense is a sensible first step in the hostile environments in Elyria.So anyone joining Turadh should learn how to “stick em with pointy end”

We will also encourage RP, for those who like that sort of thing. Dore currently has a more than 100 page A4, ongoing RP story in its discord. It has epic battles, quests for arcane items, drama and suspense. It is helping us create Turadh as we’d like it to be, in our mind's eye.

If you want to contact us, because you have questions, want to get to know us, or want to join us. How do you do it?

Well you can ofcourse reply to this forum post. We will check in regularly. But the easiest and quickest way is to get the Discord app for phone or PC and join our Discord Channel.

Even if it’s just for a friendly chat. Feel free!

This post is of course subject to change due to, for example, new information from the SBS dev team, and will be updated as needed

this post is a work in progress

4/23/2019 11:25:45 PM #1

We have a few very specific jobs open in Turadh, please find them below. Application through our Discord.

The person to hold this, rather old fashioned, title will be someone without lands of their own. However due to their position they still have significant clout in the duchy.

They will have stewardship of the Ducal household, and by extension the capital of Gammrhafn. They will help the Duke and Duchesse run the Ducal Domains.

Which means that he will have full insight into, and some responsibility with regards to the financial and economical wellbeing of the domain, as well as discretionary judicial powers.

The Sénéchal will work in Gammrhafn and a home and office will be provided by the Duke and Duchesse.

Applicants accepted only through discord. The position will remain vacant untill the right candidate has been found. After which this position will no longer be listed here.

We fully intend to build a lighthouse for our Harbor Capital. As Lighthouse Keeper you will be responsible for tending to the light in the lighthouse, but the job entails a little bit more than that. You are also effectively the captain of our Harbor Guard, and our Harbormaster.

Our lighthouse will be your home, your office, as well as a customs house and the barracks for the harbor guard. Room for this will be allocated on the different levels of the lighthouse.

You will be allowed to appoint such aides as you deem necessary and will be responsible for assigning a harbor guard as well. They are meant to enforce the law, keep the peace, and serve as part of our defense force.

The Master of Stables in Gammrhafn will be responsible for the wellbeing of all the animals in the ducal household. Which includes such hoofed creatures as horses, trison and donkeys, but also include foxelot’s, cats, wolves and otters bears, and a plethora of other creatures.

You will be working towards keeping our menagerie happy,well fed, and housed. As well as taking care of the mounts and pets of any visitors.

A budget will be made available to you to work with, however you are encouraged to see to is all of the creatures in our care also have young. Ideally the sale of these will be a hefty part of your budget.

You will be allowed to appoint such aides as you deem necessary.

Please join our discord to discuss these oppertunities:

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