Taalgrimm County

[Taalgrimm County / NA-W


County Location

Server: NA-W

Kingdom Discord: Kingdom: Ashlands

Duchy Discord: Filip Alexander - Le Clair

County Discord: Beric Ironwolf- Taalgrimm County

Towns and Baronies within Taalgrimm County:

Capital – Blackfire City - Primary Focus: Smithy‘s/Armorer, Military & Law & Order.

Drast- Primary Focus: Trading, Weapon Smithing, Wood working.

GoldHammer Trading Company -Associated with Drast


County Goal -> Who are we?

As a part of the Kingdom of Ashland and the Duchy of Le Clair, Taalgrimm County will primarily be a Hrothi County. We are located in Le Clair which is a Coastal Duchy with many minerals and farmland/fishing. There is a river connecting most of the County for easy travel and sustainability. We will be focusing on Military, Martialsmith (Weapons & Armor), Trade as the primary and everything else secondary based on needs. We strive as a whole Duchy to excel at pushing tech and learning as much as possible.

We will have a high degree of interest in both weapon and armour crafting, and will gladly accept anyone looking for such roles.

Since we will have a rather large focus on our military, as a resident you can expect a well secured environment in which to live and thrive.

Game plan:

Early Game

Since the early game will be our first point inside of the world of Elyria, a lot of our time will be spent setting the foundation for the future. We will be setting up quarries and smithies, settling land claiming as well as defense plans.

There will be a large focus in early game of setting up shops and establishing our primary crafts. The sooner we get the crafters going, the sooner we have a fully functional economy.

Being a Militaristic Focused County military occupations will be quite sought after. They will include pay, free armor, military discounts, pensions, promotional advancements, housing and food and more.

Long Term

We will maintain a strong military presence even during peacetime. Always improving our skills, knowledge and equipment. Taalgrimm County will keep the peace within the Duchy as well as provide troops to various duchies on the front lines for proper defense.

One of the big goals of our county is the production of both weapons and armours for the purpose of selling them throughout the duchy. Not to say that smiths will be the only crafters we are after though. Along with smithies, we will be looking for merchants, woodworkers, miners, hunters, masons, tailors, and basically any other production and gathering roles. Tavern Owners or Farmers/Fishmen are a great addition as well to feed such a thriving military force.


Here in Taalgrimm County, we will strive to be on the forefront of crafters throughout the entire world. To that end, we will be investing heavily in the education of anyone interested in improving their crafting skills. To that end, we already have certain guilds established to focus on those aspects, but we would be willing to open more should the interest be present.


  • Weaponsmith’s (Order of The Celtic Axe)
  • Armorsmith’s (Order of The Blackstone Anvil)
  • Tailor’s (Order of The Silver Thread)
  • Fletcher’s/Bowyer (Ashwood Association)
  • Jeweler's (Rings & Things)


Recruitment Posting:

Any and All Militaristic Recruitment will be handled by Beric Ironwolf. Each Mayor has the ability to alter positions of their Guard, Hire/Dismiss Guard, Rotate Shifts, Assign Scouts, Escorts, and much more; However will have a report of the changes and debrief the Chancellor of War. The Chancellor has final word. Any order’s Given or Passed from him/her, if modified, ignored, or blatantly shown disrespect to will suffer consequences suitable to their actions (AKA Chancellor Fires someone, You re-hire them).

(Subject to change)

Laws of the County:

  • We enforce all Duchy and Kingdom laws.
  • There will be specific laws in place to protect and encourage merchants to trade and move goods between cities within the county. Interfering with Traveling Merchants will be severely punished.
  • No Chopping Trees on County lands without a Logging License. No Hunting Game animals on County lands without a hunter's License. No Hunting or tree chopping on private lands unless you're the owner or his employee/Family.
  • As this game is a living world where Deforestation and Extinction of animals is a very real thing the punishment shall be harsh on offenders of these laws.
  • Damaging or defacing religious structures will be dealt with as damaging county assets.
  • No Thieving
  • Assault outside of a contracted duel, and murder without a bounty and license will not be tolerated within the borders of Taalgrimm.
  • Obey Town Watch Commands At All Time. If you have a discrepancy, Please refer to your Captain of the Guard, Local Mayor or the Chancellor of War (as a last resort).
  • A Light Source At Night Is REQUIRED Within Town Borders.
  • Public Drunkenness is fine without public disturbance. Causing a Crime while “Intoxicated” will result in a heavier punishment.
  • You are responsible for your animal’s behaviors. Any theft or damage occurred by them will reflect to the owner. This includes and not limited to Livestock and Pets.
  • In order to erect a structure of any kind, You Must have permission to build upon said land. If not, you will forfeit all claim, resources, and be fined. Must have Written Agreements
  • Any person found to be a member of any organization that promotes or advances illegal activity will be stripped of any protections and rights conferred by county laws.



Military Ranking & Benefits:

Military Troops will be assigned a position and a term agreement. Promotion’s come increase in salary, Benefits varying from housing (personal or barracks, pending rank), and a pension. You are to listen to superiors at ALL TIMES. If there shall be any grievances in orders or ranking notify your Direct Commanding Officer. Insubordinates are Not Tolerated!

Officer Positions are available and may even require you to attend Military Academy within the Duchy Capital. Upon successful completion of a military degree you will be granted an officer position, responsibility and benefits.

We need many people to support the County and Towns. Below is a list and a rating system of importance. 1 + will be Reasonably Needed, 2 + Heavily Needed and 3 + Majorly Needed. THESE ARE GUIDELINES & Are Subject To Change

Professions Needed:

Main Focuses-

  • Blacksmith +++
  • Weapon-smith +++
  • Miners +++
  • Armorsmith +++
  • Swordsmith +++
  • Hunters/Farmers ++
  • Mason ++
  • Wood Workers ++
  • Tailor ++
  • Soldiers ++
  • Jeweler +
  • Fletcher +
  • Bowyer +
  • Leatherworker +


  • Lumberjack ++
  • Cartographer ++
  • Prospector ++
  • Alchemist +
  • Animal Trainer +
  • Architect +
  • Breeder +
  • Brewer +
  • Butcher +
  • Carpenter +
  • Cook +
  • Distiller +
  • Fisher +
  • Mercenary +
  • Merchant +
  • Paper-maker +
  • Scout +
  • Teacher +
  • Trader +


  • Apothecary
  • Bard
  • Bee-keeper
  • Candle-maker
  • Cobbler
  • Diplomat
  • Dye-maker
  • Gardener
  • Glass Blower
  • Herbalist
  • Horticulturist
  • Musician
  • Scribe
  • Shaman
  • Spinner
  • Tinker
  • Toxin Cultivator
  • Trapper
  • Weaver


Supposing that we don't have enough people in seats of power or responsibility, we will be appointing more people to required positions should they express interest. Keep in mind, just because a position is filled doesn't mean they don't need office positions under them providing assistance.

If you have any interest in the certain fields listed below, you are encouraged to contact the Count for more information.

Chancellor Positions. We are also recruiting for Chancellor Positions. These positions are of the highest priority and given great weight and responsibility. These are brief job descriptions of Each Chancellor and are subject to change: It is your responsibility to ensure Office Positions are filled and maintained. You will schedule routine meetings with them to ensure communication and effectiveness. You are Required to attend Chancellor Meetings with the Count. Please log any and all details, discrepancies, employment change, data between stock, and financial affairs etc. There will be forms to assist you in this matter but please be detailed as this is the Back bone of the County. Each Chancellor is required to fill out a Financial Form and submit it to the Chancellor of Finance (Forms to assist and speed up the process).

Chancellor of Natural Resources: You will have supervision over the Office’s of Resource Preservation, and Office of Resource Distribution. You are responsible for these positions and if they are not filled, you assume the work. You will monitor the Natural Resources in the County including but not limited to Metals, Lumber, Minerals, and Wild Life. Making sure there is sufficient supply for the County, ensuring proper use and extraction of each resource. Ensuring the replenishment of resources (Do Not Deplete) You will be responsible for issuing and enforcing licenses to individuals tasked to harvesting said resources.

Chancellor of Agriculture: You will be in supervision of the Office’s of Farm Operations, and Food Financial Management. You are to ensure there is sufficient supply of food for the County, especially the Capital. You will supply “The Reserves” and frequently check on quality of foods, and rotate them out for sale (handled by The Office of Food Financial Management). Ensure “County” (not private) Farmers have enough supplies to properly work.

FILLED- Chancellor of Finance: You will supervise each Chancellor’s Finances and Budgets. You are to review each Financial Paperwork of each Chancellor and making sure they submit it on time. You will put into consideration each field and its demands before making a written recommendation of funds and submitting it to the Count. You are to ensure proper tax collection and reporting tax evasion. See the Count periodically for reports on this. You will visit each citizen who hasn’t paid taxes up to Two (2) times. If they refuse to pay you will file a report to the Chancellor of War of All Refusing Participants and their amounts.

FILLED- Chancellor of the Artisans You will be Interacting with the Guilds of the County, and approving the creation of New Guilds. You are the face of the County and represent every Guild that is apart of the county. You will monitor research and supplies for each and communicate with The Office of County Guilds. This office will come to you for any individual needs for the guild. Prioritize County Goals.

Chancellor of Logistics: You are in charge of building and maintaining roadways. You will have the responsibility of safe travel within such roadways and report any bandits or highway robberies to the Chancellor of War. You will communicate very frequent with the Office’s of Transportation, Trade, and Cartography. You will maintain and ensure accurate mapping of the entire County. Ensure the safety of your offices and their duties.

This does not exclude any other professions and only emphasizes the more focused ones. We still need many others.

Thank-you for reading this and we hope to see you in the kingdom!

Duchy Discord: Filip Alexander - Le Clair

County Discord: Beric Ironwolf- Taalgrimm County

Friend Code: C12240


Taalgrimm County - County of the FireWolves In The Hrothi Mines Arming Armies Since The Beginning Of Time.

5/7/2019 1:29:09 AM #1

Nice post, I like the layout

Mayor of Gartalia, A short distance south of the Holy Capital of Victrovia, Melonia - Friend Code: 464345

5/10/2019 3:05:46 AM #2

Thank-you and Welcome Aboard to the Chancellor Seat of Power!

Taalgrimm County - County of the FireWolves In The Hrothi Mines Arming Armies Since The Beginning Of Time.

5/15/2019 5:07:59 AM #3

I'd like to welcome Quasii to the County and our new Chancellor of Artisans!

Taalgrimm County - County of the FireWolves In The Hrothi Mines Arming Armies Since The Beginning Of Time.

5/30/2019 7:24:30 PM #4

I'd like to welcome Atlas as our new Chancellor of Finance!

Taalgrimm County - County of the FireWolves In The Hrothi Mines Arming Armies Since The Beginning Of Time.

6/12/2019 5:10:54 AM #5

Hey thanks for the position!

9/7/2019 10:49:36 PM #6

We still have a Few Chancellor Positions Available- Chancellor of Natural Resources Chancellor of Agriculture Chancellor of Logistics

These positions are created to allow opportunities to players who wish to contribute alot and dedicate to the County but without necessarily having to spend the money. You act as the Hand of The Count (in turn similar to a Senate but more personal).

Taalgrimm County - County of the FireWolves In The Hrothi Mines Arming Armies Since The Beginning Of Time.

9/11/2019 7:01:04 PM #7

Welcome @Diago Delavega to Taalgrimm County!

Taalgrimm County - County of the FireWolves In The Hrothi Mines Arming Armies Since The Beginning Of Time.

9/15/2019 12:38:46 AM #8

YAY, Thank you for the invite. lets make our county prosper for the good of the Duchy.

9/17/2019 7:14:56 PM #9

Awesome county! i am proud to be a part of this great community

9/27/2019 1:48:48 PM #10

We currently still have plenty of positions open and professions needed. Please feel free to hop on discord to ask some questions.

Taalgrimm County - County of the FireWolves In The Hrothi Mines Arming Armies Since The Beginning Of Time.

10/3/2019 7:42:39 PM #11

I will be running Firestone Tavern Inside the Capital. Emilia Firestone. I will give out large Military Discounts but its open for all! Safe place to get a meal, drink, lodge or entertainment (courtesans) ;)

Anyone looking to sell Food,Drinks, or want to be a courtesan let me know!

10/7/2019 3:31:24 PM #12

County Discord: Beric Ironwolf- Taalgrimm County

10/17/2019 1:47:36 AM #13

Recently took interest in the county, I can attest that it is a solid choice for those with similar interests.

11/10/2019 6:52:37 AM #14

We're actually still looking for any interests. Even though the county is focused on Blacksmithing, doesn't mean we dont need farmers, builders, cartographers etc. If anyone has questions feel free to ask here or in discord.

Taalgrimm County - County of the FireWolves In The Hrothi Mines Arming Armies Since The Beginning Of Time.

11/23/2019 12:17:38 AM #15

Great community, the governing body of the county is quite professional.