Welcome to the town of Dragerra

Welcome to the town of Dragerra

Server - NA West

Kingdom - Blackheart

Duchy - Drakeolm

County - Vargos

What Dragerra has to offer you

One of the 3 sister cities (including Trivia and Aurelia), Dragerrans have long been known as breeders of some of the finest purebred horses, military courser stallions, and battle ready trisons. Local water sources are rumored to provide otherworldly speed and stamina to the local animals, higher yields to farmers crops, and numerous health benefits to those that live and stay here, including superhuman strength, breathtaking physical beauty, and unnaturally longer than average lifespans.

Behind it's fortified walls are barracks for both the military and local residents in times of need, training facilities, and numerous crafting stations. The leatherworkers of Dragerra, working with the animal breeders, make some of the finest saddles and armor around.

The location of the city, along with Trivia and Aurelia, forms a defensive stronghold and a rally point for the Bloodswords, the natural hills of its landscape funneling enemy armies into a large clearing known to the locals as 'The killing grounds'. Along with acres of pristine farmland, fresh water sources, and it's advantageous terrain, armies can hold this position almost indefinitely.

It's walls have never been breached.

What Dragerra is looking for

You. We're looking for citizens who wish to make their fortune in life. Start a business. Open a shop or tavern. Buy a farm and settle down and start a family. We're looking for hardworking people who want to live in some of the most beautiful land in the kingdom, while benefiting from the protection of both the well-trained city watch, as well as the county militia.

Raise your children and their children knowing they will be safe.

Those willing to settle down in Dragerra, and turn in villager tokens to the mayor will receive free initial scribe work for blueprints needed to start building, or a package of materials to help get your dreams off to a bigger and better start.

Animal breeders - Animal trainers - Leatherworkers - Blacksmiths - Bowyers - Fletcher - Farmers - Explorers - Merchants

Armor smith - Weaponsmith - Hunter - Fisher - Trapper - Scout - Prospector - Miner - Carpenter - Mason – Trader

As a part of the defensive front of Vargos, you can expect to be able to be a part of hunting bandits, participating in border defense, organizing training and outfitting armies for kingdom and duchy. Joining in attacking our rivals in planned invasions into their territory (with great risk comes great rewards). Or perhaps you prefer to work in the shadows in the realm of espionage, secretive acquisition, or forced terminal resignation of high ranked enemy positions.

With Vargos being under the leadership of Maghetti Kalvari, Warden of Drakeolm, there will be limitless paths available for advancement.

Contact Jhereg or Jhereg#8470 on Discord for more info

Drakeolm is recruiting!

5/13/2019 2:41:28 AM #1

Drakeolm Duchy Gateway

5/13/2019 2:43:42 AM #2

Wonderful write-up.

5/13/2019 2:44:57 AM #3

As the count of Jhereg I have gotten many opportunities to speak with him. I have found him to be dedicated, motivated, active, and an all around quality leader. I see great success in his future and plan to do all i can as I count to build him and his settlement into something exceptional. I highly recommend this settlement to any would be citizens.

5/13/2019 2:49:15 AM #4

While it is a pretty post. To be something to aspire towards. You have imagined a city that likely will never be. In as far as society has existed, no city has ever had walls that have always withstood siege. Never for long. Nor is it realistic within the realm of Elyria. I hope you get your plan, but expect to revisit this to write a new description in the coming month once we finally place and you know the true land of your home.

5/13/2019 4:31:34 AM #5

👏 Always 💀 Quack 🗣 Kindly ✌️ to 👉 an ☝️ Enraged 🤬 Drake! 🦆

5/15/2019 2:15:52 PM #6

Dragerra is going to be a wonderful town to settle down in dont miss out! Its in the best County of the best Duchy! Join up with Jhereg if you need a city, he's a very smart and talented leader!

Count Aziael Aurelia, Aurelia County, Drakeolm - Blackheart - Angelica

5/17/2019 9:05:52 PM #7

Are we sure there are "limitless" paths for upward mobility. Like I feel there has to be SOME limits.

5/24/2019 7:07:04 PM #8

This looks pretty badass! Can't wait to learn more!

Melfice Czermoon, Mayor of Czermoon Friend Code: 111FC9

6/24/2019 5:07:21 AM #9

Loving the D&SS video they posted. The wheels are turning slow but they ARE turning.

7/16/2019 9:05:22 PM #10

With DSS fast approaching(I believe) now is a good time for potentials to give Jhereg a closer look! He has been a solid no nonsense leader and will be a very good mayor/baron in coe.

7/29/2019 9:40:08 PM #11

Im glad Dragerra is growing, Lots of new people lately coming in the discord!

Count Aziael Aurelia, Aurelia County, Drakeolm - Blackheart - Angelica

9/8/2019 10:08:35 PM #12

This pleases Myrkul, The Lord of Bones.

9/10/2019 9:11:03 PM #13

With our county pick secured it is only a matter of days before the wonders of Dragerra take form! Exciting times ahead!

9/22/2019 2:05:08 PM #14

All placed and good to go! A city that will soon be a capital. Sitting on the border of a kingdom. Come take a look if you wish to be near the action.

9/22/2019 3:06:46 PM #15

Long live Drakeholm!