DND for All - The House of Many Doors

Tryggr Presents : DND 5E - The House of Many Doors

While we wait for CoE there is no reason we cannot have fun playing something together. Many games are being played by our communities, on and offline.
So Tryggr is hosting an open DND for the CoE community. We will be playing DND 5E, and we have set it up so that it is open to all players, and all DM’s.
Whether you are a veteran or completely new to DND, you are welcome to join us. Please hop into the Tryggr discord and request a DND tag for more information.

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The House of Many Doors

Somewhere on the planes resides The House of Many Doors. It is the home of a powerful mage. It has many rooms, but one of them is rather… different. It is a grand ballroom. Circular, with many doors, that lead to all places and all planes.The mage who lives there is a mysterious character,who always wears mask and a robe. Those who have been to the house of many doors simply call the mage Mask.

Mask is said to aid adventurers that fall into dimensional doors or enter an unstable portal,or are otherwise lost between planes. Mask sees to it that these unfortunate adventurers are saved, fed and healed. And will even return them from whence they came. But they do require a boon for their services.

To keep the house intact requires energy. This energy comes from crystals. In five different elements. Fire, Air, Water, Earth and Lightning. Mask asks each adventurer they save to aid them by finding a single crystal and giving it to Mask. When they return to Mask with a crystal, Mask sends them to the place and plane of their choosing.

Tho Mask is powerful, they can only approximate the plane and location the crystals exist on. Mask cannot give the exact location. Nor an exact description of what awaits. Adventurers need to deal with the dangers along the way on their own. Or in a party. And considering the dangers, a party is the more sensible option.

There is no getting out of this obligation. When the adventurers first wake in The House of Many Doors they will perceive that they are wearing a pretty new ring. They will realise quickly that it can only be removed by Mask. As long as they wear it, they are under a geis. They must collect the crystals that Mask orders them to collect. At least, the ring gives two boons to the wearer: It will glow ever brighter as they get closer to a crystal, and once a crystal is obtained, they can use the ring to return to the house instantly.

When a player has collected a crystal, they may choose to remain in the Mage’s service for a time. Collecting more crystals. Aiding other adventurers in obtaining theirs. Or they can be sent back from whence they came.

How will we play?

As you may have gathered from the above this DND is not a single campaign. It is instead a series of one shots, run by different DM’s.

As a player you start by creating a single character in DND 5E on roll20.

A DM will announce a date,a time, and an adventure,and set a maximum number of players. Usually between 4-6 characters.

You can join any of these sessions(adventures) you like, and as many or as few as you like. We will work on a first come, first serve basis. Provided your character is the appropriate level for the adventure.

Your character will level up as normal.

Each session will start and end in “The House of Many Doors” This is the space you can use for out of session RP between characters. And the common thread that ties all the adventures together.

The house itself also has a story to tell, this however that will be revealed over time.

More details on how to join in the fun can be found in the discord. Just ping Eltaninsroses or ask for the DND tag.

1/12/2020 10:47:34 AM #16

I forgot to mention, if your from other areas of the world you can still join.

We sometimes start and end late so you could still get a game in,and the more people we get the more DMs we can get the more people can join in.

Would love to see some of the SBS staff joining in for a bit of chilled downtime.

1/21/2020 10:14:42 AM #17

There are new sessions every week, and you are welcome to join irrespective of timezone or server!

Just hop into the discord and let us know you are there for DND, and we'll show you the way to the House of Many Doors from there.

The RP between sessions is lively and leads to adventures bound to character growth. Sometimes it even leads to hell and back.

2/8/2020 2:25:54 PM #18

I would love to join

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