The Inaugural Oceanus Cup!

Hello Sports fans and welcome to another exciting season of Blood Bowl, the inaugural Oceanus Cup!

What is it: This is an online Blood Bowl league played by members of the 4 OCE Kingdoms for bragging rights.

How do I sign up: It’s simple, contact myself or Duke Kov on Discord and we’ll help you get signed up. You must be signed up by Friday the 19th of July at 12:00 AM AEST.

What game do I need: Blood Bowl: Legendary Edition. It's only $12.95 on Steam!

The Coaches:


King of the South: Lizardmen - Preacher's Punishers

Duke Kov Generex: Chaos - Genera Genocide

Duke Vladymir von Marshal: Dark Elf - The Ebonmarsh Chargers

Drexy: Chaos - Lethal Weapon21

Compromised: Amazon - AmAUSon

Lor Voskara:

King Alerxius Xakorai: Undead - Lor Voskara

Duke Ariff Khalma: Undead - Akatash Raiders

The Free Duchies of Aequitas:

Lady Grace: Skaven - The Reikland Electors


Unrepresented in Season 1.

Season 1 has begun, results will go up as games are played. Round 1 will take place over the next 3 weeks.

8/3/2019 11:39:26 AM #1

Round 1:

Round 1 of the Oceanus cup has opened with some explosively physical matches.

First we saw the Ebonmarsh Chargers and Lor Voskara clash, with the Chargers showing some uncharacteristically bad ball handling they still managed to scrape across the line to a 1-0 win over King Xakorai.

Next we saw the powerful Chaos Warriors of Lethal Weapon21 coached by Caprakan's Drexy take on the stealthy and agile Skaven of the Reikland Electors coached by AQ's Lady Grace. Despite trying his hardest to put the rats down the Chaos were no match for the speed of the Skaven who took the win 1-0, we also had an early contender for the Spike! Magazine's Worst Tackle of the Year award when the Rat Ogre; "No Good, Lazy Rat" fouled himself up when trying to bash a wayward Beastman, thanks to the timely intervention of an apothecary however, the Rat Ogre's life was saved and he will play another day.


Next we saw the masterful coaching of Duke Kov Generex as he lead the Genera Genocide in a crushing 2-0 defeat of Compromised's AmAUson team. Despite the hardy and dogged resistance of the Amazons, their drive and heart was not enough to stop the overwhelming force of the Chaos warriors and Beastmen.

The final game of Round 1, saw the King of the South; Preacher, lead his Lizardmen team, Preacher's Punishers into battle against the Undead of Duke Ariff Khalma's, Akatash Raiders. A Brutal and very physical game resulted in a 1-0 win for the Lizards, but the Undead still had their pride inflicting 2-1 Casualties against the eventual victors.

Match Results:

Ebonmarsh Chargers 1 - 0 Lor Voskara

Reikland Electors 1 - 0 Lethal Weapon21

Genera Genocide 2 - 0 AmAUson

Preacher's Punishers 1 - 0 Akatash Raiders

Kingdom Points:

Caprakan: 3

Aequitas: 3

Lor Voskara: 0

8/3/2019 11:41:25 AM #2

Round 2:

AmAUson 0 vs 2 Preacher's Punishers

Genera Genocide 0 - 0 Lethal Weapon21

A brutally physical game saw the League's first scoreless draw, with both Chaos teams laying into each other with gusto and the ball proving too slippery for any of the players.

Ebonmarsh Chargers 3 vs 0 Reikland Electors

Lor Voskara 0 vs 1 Akatash Raiders

Kingdom Points:

Caprakan: 5

Aequitas: 3

Lor Voskara: 3

8/25/2019 1:13:58 PM #3

Round 3:

Ebonmarsh Chargers 2 - 1 Lethal Weapon 21

Preacher's Punishers - Reikland Electors

Genera Genocide - Lor Voskara

AmAUSon - Akatash Raiders

8/25/2019 1:19:33 PM #4

As we are now into Round 3 here are the standings. (I will update them as matches are played:

Current Standings:

Ebonmarsh Chargers (Caprakan) - 9 Points

Preacher's Punishers (Caprakan) - 6 Points

Genera Genocide (Caprakan) - 4 Points

Akatash Raiders (Lor Voskara) - 3 Points

Reikland Electors (Aequitas) - 3 Points

Lethal Weapon21 (Caprakan) - 1 Point

AmAUSon (Caprakan) - 0 Points

Lor Voskara (Lor Voskara) - 0 Points