Styled Aequitas North Island Map

Styled Aequitas North Island Map

Hello Oceanus! Following on from my South Island map, I decided to do the north island (aka Aequitas) next. The map is inspired by the WIP maps that have been released and I'm aiming for a more "inky" themed feel.

Same spiel as before; mostly accurate but with a few differences. The bodies of water in the lake areas don't match 1:1, was limited by the assets available to me etc.

Anyway, here they are below :)

Original for comparison

Original for comparison

Worn Map Version

Worn Map North Island

Paper Map Version

Paper Map North Island

Zoom 1

Zoom 1 North Island

Zoom 2

Zoom 2 North Island

7/21/2019 9:00:35 AM #1

And again, absolutely outstanding work! I find this is actually easier to read than SBS's version tbh.

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7/21/2019 11:03:08 AM #2

These are great! Really love them! <3

7/22/2019 1:51:51 AM #3