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I recently found out about this game, and have spent the last week reading as much as I can. I am based in Australia and will play on the OCE server, which is great because the map looks fun.

I was wondering what people can tell me about the four kingdoms, I am trying to decide between, Waerd, To'Resk and Kypic, which I think gives me a choice of most of them.

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welcome to the community! Domain and Settlement selection will start soon, wich means people will pick their domains and thus tribes :D feel free to join the discord and mingle, we dont bite :D

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Waerd + Kypiq would be Tylsia. Waerd + To'Resk would be Lor Voskara, though the two tribes don't mingle as much there with their biomes being on the opposite sides of the kingdom. Caprakan has To'Resk.

Any Neran region will have a little of all three.

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Oh cool, there is a discord server? Where would I find the link for that?

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THis has been a long time coming....patience is a virtue...feel like I missed out on some things...didn't get to choose anything yet.

One beast to rule them all! The Beastmaster!

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Welcome to the community!