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Server: Angelica (NA-West)

Kingdom: The Kingdom of Valyria

Biomes: Shrubland, Mixed Leaf Forest, and Broadleaf Forest Races: Neran, Kypiq, Waerd

Embassy of Valyria Discord


Recruitment: Open; All of our dukes are seeking counts/countesses, aristocracy, and individuals. -Apply-

Roleplay: No need to consciously try to roleplay; it's inherent in our system.


Though late in coming, at long last, the Kingdom of Valyria makes its formal debut as an nation entity in the Chronicles of Elyria, with the unveiling of a new website and forums and a very detailed application system. With this, Valyria also now begins formal recruitment and organization of its hierarchy into a functioning state.

The Kingdom of Valyria is the premiere kingdom on the Angelica server. Planning and resources have gone into Valyria that have been in preparation for more than a decade. Centrally located on the Angelican continent, Valyria is the largest kingdom geographically as well as in terms of pledged dukes. Poised as the bridge between the north and the south, it is an important convergence for trade and exchange of all kinds. As it was once said for Rome, truly it can be said that "All roads lead to Valyria.

Why Valyria?

Accomplished Leaders with Real World Competence

Valyria is one kingdom that has been gifted with abundant talent. The appointed leadership of the Kingdom of Valyria has been carefully selected to insure that the machinery of government is led by the most capable and qualified people. Entire heads of Valyrian governmental departments such as the Military or the Chancery are headed by people with the background and knowhow to make these departments run with maximum clockwork efficiency. Valyria boasts dukes and cabinet officers including high powered attorneys to US Congressmen, Faculty of Harvard University, a Colonel in the US Air Force, a successful Wall Street Financier, a CTO of a Silicon Valley corporation, and a high ranking martial arts master recognized by the South Korean government.

Proven Design and Kingdom Experience

Valyria also has implemented a design that has been used to great effect in the past. The constitution of Valyria as well as its government structure was used in 2009's Darkfall to facilitate the organization of a kingdom that ended up conquering half of the European release server. This was a feudal structure with the checks and balances of a constitutional monarchy, in use by the leadership of Valyria long before Chronicles of Elyria offered a game design that could make full use of it.

Experience in PVP

Valyria's dukes are no casual pledge package purchasers, but longtime veterans of the PVP-MMO conquest genre. With successful experience in games ranging from UO, Shadowbane, Asheron's Call, Darkfall Online, Mortal Online, Mount & Blade, and Life is Feudal, Valyria has a familiarity and an expertise with the realities of nation building that other Angelican kingdoms do not have. Valyrian leaders and players have faced the pressures of large scale combat with a real risk of loss - and you can count on them to have the mettle to make the right choices when it counts the most.

Empowered Landholders: The Great Charter of Valyria

The Great Charter of Valyria is the Constitution of Valyria, and some version of its design has been in use by the leaders of Valyria for more than a decade. In Valyria, the King has executive power and privilege so that important decisions can be made quickly and efficiently. However, the Great Charter recognizes two important things about virtual nation management: one, that no single person or king can please everyone all of the time, and two, that for players to truly care about the direction and management of a nation, they need to have a say and be involved. Written into the Great Charter are pressure releases and checks and balances that serve as a powerful glue to keep the kingdom afloat when the inevitable rough patches that come into every gaming group's life appear.

Every duke and every count has the right to sit in the great legislature of Valyria, the House of Lords, and to both vote and propose individual bills that, if passed, become binding law with the same power as a royal decree from the king. If necessary and if a supermajority of votes are cast, the assembly of dukes and lords can also overrule the king of an unpopular decision, and he must abide by it. Valyria even affords a lower legislature of two smaller elected landholders from every county that can send up bills to the House of Lords to vote on, so that every stratum of Valyrian society has representation and even a means to affect the direction of the entire kingdom.

This does not mean that Valyria is run by a council, however. The powers of the Crown and the powers of the House of Lords are separate, and each can operate independently or together. The executive power of the Crown gives benefit of immediate and even emergency response so that Valyria has leadership right from the top, while the deliberative power of the House of Lords provides Valyria with the input of many perspectives. In Valyria, we consider it the best of both worlds.

Examination System for Government Workers

Valyria's system of government affords many rights and privileges to its players, but also becomes necessarily more complicated than a mere system of chiefs and followers. Valyria has a veritable established culture of kingdom protocols and rules of operation for its institutions like its Parliament, its Royal Cabinet, and its royal departments like Chancery, the Treasury, the College of Heralds, and all the ministers that keep them operational such as clerks, reeves, heralds, or diplomatic envoys. This means that there are many opportunities to take on an important role in either a royal, ducal, comial, or baronial court, and that Valyria will have need that everyone in such role definitely understands the culture of Valyria.

Valyria has implemented a system of royal examination that one must pass to be qualified to serve as an officer of a Valyrian court. This examination is offered on our website, and tests both functional knowledge of Valyrian government as well as your power of assessment and decision making. When you take the exam, it will be graded by a clerk of the royal court, who will provide you with your score. When you seek to take on a role in a Valyrian court, you will be able to show that you have passed the examination, and knowing Valyrian politics, will be able to contribute far more meaningfully.

Organized Admissions and Census System

Let's face it, kingdoms and duchies in Chronicles of Elyria are larger and can accomodate more players than any other MMO to date, save perhaps the space exploring kind! For a kingdom to achieve maximum success, it's going to need a sound method of keeping track of all of its players! Thankfully, Valyria has implemented just such a method. Our application system includes a census that allows us to enter you into our database so that we recognize your home settlement, county, and duchy, your playtime and playstyle, your skills and ambitions, and more. This allows our administrators to identify trends and qualities of our playerbase, as well as to zero in and provide you with personal benefits as a recognized and official Valyrian subject.

Valyrian Government System

As noted above, Valyrian government is a constitutional monarchy with two main powers, the Crown and the Parliament. The Crown is effectively the executive branch of Valyria, the Parliament the legislative. In the Valyrian system, the Crown can veto acts passed by the Parliament, but the Parliament can overrule the veto with a supermajority vote.

The Crown, as the executive branch, is also comprised of several departments. These departments are populated by administrator players who keep the wheels of government working, and are headed by special appointed players called the Royal Cabinet. Three of the officers of the Cabinet hold power directly delegated from the king, and are called the Great Officers of State. The Great Officers and the Cabinet, when they are appointed, can be sought out and contacted when needed and appropriate.


HAND OF THE KING (Keeper of the Royal Privy Seal): His Grace, Manus Dei, Duke of Wessex

LORD CHANCELLOR (Keeper of the Great Seal of State, Head of Parliament): -vacant-

LORD CONSTABLE (Keeper of the Sword of State, Leader of the Armies of Valyria): Nominee - His Lordship, Bernardo de Medici, Count of Aquileia


LORD TREASURER (Balances the Royal Budget, Oversees Revenue Collection):

LORD CHAMBERLAIN (Keeper of the Royal Household, Maintainer of Valyrian stockpiles and provisions): -vacant-

LORD STEWARD OF TRADE (Oversees the establishment of trade routes and trade pacts, regulates tariffs and excise taxes, tolls): -vacant-

LORD OF HERALDS (Oversees college of heralds, trains heralds in recognizing coats of arms and support of all nobles and gentlemen): -vacant-

LORD JUSTICIAR (Oversees the judicial branch and royal sheriffs): *-vacant- *

LORD INQUISITOR (Oversees intelligence and espionage): -vacant-

LORD DIPLOMAT (Maintains foreign affairs and royal envoys and ambassadors): -vacant-

Duchies of Valyria

Royal Grand Duchy of Valencia



The Haverlands





Join Us!

With all the new depth provided by Chronicles of Elyria, from the new meaningfulness of titles to the dynastic heritage they represent, Valyria has never been more excited for a game to play. It's the game we designed our historical feudal clans for years before its existence was even a possibility. And now that it is a possibility, we invite players like you who share our dream of what virtual nation building can be. No matter what your commitment or pledge level to Chronicles of Elyria, we would love to welcome you to our website, Discord, and forums, as found on the links below.

Given by the Hand of our Hand

Embassy of Valyria Discord

Subjectship Application


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