[Ashland] Town & Academy at Banholt


Welcome to the Town of Banholt! We welcome you and hope you'll join us in our endeavors at the Academy. Banholt is dedicated to training, housing, and deploying bards as musicians, historians, explorers, and travelling teachers across the Kingdom of Ashland.


About the Town

  • Kingdom: Ashland
  • Dutchy: Grand Duchy of Sanctaphandri
  • County: Greater Osthelia

About the Academy

The focus of Banholt is the Academy of Bards, which teaches music, reading, history, lore, and cartography. Our goal is to be the premiere spot for bards and explorers in Ashland.

Three classes of citizens will help us to achieve this goal:

1. Residents

We're looking for long-term residents who are interested in developing and teaching the skills necessary for Bards and other learned citizens of Ashland. Anyone interested in musics, cartography, or learning in general will be welcome. We focus more on the soft arts rather than technological development.

2. Students

Banholt is also looking for those willing to learn - stay for a month or for a year, we’ll fill your head! Or just stop by to peruse our extensive (hopefully!) library. (Note: Not a lending library.) Take your knowledge back to your homeland and spread it around.

3. Expeditionary Members & Bards-At-Large

Does your blood thirst for adventure? Are you always looking over the next hill or under the biggest rock? Join the Banholt Expeditionary Corps! These brave adventurers will be funded and supplied by the Academy in order to explore and map the wilds and secure the treasures of Elyria.

Or do you wish to teach out in the world? Join us as a Bard-At-Large and be supplied by the Academy and sent on missions to towns and hamlets across Ashland to support the mission of education and merriment.



Master Harper: Aspen d'Grey, Mayor & Master

Master Bard: The lead teacher at Banholt Academy, 2nd in command.

Master Steward: Responsible for the upkeep of Banholt and the Academy

Master Scribe: Historians, Cartographers, and Engineers

Master Singer: Musicians, Composers, and Instrument Crafters

Master Drummer: Expeditions & Bards-at-Large

Bard Ranks

  • Apprentice
  • Journeyman
  • Master

Town Ranks

  • Holder (equivalent to Apprentice)
  • Keeper (equivalent to Journaman)
  • Steward (equivalent to Master)

Recruitment Status

Banholt & The Academy at Banholt are currently recruiting for all positions! Join today!

Join us on Discord at:

9/18/2019 1:11:09 AM #1

Reserved for future information!

9/18/2019 5:01:56 AM #2

Excellent work Aspen! I look forward to touring the academy grounds!

9/22/2019 12:25:13 AM #3

Excellent post! I look forward to working with you and sending some potential scribes over there to study the arts.

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9/24/2019 11:43:36 PM #4

Please do! They'll be more than welcome.

10/11/2019 4:46:10 AM #5

New mayor to Osthelia Jo'sa here. Just wanted to introduce myself and say I will absolutely be interested in contracting some of your bards in order to entertain the guests within Ellera's inn. Hopefully we can do some historical trading as well to keep our libraries well stocked!

May prosperity ever triumph, and life be always held dear.

10/30/2019 11:11:22 PM #6

Congratulations on getting your settlement name approved!