Oceanus Tournament Pitch Competition

For those looking to express themselves. By song or by steel that are looking to make something where there was none.

I present the Oceanus Tournament Pitch competition.

Present your ideas and go in the running to receive :

!!!! 5 tournament tokens as well as 600 EP.!!!!

This is to reward those with great ideas and create some chance for those who have none.

There are multiple categories which will determine your success for the prize.

ARENA - what features would it have? What performances or uses would the Arena have outside of the Tournament of Champions? 5 - points

TOURNAMENT - what would be unique during a day at the tournament in your settlement as opposed to a typical day in your settlement? 5 - points

EP - If you do not win the Tournament of Champions raffle how would you spend your EP? - 5 points

TAVERN + INN - any information relevant to how you would run your tavern and inn? - 3 points

YOURSELF - what are your intentions in the game? What would be your involvement in the tournament if it was held in your settlement? - 5 points

EXTRAS - This is for if a submission has extra information beyond the standard for the entry. Eg. Pictures, lore, arena name - 5 points

SETTLEMENT SIZE - for the sake of balance and efficient usage of a competition win, people with settlements with less upgrades will gain an advantage in their entry as follows:

Hamlet only = 5 points

Tavern = 3 points

Town Hall = 2 points

Court house= 1 point

Monument = 0 points

So the total amount of points received possible is 33.

To enter this competition your account should be over 40 days old. You must be a mayor or above. You must be locked to the Oce server.

Send entries in Direct message to Peroxis #1564 on discord. Along with Forum account name: Settlement name: Your current title (mayor,count, etc.): If you would like your submission to be public after the competition.

Note will require additional validation of your account etc upon winning the prize

Accepting applications for judges, if you believe you can give an unbiased opinion on submissions please contact me directly to state why it is you would like to be a judge.

-Maximum number of judges is 3-

To discuss the event you can talk here, or on this discord in the 'Luna Competitions' channel-

The winner will be announced on the Wednesday in the last week of Kickstarterversary.

9/19/2019 1:13:35 PM #1

For fast viewing I will link forum posts here. It is not a requirement to make a forum post but I encourage it as it gives you the chance to garner extra support if people love your idea.


Let me know if you would like me to create a reference submission.

9/23/2019 9:03:53 AM #2

This is a quick version of my pitch to host the Tournament.

9/27/2019 11:39:04 AM #3

You will find my entry at