The Tournament of Champions Bid OCE

The Tournament of Champions Bid OCE

Those of us at Akatash were inspired by seeing the Tournament tokens and seek to host the first Tournament of Champions on the Oceanic region.

For the unaware, the Tournament of Champions is by far the greatest combat tournament in the whole world! Every 8 years the best combatants and martial users from across the world gather together to duke it out in mock battles and a variety of contests of skill.

The victors of these intense competitions stand to gain massive prestige and fame for this achieving this monumental task!

So why us?

Bettin’, Booze and Babes!


First of all, we’re going to have casino’s all around the Arena. Blackjack, poker, you name it, we’re gonna do everything mechanically possible to have betting and gambling entertainment nearby. Warriors and tournament combatants deserve the best rest and relaxation after a hard battle, and we’ll be damned if we don’t do our best to provide that kind of fun entertainment.

We are prepared to organise, facilitate or even outsource to competent groups, betting activities for the tournament itself. Betting on winners, losers, you name it we want money gambling and debauchery going around!


To put it simply, our goal is to test the limits of Elyrian drunken mechanics. The best events have the best booze going around, so since this is an entirely international global event, it is only appropriate that we source liquors from all around the world. I feel as a majority of players are Australian, it is prudent that we hold an official booze drinking competition to see who can drink the most without dying from alcohol poisoning (warning: completely dependent on mechanics, if this isn’t a feature but we win, we will genuinely start a petition to make this feature a reality).

Plus, rumour has it that the legendary Last Oasis could be nearby...Maybe an after party pub crawl would be a possibility? Lets see what we can make happen with those Npc owners!

Babes (and Gigolos!)

The location that was chosen was partly chosen because of the seemingly high number of courtesan residents already in the location. Courtesans in New Haven was found to be the second most notable job, and as Mayor I pledge to do my best to encourage the growth of this local industry for the sake of my fellow oceanic players. Male courtesans, female courtesans, blue courtesans, you name it, we’ll have them!

There’s bound to be some form of rest bonus or stamina penalty from partaking in the feastings of the night. It would be fun to see the results and lead to many entertaining stories being told in the future, which is what this is all really about anyway.


The main purpose of this event. The spectacle that everyone across the entire continent will hear about, where names will be made and glory will be gained or lost in fantastic events of skill and dexterity. Combat styles from every aspect of the globe will be seen. We are thoroughly planning on having players and NPCS from all around the globe come on down. The entire purpose of choosing the mayor location that I chose, was so that this could occur, as its right smack bang in the middle of the continent. New Haven is literally at the centre of the known world and is just as close to the tip of Aequitas as it is to the base of Caprakan

The Duke of Akatash and the Duke of Akayama north of us are in discussions on how to make trade and travel as feasible and possible already. This means both northern kingdoms Tylsia and Aequitas should have easy access to the location, relatively speaking of course!

Caprakan and Lor Voskara residents will be assisted with expert desert survival groups in order to transport safely through the harsh desert climate in order to reach the center of the known world, no sailing or boating required.

We want the very best martial prowess to be displayed. So it's only right that we do our best to facilitate the feasibility of those future legends being able to travel to the New Haven Arena!


We intend on streaming the event for those that can’t attend, ensuring everyone has access to see the festivities. The champions of these tournament battles truly will be well known for winning the greatest martial tournament in the world.

We’ll likely have commentators discussing the events as they come forth for these live streams and host interviews with any winners and champion fighters.

What type of events will be occurring in the Arena?

Anybody is allowed to enter any of the fights, as long as it is feasibly possible within the mechanics of the game.

Here is a list of events that we want to occur at a minimum during the Tournament of Champions.

*Classic 1v1 armoured combat tournament.

*Team elimination style tournaments: Teams of 2 and 5.

*Jousting tournament.

*Unarmed combat tournament.

*Booze drinking contest.

*A free for all battle royale

Sponsored Rewards

If we win, all Tournament of Champions revenue generated through tickets will go towards monetary prizes for the winners of these various tournaments and paying for supplies.

Alongside the monetary prize, Count Valegor Karyū has offered to reward the winner of the Tournament of Champions with one of his unique and ultra rare weapons as the Champions prize!

The name of the Champion will be inscribed on the unique weapon to commemorate this momentous achievement and immortalise their on it forever.

(Note: The blueprint of these are owned exclusively by Count Valegor himself from the extremely exclusive Kickstarter Weapon Master pledge!)

Weapon Master reward

"My idea for the weapon is a symbol of status.

It can be acquired for substantial wealth. (I won't sell it for anything less than highly expensive, otherwise it loses its value elsewhere)

It can be acquired as a prize for things such as this, to show that someone is a champion.

It can be acquired for being famous at something, such as maybe becoming a grandmaster (the highest rank) in one's craft.

It can be acquired for achieving something amazing on the server. Such as making an important discovery. Sort of like a Nobel Peace Prize kind of thing." - Count Valegor Karyū

Prior experiences

I’ve personally created and organised community arena tournaments before in other games, where even the arenas have had to be created from scratch. While hosting such events takes significant effort, they’re always well worth it. I find that there are always good memories and experiences to be gained from these types of events.

Closing remarks

The entire intention of this proposal is to facilitate a truly unique event experience, that no other server region and no other game players have ever experienced before.

Bettin’, booze, babe, battling and broadcasting, are all about trying to give this Tournament of Champions a fun Oceanic twist on things that might actually be able to get the entire community to enjoy together.

All supporters of this idea will get their names written up in the hall of contributors and your names will be forever remembered and shared as a core contribution towards making this crazy idea come to fruition.

If you wish to support the cause, send Tournament tokens to “Krieg Arkantos” on the forums.

Thank you for taking the time to read all of this, it is very much appreciated! Happy Kickstarter-versary!

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New Haven is the ideal location for the Tournament of champions

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Awesome post and so quick to make it

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Great post, good luck!

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Yep. I am just across the channel from you. The central location of our two settlements makes either perfect. I think this event better suits your location though, so I am happy to offer what support I can!

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Time grows short until we have a host selected for Tournament of Champions. If you have any tokens remaining I recommend reading the current bids and donating them to your favourite.

The strength of the wolf is the Pack. Fight with honour.