[EU-Demalion-GER] County Dragbalion

-----------County Dragbalion-----------


Native Tribe: “Brudvir“

County: ”Dragbalion”

Folk: ”Germanic and English”

Duchy: ”Lyon”

We are the Nordsmen chaising for blood and fighting for pride. We are Brudvir the Beasts of the North. To fight is in our Nature and to kill is our Profession. True PVPers don't fear the death, because death is the only way to enter Valhalla. This is our Viking way of life.

Our County Stands for Loyalty and the Art of fight. We protect the weak among us and we defend our Keep and Hamlet.

The community we have built through 10 years is a group of players that have a lot of PVP and PVE experience through games like Black Desert Online, EVE, Everquest 2, Ark Survival Evolved, Blade and Soul, AION, Archage, WOW and many others. We stand together and we die togehter. We are a big family!

Story of our County:

Once upon a time a Dragon called Dragbalion ruled the County. He killed hundreds of people and children. Many Soldiers died fighting him. He was a big red Fire-Dragon and undefeatable. Every day he took a flight above the Keep of Arborg which is in the East of the County to get something to eat. Every Day he took someones life till this Gray-Morning. It was cloudy and dark and a big man stepped on the walls of Arborg and raised his gaze to the sky. He saw him coming and he knew that the Dragon will attack him first. Fearless stepping forward was his only choice. He pulled his big Axe and waited for the enemy to come. The Dragon shot through the clouds and saw the Brudvir standing on the wall. He flew down and sat next to him on the wall. They met face to face and the dragon could see his courage in his Eyes. Suddenly the Dragon rose and disappeared into the gray cloud cover. Since this day he never came back. The name of the Warrior standing on the wall was Broxus. In honor of the Dragon he called the County Dragbalion and became the new Count.

You will find our County in the West of the Duchy Ljon which belongs to the Kingdom of Demalion.

Here you can see our County and Settlement Information with all its Resources and Professions:

-----------------Our Guilds-----------------

Titan - The Bounty Hunter Guild (PVP)

Titan is a Bounty Hunter Guild focused on pvp which will offer you Profession related Quests and a lot of Teamplay.

Legends Never Die - The Blacksmith Guild

Legends Never Die is a Blacksmith Guild which is focused on forging and crafting. They are also recruiting Miners for the Gathering of the Mineral Deposits.

--------------The Colosseum--------------

Every Week we will have trainings at our Colosseum to prepare for our monthly Tournaments which will give you nice Rewards(for Example the best forged Armor or Weapon from our Blacksmith Guild). Also the best fighters will be send to the Tournament of Champions to represent our County.

--------------------What we offer--------------------

  • A community which is playing together for more than 10 years

  • Two Guild houses

  • PVP training in our Arena and fight events in the Arena of Arborg

  • Colloseum where our PVPers can train and fight on events

  • 2 individual Guilds

  • A lot of PVP expirience through other games like AION, Black Desert Online, EverQuest 2, Blade and Soul, Ark and many others

-------------What we are looking for-------------

  • Progressiv PVPers

  • Crafters, Gatherers and PVErs

  • Players who understand Humor

  • Players with Teamplay


  • Age 18+

  • Fight for each other

  • Real Life > Game

  • No Racism

  • Respect each other

If you are interested in joining our Brudvir County, then leave a comment or write me a PM

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Bruder des Nordens, die kälte macht uns nichts aus, wir saufen und rauben! Bruder des Nordens, gott will es, so sei es, mit unseren Äxten pfälen wir die Pfäden und mit unseren Schiffen erobern wir die Seen, keiner mag uns wiederstehen.

Valhöll ist unser!