Tournament of Champions Bid LV

The Tournament of Champions

Unto all those who profess skill at arms within the knowne world, does the most honourable and proud Lord Lochlan, Ser Thomas Lochlan, The Keeper of Morling, The Green Knight, Chief of the Clan Chiefs of Cluain and bear of the Hills, send greetings.

It is with glad tidings that We announce the Tournament of Champions is to be contested once more within the grounds of Morling. Let all those who profess themselves to be Men of Arms converge upone mine holdings to make sport and contest upon one another.

Letters of Intent must be received by one month prior to the start of the tournament, each combatant must supply their own harness and horse to present themselves armoured Cap A Pied before Lord Lochlan at the opening ceremony.

Signed, Ser Thomas Lochlan, Lochlan for A’a.

The Tournament:

The Tournament is to consist of 2 weeks of events, in order to qualify as a contender for the title of Champion of Champions a participant must compete in every event. This is no 1v1 knock out, this is a grand deed of arms, to win the first tournament of champions of the server should be a feat of arms that will inspire generations of combatants for years to come. The schedule will be as follows:

Day 1:

  • The tournament shall open to an exhibition tilt between the Marshal of the Event Ser Thomas Lochlan and a designated master Lance.

  • Then the Grand Melee shall commence with every combatant fighting in a gargantuan free for all, the aim of which is to capture opponents to force ransom. (No Coup de Grace is to take place)

  • At the conclusion of the Melee, there will be a break for the opening lunch, wherein Lord Lochlan has committed his private herds and crops to providing food for the combatants and their sponsors.

  • After Lunch the first of the tournament events shall commence with the 1v1 Longsword tournament.

  • Finally the day shall finish with a mighty Feast in the Lord’s Hall, should numbers be too great the feast will be moved to the Town Square of Morling.

Day 2-12:

  • The Individual events shall continue with the 1v1 Axe, hand weapon and shield, spear and polearm events, along with the unarmed contest.

  • The first team events will take place starting on Day 6, with teams of 3-6 required in chosen weapon melees, each team must have a sponsor of Count or Duke level. All teams must be attired in the colours of their sponsor.

  • Every day shall feature an afternoon Passage of Arms, these will work on a challenge basis. There will be two types of Challenge, Ala Plaisance or Trial by Combat. The first will be a friendly test of skill between friends, a challenge must be submitted formally to the Master of Lists and the challenged party may name the weapons of choice. The second challenge type is for airing grievances in the time honoured traditions of trial by combat, as such on this occasion should the grievance be deemed severe enough a coup de grace may be allowed at the discretion of the Lord Lochlan.

Day 13-14:

  • The final days of the Tournament shall be closed out with the Jousting Tournament. To tilt is the most Chivalric of combat forms, for nothing so epitomises the Man of Arms as a powerful war steed and a strong lance.

  • The Closing ceremony and feast shall take place on Day 14 with the prizes being awarded and the Tournament Champion named.

The Shining Prizes:

Tournament Champion: The Champion of Champions, recognised as the greatest warrior on the Continent, truly now a name of legend having completed perhaps the greatest Deed of Arms in living memory. To celebrate this great achievement the warrior will receive one pair of commemorative spurs, along with the wreath of victory. Should the warrior not already be a Knight of the Kingdom the following has been declared by Lord Lochlan:

“Being a Knight of good standing I have begged a boon of his most Gracious and Virtuous Majesty, that those few warriors who show themselves to be of chivalric prowess and mighty stature upon the list field of my tournament in the hour of their triumph shall be asked to kneel and granted station and belt of Knighthood upon the field. Be my word so ever truthful and binding.” ~ Ser Thomas Lochlan, Chief of the Clan Chiefs of Cluain.

Contest Champion: To win one of the many individual events of the tournament is still a mighty Deed of Arms in any Warrior’s career of arms. Should this be the case the offer of Chivalry and the commemorative spurs will also be theirs to win.

The Wreath of Victory: A beautifully crafted helmet from the forges of Cluain’s greatest Armourers, the Wreath of Victory is a traditional bascinet made of the finest hardened steel with a bronze laurel wreath riveted to its crown, it is a unique piece and to wear it is to carry one’s renown upon their brow.


Morling is home to some of the finest Inns and Taverns in the knowne world, all great Lords and their Retinues will be granted rooms to stay in these houses of great repute. His Majesty and the Dukes of Lor Voskara will be given rooms in Lord Lochlan’s own hall.

For those travelling to the event who are not part of a retinue, fields on the outside of Morling have been marked for use to be turned into the great tent city of the Tournament, known as the Champion’s Faire, in addition farmers from the surrounds have agreed to host extras in their barns and spare rooms for a nominal fee.


While within the confines of Morling and during the Tournament, there will be many services available to those who join us. The Cluain Armourer’s Guild; The Whyte Company, will be travelling in force to Morling to set up shop and be available to replace and repair any armour or weapons needed throughout the event. The Guild of Players shall be performing at various occasions to delight the crowds, and the Lochlan Private Reserve shall be throwing its doors open to share in the finest Neran made Whiskeys available.

9/23/2019 11:06:57 AM #1

Very nice.

Suggestion for you if you like. Tell us more about your settlement! The tournament location isn't just about the Tournament itself, but also about the town. Throw in an image or two perhaps that you feel represents the settlement?

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Time grows short until we have a host selected for Tournament of Champions. If you have any tokens remaining I recommend reading the current bids and donating them to your favourite.

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