Duskfell County - Kingdom of BlackHeart, Duchy of Duskholm

"The day was humid, as it always was in the swamp, but a light breeze rolled over the tops of the trees and down over the town of Felgrove Mire. Morgara Felmoon sat on the balcony overlooking the town she had helped shape and furthermore to the thick mire and hills that lay beyond. She had begun her role as Countess at a very young age, after the untimely demise of her mother and father; Her sister recently banished in disgrace. Her sister Maven was the first born of two daughters, the rightful Countess and keeper of these lands, unlike herself - second born. Maven had disgraced herself and her family, at least that is what her family believed. Morgara wasn't sure what she believed anymore; was her sisters indiscretion so bad that she didnt deserve a family? How different would it have been if her sister was never forced to leave; if she had been the one to shape this land over the past 15 years? The dreary gloom of the swamp would still be the same, the murky waters and moss covered trees. But what about the settlements? The people? Would they have been better off? The County of Duskfell, nestled on the border of Duskholm, wasn't very far from the Queen of Black Hearts seat of power. The town of Felgrove Mire had exploded over the last 15 years after the highways had been built under the behest of Duchess Sellayne Darkholm. The people milled about the town, doing their daily duties. The farm animals called out, mixing with the murmuring of the townsfolk, filling the day with perpetual sound. "I've done well," Morgara thought to herself "and I will do more... so much more." She looked off past the towns folk through the trees, over the hills, and saw the coast in her minds eye. She smirked, thinking of the future. Her future, the towns future, the county's future, and the future of Duskholm and The Kingdom of Black Heart. "The world is ripe for us to take." She whispered, turning towards the doors, she walked off the balcony."

+Duskfell County+

Countess Morgara Felmoon

The Kingdom of BlackHeart, Under Royal Duchess Sellayne Darkholm of Duskholm

County Seat - Felgrove Mire

Main Focuses -

Naval production, Trade, and Research.

Secondary/Personal Focuses -

Animal Husbandry/Training, the Bloodlines of Mann (human genetics), Information/Intelligence Gathering, Food production.

Duskfell county is a large county in Duskholm, BlackHeart. It is currently a poor county, but with a little bit of elbow grease we will make Duskfell great again! Our first mission as a county is to establish a port town along the coast to give us access to the sea and trade. Also, we will be working on boosting up the western towns defenses due to their proximity to the coast, as well as building roads for more efficent routing. We border the Queen of Black Hearts, Rowena Darkholm, to the north, as we sit on the northern border of Duskholm.

As far as us as a group, we are nerdy but we are a lot of fun. Right now it's just a small group of gaming friend who have come together over time and a buncha different games. One of our members will be heading science and research, while another will be overseeing the building of the port. There are many roles to fill still, and we are happy to work with people to find them the right fit. I personally would be very happy to be able to delegate important roles to other capable individuals to keep things working smoothly and with ease. We have members currently playing WoW Classic, so feel free to come hop on that pain train. Somtimes we play other games, like League or Civ. We welcome roleplayers or hardcore players, relaxed players, Noobs, Boobs, and anything else. Hope to see some of you on the discord!

Additional County information





Est. Pop:


Est. Wealth:

Poor - #MakeDuskfellGreatAgain!

Est. Size:

2,781-3,762 parcels


Fresh Water(1st)
High Ground
Mineral Deposits
Trade Routes



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