Oceanus Tournament of Champions Pitch Entry

High Dawnward (Elkarch) ⚜ Aureílle (Forestpot Terrace) ⚜ Falrenstal ⚜ Tylsia ⚜ Oceanus

The Cultural City of High Dawnward focuses on the creative pursuits of the heart. The grand Dawn Academy of Cultural Arts teaches people the skills they desire across many disciplines, so they may become singers or architects, mummers or astronomers, painters or writers, and more. They are limited only by their own imagination and determination.

As such, an arena in High Dawnward will serve as a stage for these performers. What better way to test your skills for a crowd than on one of the kingdom’s largest stages, the Star of Dawn? Only you and your talent can say whether you will be showered in adoration—or something far more…distasteful.

But once every four years, the Star of Dawn will become the Field of Dawn. Sedecim and the main Tournament will only be able to facilitate a handful of participants, in most cases the best warriors each duchy or kingdom has to offer. The Tourney of the Field of Dawn allows a greater number of would-be champions to test their feat of arms against a larger pool of local and tourist talent, in contests including jousting, swordplay, archery (including crossbow, as the county of Aureílle is predominantly home to Kypiq, though the city itself is Neran), and large-scale melee bouts.

The Tourney shall have both opening and closing ceremonies, and will be accompanied by a large-scale Festival, with performances by Academy students and graduates being held in the local tavern (due to the temporary closing of the Star of Dawn). Many a tale of the day’s test of arms shall be regaled over mead and laughter. Tourists visiting the city for the Tourney and the Festival will find adequate rooms at the inn, and may even be tempted to try their hand at performing alongside the locals! For those that prefer the open sky, a field not far from the Field of Dawn shall be free for all to pitch a tent as they so choose.

The Tourney is designed to bring all manner of tribes to the broadleaf forests of Falrenstal, to showcase the harmony of Neran and Kypiq found in High Dawnward. The contest will bond local with tourist, small tribe with large, friend with foe.

I, as countess, will host the Tourney, presenting the winners of each field of skill with their Sun Garland and prize money. My alt fighter will, of course, participate in the Tourney herself, as she has her eye on the golden crown.

Should the Tournament rights pass to another, my EP will be focused on the Dawn Academy, acquiring what is sure to be a great number of patterns and techniques to cover the many disciplines I wish to have available to students, to truly turn my city into a creative cultural hub in Tylsia.

I could wax whimsical with more detailed plans for my Tourney, however, with a lack of real knowledge as to how the mechanics will pan out, I’ve decided to stick to what I know is practical and feasible in the world of Chronicles of Elyria~

9/28/2019 6:59:23 AM #1

Very nice! All of the bids so far are looking very unique.

9/28/2019 11:22:34 AM #2

Which is fantastic to hear! Variety is what makes CoE interesting ^o^

9/30/2019 6:29:35 PM #3

Whether or not you get to host the First Tournament of Champions, I will still look forward to the round that you get to host, I will come to watch even if I'm not competing.

The strength of the wolf is the Pack. Fight with honour.

9/30/2019 8:48:30 PM #4

Thank you so much for your support! ^o^ If the tournament is down your way, you can be sure my alt will head down there ;)

10/14/2019 8:00:14 PM #5

Time grows short until we have a host selected for Tournament of Champions. If you have any tokens remaining I recommend reading the current bids and donating them to your favourite.

The strength of the wolf is the Pack. Fight with honour.