[NA-W] Duchy of KROVAHAL (Aranor)

alt text If you dare journey far, far to the north, past the alpine forests and mountain tundra in Aranor, beyond all common ease and comforts, in search of the limits of the Brudvir and Hrothi spirits, you may well die...

alt text But if something drives you on, against merciless cold, warming you from a much further place, and that rising voice inside demands that you seek a life to taunt the very limits of mortal willstouter hearts, northward.

alt text If you ride until lesser horses perish, march and climb until heavy boots fail, and best creatures of legend by skill and blood, you beg for witness to the breadth and glory of the Mighty Taiga.

alt text Beneath endless skies, retelling endless pasts through the howling wind-song, you might think you have reached the top of the world.

Keep going...

And when even the Taiga threatens to surrender to a frozen sea and maelstrom of ice, there is a haven in which stalwarts still gather to sanctify the deepest heritage of the oldest land, as hunters, warriors, and artisans supreme, as Faedin craving a new kind of enlightenment and power, in a new era: Krovahal

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Freedom is a requirement. Weakness is not an option.

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alt text FC: 73832C

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The Duchy of Krovahal

Duke (Bruérag) Zyzax (Brudvir)

County of Talonsrake

Stronghold of Krova's Fang

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Primary Mission: building a community that strives to be more than the sum of its parts, and that won't settle for anything less than writing the future history of Angelica's North. And have our own fun doing it.

Abundant in space and the unspoiled natural resources of the Taigan biome, Krovahal will drive its progress through technological advancement and education, while redefining mastery in the hunting and battle strengths for which Northerners are famed.

Our longstanding alliances with Hrothi and Neran neighbors will still be honored, while our relationships with tribes with whom we have historically been enemies will be pragmatic, if not diplomatic. Commerce when possible -- war if necessary. Honor and profit, regardless.

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The high county of Talonsrake bisects Krovahal, from ocean to Ravencrest below, ensuring a secure spine of transit and trade by both water and land. With cartography rivaling any in the realm, and a heavy EP investment in infrastructure during Expo, its road and barge systems will be capable of moving fortunes.

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The Stronghold of Krova's Fang sits at the intersection of busy trade routes, guarding the area's oldest schools and crafting halls. Its markets, church, and arena continue to draw culture and opportunity to the region.

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Build hard, build smart, but without ruining or depleting the biome.

2-3 months a year, the area should be the most agriculturally productive region on the continent -- and then it's frozen. Nothing we do will ever have a greater impact on the future of Taigan opportunities and fortunes than improving food production and storage to make that bounty stretch. It's our prime opportunity multiplier, and we'll need the right investment, organization and technology to make it happen.

Join us for honor and profit.

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