Archipelago: Distance and Travelling

Questions for anyone at Soulbound Studios that can assist a long time fan:

The [OCE] archipelago continent has some unique qualities and contexts. More to the point, it has islands separated by ocean. I've been wondering what we Oceanus backers should be expecting from this set of factors, throughout each phase of development. The answers to these questions may also inform players from NA and EU, as the logic may apply to the smaller hidden islands, and possibly the Adventure Island.

• First and most urgent: Generally speaking, should we be expecting Cutters to be able to sail over the LARGER gaps between the islands? Hypothetically, if I started on the far east coast of the Alpine Tundra biome, is it possible for a Cutter to sail across the gap and b-line it directly to the Grassland Steppe's coast?

• In Kingdom's of Elyria, should we be expecting to be able to sail Cutters? Or no?

• Lastly, would NPCs sail these vast distances? Or is this more of an area for players to discover?

*Thanks for reading. Hopefully this Google-friendly thread ends up offering present and future CoE backers something to work with. *