Mayor looking for a society to call home.

UPDATE: Now pledged to Count Crowley within the County of Osthelia. Still looking for members to fill roles within Ellera

Greetings fellow Elyrians,

Settlement Given name: Ellera

Settlement Discord:

Mayors intended given name: Jo'sa Quimby

Assistant Mayor: TBD

Innkeeper: TBD

Guard Captain: TBD

Chronicler: TBD

Treasurer: TBD or additional Assistant Mayoral duty

Minimum Town/Hamlet amenities desired at Expedition launch: Well, Inn

Main initial trade income desired: Rainfed farming and/or, Herbalism/Potion crafting. Small trade in hunting materials if applicable.

Cultural ideal: Large scale Historical Chronicling, Scientific experimentation, Multiple headed leadership or Council (on a town level but, preferable to be a part of Kingdom/Dutchy/Counties that function much the same)

Preferred primary Tribes: Neran, Janoa, Dras or, The Waerd


The small settlement of Ellera is founded with a one main goal in mind. The preservation of our history in order to expand the future prosperity of our lands and community. With humble origins the planned expansion scope of a Chroniclers Great Library, The Apothecary and, The school of applied sciences will need many hands and many minds. It is for that reason the settlement will have a seated council made up of the leaders of each respective school of business, trade and, learning. It is my sincere hope that with many voices working towards the betterment of our settlement that we can contribute to the continued growth of not only our own home but, the entire kingdom in which we reside. We will be scholars but, also protectors of history and our fellow tribes of Mann.

Kindest Regard's,

Mayor Quimby

May prosperity ever triumph, and life be always held dear.