Baseless Lies

It has come to the attention of the Lor Voskaran Council that certain individuals have been spreading lies about a plot to eradicate the Dras from LV and Caprakan.

We want to address this concern as completely preposterous, we chose our kingdom ad that includes all tribes within, we would not allow the genocide of a quarter of our population and we are comfortable in stating that Caprakan feel the same.

If you come across anyone spouting these lies, know they come from a place of imagined oppression and holds no truth.

This is not the first time Lor Voskara has been falsely accused of wanting to wipe out a tribe first the Waerd (my tribe) then the Dras and those who keep spreading such baseless lies should be ashamed of themselves.

The strength of the wolf is the Pack. Fight with honour.

10/15/2019 3:00:09 PM #1

I have been involved in the Lor Voskara community for over a year, and throughout my time here I have never heard of anything malicious towards the Dras or Waerd, or even Neran or To'resk. I feel fortunate that I belong to a kingdom with as much diversity of tribes and playstyles. I am glad there is also no prejudice against any tribe, regardless of if they are native to our kingdom or not.

10/23/2019 10:20:07 AM #2

This is bizarre as everyone in both those kingdoms who chose those locations did so primarily based on loving that tribe.

There was talk some time ago of anti-Waerd sentiments, but even that seems to have been completely resolved. I know that all the Waerd and Dras players are super into both tribes.

All of the Al'tifali groups across the three kingdoms they appear in, in fact have a tight knit player community and we are all keen on working together to build these regions up.

10/29/2019 1:48:40 PM #3

Dont know why I have just seen this now - but completely and utterly support Ariff's statement and the sentiment of the Lor Voskaran Council.

There has never been, and never will be as long as Caprakan and LV values hold true, any plot to eradicate the Dras. We love our Dras community on our shared island and welcome all Dras players warmly.

Unfortunately this rumour has been around for a long time, first rearing its festering head during the Lost Vault campaign. Some people just cant move on.