[BH - Drakeolm] Oakmoon County

Oakmoon County

Count Goody Odsbodikins bids you welcome to Dark Jewel, nestled in the trees of Oakmoon County. The Dark Jewel's founding came from invitations carried by travellers many years since gone by - even before, some say, the Searing Plague burned across Elyria - and sent by the truly forward thinking Ducal leadership of Drakeolm. With these invitations, a bright young Kypiq struck out into the world with his family.

The Odsbodikins clan travelled from the Broadleaf and Ironwoods of their home, bringing with them the saplings, seeds and silk spiders that made up their livelihoods. An adventure was promised, along with the opportunity to create an enclave and sanctuary for Kypiq who travel within the borders of Blackheart, the dark kingdom who welcomes all who find no other place to call home.


Residing within the Shrubland Steppe under the Duchy of Drakeolm, Oakmoon County is dedicated to supporting Kypiq needs within the Kingdom of Blackheart. As much as possible, we seek to transplant and maintain Ironwood and Broadleaf flora and fauna, creating a locus within Blackheart where Kypiq can truly feel at home, while still understanding that we are Blood of Blackheart, sovereign citizens, and protectors ready to defend her.

Primary County Focus Areas:

  1. Kypiq Migration and Accommodation
    • Ground level and Canopy settlements
    • Pyqish crafting, alchemy and engineering
  2. Farming, Animal Husbandry and Forestry
    • Shrubland Steppe, Ironwood, and Broadleaf Flora and Fauna
  3. Exploration
    • Dungeoneering and Mining
    • Merchant trade
  4. Military facilities
    • Kypiq Mokshin
    • Alchemic and Technological Military Precision

Seeking Players for these opportunities:

  1. Mayors
    • Darkharvest Hope (Hamlet) ~ Textiles, Animal Husbandry and Forestry
    • Bouldering (Village) ~ Orchard & Vineyard Farming, Animal Husbandry
  2. Farming and Foraging
    • Alchemical ingredients
    • Orchards, Vinyards
    • Shrub Steppe & Broadleaf Forest staples
    • Textiles (Kypiq Silk)
  3. Animal Handling and Forestry
  4. Dungeoneering and Mining Exploration
  5. Sailors, Merchants and Performers
    • River and ocean trade
    • Sailing Tavern
  6. And more...

Blackheart has only One Law; Do not harm the Blood.

Oakmoon County seeks to maintain an environment that fits with our Kypiq heritage. Under that axiom, in Oakmoon law, we consider animals and plants as being members of the Blood. Thus farming, Foraging, and Hunting are all regulated activities within the county.

We consider Oakmoon's borders as stewardly sanctuary borders, and so hunting in particular is restricted. As such hunting activities are only allowed when their exercise is necessary to maintain a healthy, Faedin spiritual and Two-Fold Queen pleasing balance in the county. While it is recognised that these activities will be practiced, sustainability of the environment, flora, and fauna are paramount to Oakmoon and there will be negative repercussions for those who choose to abuse these regulations.

Oakmoon County Discord

~ Goody Odsbodikins, Count of the Highest State. ~
Friend Code: F41EFF

10/17/2019 1:11:12 AM #1


~ Goody Odsbodikins, Count of the Highest State. ~
Friend Code: F41EFF

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~ Goody Odsbodikins, Count of the Highest State. ~
Friend Code: F41EFF

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~ Goody Odsbodikins, Count of the Highest State. ~
Friend Code: F41EFF

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The perfect home for kypiqs who still want to live in trees but with the superior view of the shrub steppe, and the superiority of duchy Drakeolm! Let the acorn glider dive bombing begin!