Tournament of Champions (OCE)

Tournament of Champions (OCE)

The Count of Doreinior is honoured to be hosting the first Tournament of Champions that will be participated by players of the OCEANUS Server.

The main events of the Tournament will be held in the City of Osteinior, County of Doreinior, Duchy of Sommerlund, Kingdom of Aequitas.

Aims and Objectives

The OCE Tournament of Champions (“ToC”) aims to create an enjoyable experience for all OCEANUS players and create an atmosphere that is as authentic to the lore created by Soulbound Studios as possible with the following objectives:

1.To be able to provide basic lodging, security, sustenance and amenities for 100% of main player characters participating throughout the entire event;

2.To ensure that all Kingdoms in OCE will have the opportunity for representation in the mainstay events that is mechanically associated with ToC;

3.To provide the opportunity and logistical support for player organised events from at least 1 per Kingdom that will be used to augment the main events in the ToC;

4.To procure and/or produce prizes for the for the top 3 Champions of the ToC that will be attractive enough to encourage players from all Kingdoms to participate in the ToC;

5.To provide an initial framework and form a ToC committee with representations from all Kingdoms to help ensure that Knowledge Management is done and future ToC hosts can build and improve on the experience.

What to expect

While the official religion of Aequitas is Faedin, the ToC will be held in Sommerlund where the Virtori tribes are the majority. Expect lore friendly Virtori competition especially jousting and mock battles (melee). As more details on the mechanics of ToC are fleshed out, the committee will be able to explain the events further in the thread here.

Also, the Chairperson (Count of Doreinior) recognises the need to be inclusive of the various cultures in Elyria and is open to any suggestions that is representative of other cultures. These events however are likely to be player organised and will likely run separately from what is mechanically associated with the ToC.

Tournament Committee

The Count of Doreinior humbly invites members of the OCEANUS community to assist as organisers for the ToC.

The reason for this is two fold :

1.To promote participation for the event throughout the server.

2.To ensure that potential future organisers of this event can learn from this ToC and build upon it, providing a better experience for all OCEANUS server players.

A current proposed model for the Committee is as follows :

Advisors : Monarchs and/or appointed representative of the Kingdoms in the OCE server, and the Duke of Sommerlund.

Chairperson : Count of Doreinior

Vice Chairperson : A proposed/agreed upon candidate for the next ToC.

Invitation & Registration Lead : A Volunteer from any Kingdom to account for the number of players arriving for the event.

Hospitality Lead : A Volunteer from any Kingdom to assist with the lodging and catering, and to direct any reasonable request for additional amenities to the Chairperson.

Security Lead : A Volunteer from the Duchy of Sommerlund who is preferably a Sheriff, Bailiff or Constable in-game.

Event Lead : A Volunteer from the Kingdom of Aequitas who is interested in ensuring the smooth running of the events mechanically associated with the ToC.

Attractions Lead : A Volunteer from any Kingdom who is interested in organising events that are not associated with the mechanics of ToC.

Logistic Lead : A Volunteer from the County of Doreinior who will assist the Chairperson, Hospitality Lead, Event lead and Attractions Lead in sourcing, procuring and organising the required logistics.

Ceremony Lead : A Volunteer from any Kingdom who will act as an assistant to the Logistic Lead in ensuring proper pomp and decor. The Volunteer will also assist with the procurement of the prizes for the events.

Treasurer : A Volunteer from the County of Doreinior who will assist the Chairperson in managing the budget for the event.

Media : This is a pure out of game role. The objective of this role is to document the event in the form of a montage or Video for the Community to look back and enjoy.

Terms of reference

The Terms of reference will be drafted for each of the Committee members as more details on the game mechanics is made known.

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Seems like you have done a thorough job, & covered all the bases, well done.

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Posted By Penddraig at 08:09 AM - Wed Oct 23 2019

Seems like you have done a thorough job, & covered all the bases, well done.

Thanks Penddraig, truly hope I did. I'll wait and see as more details on the ToC is fleshed out.

10/23/2019 3:15:38 AM #6

I guess an idea could be, each Kingdom will have at least 1 boat intending to leave at a certain time for the event.

If you can find people to send the boats, I could be a guide or help at a dock to help load people onto one of the boats. I'd assume one boat on the West of Caprakan and one boat at the north west of the Bog.

I think I am pretty much devoted to inclusive events. So I will find some way to help wether you like it or not even though I probably won't actually attend the tournament.

10/23/2019 3:23:57 AM #7

Bravo, you've done a great job here mate

10/23/2019 3:43:09 AM #8

Nice and quick work from concept to draft! I'll be sure to bring my Hrothies down.

10/23/2019 4:23:38 AM #9

Thanks for the support!

I'll see what I can do to alleviate the transport issue from Caprakan.

10/23/2019 5:34:31 AM #10

I've got my own cutter I can use for this if you need.

11/3/2019 7:15:28 AM #11

Unto the Lord of Doreinior, does the Lord of Cluain send Greetings

Dearest Cousin, it fills me with joy to hear of the impending Feat of Arms to be held within your lands.

I write to you now to advise that I shall undertake the journey and voyage along with my handpicked Mesnie of Men-At-Arms, Squires and Archers of the Illustrious and most noble Whyte Company, to take the field and bring honour unto your lysts and those most precious to us whose favours we wear proudly upon our breasts.

Good Cousin I hope this missive finds you well and in good faith that I and my company of fifty shall leave your sovereign lands in the same condition in which we find them.

Signed Ser Thomas Lochlan, Count of Cluain, The Green Count. Bear of the Hills, Chief of the Clan Chiefs, Lord of Morling.

11/3/2019 9:21:39 AM #12

Dearest Cousin,

Your missive is well received. Preparations have been made for the arrival of you and your most noble company. You will find no shortage of wine and spirits in my holdings.

The lands of Doreinior await the famed Whyte Company, and may they find glory in the Tourney of Champions.

Signed Lord Ernye Yong,

Count of Doreinior, Custodes of Sommerlund, Protector of the Einior, Lord of Osteinior.