Razwood Iuga


Kingdom – ARKADIA,
Duchy - Salernum,
County - Razwood Iuga

County Settlement capital - Sumeressey Military Keep AKA -KINGSWOOD -

So who am i ? I'm John, 41 from England, and a publican by trade as well as many other talents. I used to be a mayor with grand idea's of running a large prosperous town, Nothing's Changed, Other Than my Title in recent months, and domain size.

My mission, goals, value's and vision are still as they was, just now on a larger scale, being a patriot and loyalist together, i will support the Crown to no end, with this loyalty to the crown comes great recognition and responsibility from His Royal Highness Raziel. including his gratitude and reward.

Kingswood will be a Keep of diversity and prosperity with strong ties to the ROYAL capital UTOPIA.

Kingswood will give to its people exactly what they give to it, it will protect you, if you protect it, and will feed and nourish you, if you but only feed it.

Kingswood will offer a whole host of buildings including many tradesmen and traders, there will be plentiful farm belt land available and land suitable for many other practices. not only to buy, but to lease and rent too.

We will also offer crafting stations, shops, a tavern and an inn for the weary traveler passing through,


Our mission is to succeed, to become the Arkadian town of prosperity by hard work.

Our Vision, to live long, healthy, happy & prosperous.

Our Values, diversity, respect, loyalty, commitment, honour & strength.

Our Goals, to be on the Arkadian Map, to be strong and united, to trade across the lands.

So if you simply want to settle somewhere safe, and contribute to the community kingswood welcomes you, The County of Razwood Iuga will be well developed with established links between its towns/settlements

The main focus of our County will be on building one part of the Southern Arkadian Army, including recruiting and training and crafting what's needed to sustain a strong and efficient force for our king to command, we will also focus on resource production and trade of said resources. i will be happy to work with and assist and help any individual who's looking for an experience in PVP and both PVE, Kingswood will need Military personal, crafter's, resource collectors and more, The County has already a large inventory of items, and animals and EP, For its growth and infrastructure and defence, and of course it's loyal subjects too.

More to follow after domain selection.

if you’d like to know more just follow the link below, drop in and announce yourself.

Kingswood welcomes you.

1/7/2020 8:01:54 PM #1

Arkadia - Tropical Rainforest

Deep in the Tropical Rainforest within the Royal double duchy of Salernum lies the double County of Razwood Iuga Latin translation - Razwood Heights.

Razwood Iuga is Governed by Count BaderWray, Trusted and rewarded subject of the Prime Raziel - our great king.

Razwood currently has x4 villages and x6 hamlets looking for responsible leaders, there is also x1 town left which has been reserved for purchase during SOE when it restarts. and x2 Towns which have already been claimed by known Mayors.

Count BaderWray's seat of power lies within the City Keep of Kingswood, where i will strive and deliver to recruit and train a small faction of the Arkadian Defending & patrolling forces, including and not limiting to a mounted cavalry, swordsman and the kingdoms finest bowman, Hunters & Warriors of the Arena and Jungle.

Kingswood is Currently looking for mature Citizens but down to earth players who can both have fun, enjoy the experience and also be serious in there actions to the better development of both the settlement and domain. including following instructions teamwork makes the dreamwork.

We are looking for : (1)Hunter's (2)Woodworker's (3)Fishermann/women (4)Soldier's (5)Furrier's (6)Doctor/Nurse (7)Blacksmith (8)Tavern/Inn keeper (9)Bee Keeper / Brewer + Many more or Even something not on the list that you want to do.

As you can see the City Keep along with its neighbouring Towns are beautifully located on the Twin lakes of Razwood. so I'll also be looking for a Boatman to run between the settlements using the lakes outer edges and waterways.

For Further info, please don't hesitate to contact me via direct message, or better still drop into my established and informed Discord server

1/7/2020 9:00:55 PM #2

Nicely written BaderWray. I will look forward to trade with you.

1/9/2020 11:58:57 PM #3

Looks like a beautiful domain you’ve built up.

1/26/2020 6:02:11 PM #4

Nice presentation !