The County of Treague

The Grand County of Treague


The County of Treague is located within the Kingdom of Valyria. Treague has a history steeped in military tradition, highly exalted for its professional soldiery, and boasting a highly experienced officer corps. Treague intends to claim its rise to fame in the martial sphere, providing materiel resources and raising standing regiments in service to the crown. Treague is lead by some of the more well known names in the military, political, and commercial sectors, and likewise its people are equally as eager to ensure that Treague's renown shall be known throughout Elyria. We welcome you to be a part of one of the most illustrious domains on NA-W.


We are hosting an event for Elyrians to claim a settlement for themselves in the reverse auction, with the intention of settling in the county. Please refer to the following forum post for more information: Free Mayor Event (CLICKY)



  • King: Matthias Valen
  • Duke: Ilaria Valerius
  • Earl/Count: William Ælric
  • Viscount of Cameliard: Lanane Silverwalker
  • Viscountess of Umbria: Kara Devartyr
  • Viscount of Anglesey: Hepius
  • Governor of Alderley: VACANT
  • Mayor of Arnthilis: Devartyr
  • Baroness of Harlech: Aveline Wessel
  • Baron of Nova Noctum: Caedes Aeterna
  • Mayor of Honeybrook: Lady Rebbekah Kirton
  • Mayor of Yantari: Auto
  • Mayor of Ashbury: Cipher
  • Baron of Incarnadine: Blade Baron Vassrahi
  • Mayor of Blackbrooke Bay: Lanane Silverwalker
  • Baron of Azura: Calenhad Dovah
  • Mayor of Blackbourne Haven: Rabe
  • Mayor of Elysium: Hepius
  • Stormbreaker Wharf: Eir Fe'Lauria

County Leadership:

  • First Minister: Filled
  • Minister of Defense: Vacant
  • Minister of the Interior: Filled
  • Minister of Infrastructure: Vacant
  • Minister of Justice: Filled
  • Minister of Health, Science, Agriculture: Filled
  • Chancellor of the Exchequer: Filled

First Minister:

The First Minister is the elected head of government, charged with the responsibilities of overseeing the County Council, and the various governmental ministries and departments. The First Minister is elected, and presides over the House of Commons.


The County Council is a bicameral legislature, made up of the House of Commons, and the House of Peers. Parliament meets bi-monthly, to deliberate on legislation. Parliament will be entrusted with the power to pass county ordinances, laws, taxes, as well as the allocation of resources and funds.


The government shall include various ministries and departments, headed by a Minister, which are appointed at the pleasure of the Earl of Treague. Each ministry is responsible for certain aspects of government. Headed by the First Minister, the ministries work under the direction of the County Council.




Treague is currently the seat of the Grand Marshal of Ashira. Charged with providing troops, and material resources to the Duchy, the County of Treague stands at the forefront of military operations within the Duchy. Treague bolsters a well organized, and disciplined army, which prides itself on its long military traditions and heritage. Barons and Mayors are asked to provide able recruits for the Duchy's Military, as well as upkeep their own city/town guards. Expenses for the training and equipment of a standing army will be covered by the state. The Military stands ready to face all foreign and domestic threats to the Duchy, and the Kingdom, striving to protect and uphold the sovereignty of Valyria. The Military is under the Ministry of Defense, which handles the allocation of funds for the military, and veteran affairs.

Commerce & Trade

Treague strives to flourish commercially and economically, providing a safe, and prosperous environment for merchants to sell their wares. Treague offers benefits for all merchants, including tax reductions, and a tariff-free market for all domestic traders. As a military driven county, Treague will attract all sorts of adventurers, as well as soldiers from across the Duchy, both eager to sell items that they bring home, and purchase new items for their use on their many adventures or campaigns. Merchants will find it easy to sell their products in Treague, and do so in the safety and security that Treague provides.


Treague pledges to support its local lords, barons, and mayors, both financially, and militarily. As a collective state, charged with the defense of the duchy, Treague will subsidize military infrastructure, such as the construction of forts, and outposts, as well as troop costs. Treague shall provide barons, and mayors the support they will need to flourish, and develop.



It is the responsibility of the Earl/Count to provide:

  • Financial and resource support for the Barons/Mayors residing in the County
  • Troops for the Duchy of Ashira, and the Kingdom of Valyria
  • Safe roads and highways for travelers and merchants within the County
  • Protection against foreign incursion
  • An elected government, to represent the will of the people
  • Taxes to the Duchy of Ashira, and Kingdom of Valyria


It is the responsibility of the Barons/Mayors to provide:

  • Available troops to serve in the Military
  • Protection for civilians whom are dwelling within their domains
  • Security against banditry, and criminal activity
  • Taxes to the Earl of Treague
  • Compliance to the County Council, of which they will be represented
  • Any and all available troops and resources during times of armed conflict


The County of Treague strives to serve as the sword and shield of the Duchy of Ashira, being the headquarters of most military operations within the Duchy. The County of Treague boasts an organized government, and military, ready to face the challenges that Elyria has to offer. With an elected governing body, the people of Treague can be confident that their opinions are of the utmost importance. We welcome all Elyrians to settle within Treague, merchants to sell their wares, and the bold to join the few and the proud. We hope that you will make Treague, your home, and experience all we have to offer.

Qui audet, vincit ~ "Who dares, conquers."

Townships and Baronies of Treague:

The City of Alderley (Capitol City):

The City of Alderley


The Town of Arnthilis:

The Town of Arnthilis


The Barony of Harlech:

The Barony of Harlech

The Barony of Nova Noctum:



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Barony of Incarnadine:

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Blackbrooke Bay Settlement:

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The Barony of Azura


Blackbourne Haven:

The Town of Blackbourne Haven



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Stormbreaker Wharf:

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County of Treague

Sir William Ælric, 1st Earl of Treague

'Qui audet, vincit' ~ Who dares, conquers.