DrakeMoore & Drakeport [ashland]

with Settlers coming thought we should update. enjoy

Welcome to the Grand County of DrakeMoore & Drakeport

Drakemoore County is Dedicated to food production with the goal of becoming the bread basket of our duchy, with a long term aim to expand to cover the kingdom as well. To help make this all a reality we have the double county of DrakeMoore & the double county of Drakeport, they will be merged once sedcim occurs into the greater county of DrakeMoore with 5310-7186 (pulled from SBS site) combined parcel count.

County Location

The Grand County of Drakemoore is Situated within the Ashland Kingdom and Sanctaphandri duchy on the NA W server. Below are links & discord for each group and some screen shots of the county location.

  1. Server: NA-W
  2. Kingdom: Ashland discord:
  3. Dukedom: Sanctaphandri discord:
  4. County Discord:

Map of the County

Below is a post Domain Selection image of our counties and the Settlements that have been selected already.

Ducal View

County View

Towns and Baronies within Drakemoore County

County Goal

We plan to be the backbone of the Duchies food supply, with the intent of becoming Kingdom's Food supply in the long term.

We would like to create a nice safe environment, where those wishing to explore the peaceful crafts of Farming, Herding or any other food production related crafts can call home.

we also aim to be a leading supplier of mounts in the duchy, with multiple breeding programs already planned.

Early Game Plan

Nearly all the counties early income will be going into Increasing Food production and Transportation routes to get the food to market.

My plans are to be building farms and ranches that I will rent out to players. The rent contracts will be dependant on the economy. If the economy sucks, I will charge a standard, fair rent. This way if crops are good, I get a good cut, but in bad times I get enough to maintain my treasury while keeping my tenants in business. (subject to change based on how the final economy functions)

I will also look at instilling any NPC settlements with like minded gentry players as Mayors to help Focus the Counties Food Production goals. How this will be done will be explained to those interested.

Long Term game plans

This is where I get cagey, as I really can't release my deep long term plans. Suffice to say, they will be VERY INTERESTING..... also, it is hard to make solid plans without a working game in front of us.

One thing I can mention regarding future plans, is they will involve setting up farms in other countries to provide closer crops transport for trade. I will also setup strategic Store houses as Distribution points.

Tribe Choice

My Kingdom is a Naren/Hrothi mix, our duchy is primary naren but has a reasonable population of Hrothi. Our County’s primary tribe is naren at 68% , with a mix of Hrothi, kypq and brudvir mix with Hrothi taking up most the 32% left over.

Hosting a School or University

We wish to host a School or University dedicated to farming and animal husbandry. Our Country’s people will be able to train in these skills faster as well as research new methods of increasing production.

I have posted a thread about it here feel free to take a read

My First research goals are as follows:

  1. Farming methods improvements
  2. Food preservation methods
  3. Proper Livestock raising Techniques
  4. Raw food processing methods.

Below are a few incentives I will offer the school:

  1. Rent free land for them to build their facilities (Duke may throw in a school building)
  2. Modest yearly stipend to help keep it running. How much this is will be based on my counties profits and income. (Higher it is the more it will be. I am hoping for a least a 5% of income...)
  3. I will go to bat with my Duke to try and wrangle extra funds to help the school (it will be in their interest for my town to be able to produce massive amounts of food...)
  4. The leader of the school will also have an appointment on the Town's council

Laws of the County

As Count I must enforce all Duchy and Kingdom laws handed down to me, I will also have some county based laws as well. I don't wish to be intrusive to the average players but i must also protect the County's long term interests.

Please note these laws are not finalized, They are there to show intention of what will be strongly enforced.

No Chopping Trees on County lands without a Logging License. No Hunting Game animals on County lands without a hunter's License. No Hunting or tree chopping on private lands unless you're the owner or his employee/Family.

As this game is a living world where Deforestation and Extinction of animals is a very real thing i will be very harsh on offenders of these laws. Why i do understand people will make mistakes and newbies may not understand their actions, but unfortunately the county can't afford that learning curve so a zero tolerance policy in place. .

Enforcement & Licensing

I will be hiring Rangers to help police these laws and all License holders are obligated to report any poaching of animal or Trees as part of the License requirements. Details on licensing will be in later posts once more info becomes available on contracts system, tree growth system and Wildlife breeding system.

Counts Council

I will be blunt, I, for all purposes, am a consultative dictator. What i say goes. BUT... I am a great believer of player input being the lifeblood of good rulership. What this would mean is that I will take suggestions and if they coincide with my plans or enhance them I will most likely include them in said plans. But, if they don't work with what I plan, I claim the right to reject them at need.

That being said, I will need to delegate. Therefore, I will have an Advisory Council. Below, I will throw out a few roles that I have come up with. This may change based on the game mechanic for councils.

Each council member will get a wage (yet to be determined.) Some may get no wage, as they may be only honorary members.

  1. Minister of War : Working with county mayors on Local Garson levels and training. Will also train a County Guard force to be called on in times of war. Work in conjunction with Local Barons and the Minister Law and Order to make sure our County is secure and safe. Will be responsible with working with Production & Trade Minister & Treasurer during times of war to organize Supplies and logistics for our Country's armed forces. He is not a leader of men more a logistical position

  2. Treasurer : will be making sure taxes are paid both to me then what needs to be passed up to the duke. They will also need to track spending by other departments (ie Minister of War) to show trends and see if there is waste or signs of misappropriation of funds. Will work very closely with me as i have a lot of plans that will cost a lot of money. (Corruption won't be tolerated and this role will have other incentives not to skim money from the top)

  3. Minister Law and Order : keep up to date with all Crimes of the County keeping track of trends and working out where new laws may be needed or if some laws are too harsh.. They will liaise with town Sheriffs and the local Baron to ensure the Security of the County. Working with Minister of war during peace to direct County patrol patterns.

  4. Technology Minister : Will liaise with the Head of the school/University and Treasurer to deal with Funding of research, direction of research projects and status of current research.

  5. Infrastructure Minister : Identify County Infrastructure needs or damage to Infrastructure that needs repairs. Work with local towns and barons on getting these projects completed effectively and on budget.

  6. Production & Trade Minister: his role will be to represent the County’s crafters and merchants. They will Track trends of Incoming and outgoing trade to work out what the county needs and work with the Infrastructure Minister to meet their needs.

  7. Barons & Mayors: as a base level any player who is a Mayor or baron within my County will be on the council also those that are the head of a Village will be offer Spots on this council.

Meetings will be every 2 weeks normally, But there may be calls for an emergency meeting depending on situation affecting the County. (i.e. war breaks out...)

A Lot of these Ministries will have a degree of Autonomy in how they fulfill their roles but any major changes, projects or spending's need to be cleared with myself. (details of the definition of Major will be out more once the game goes live and we have more understanding of Systems)

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Town section

Drakston City

Welcome to the City of Drakston

Drakston is situated in a fertile valley at the head of Silverwater river in the Grand county of Drakemoore. As far as the eye can see, there are farms and pastures. Any traveler that happens by can tell that this town is a very important breadbasket for the kingdom of Ashland. Near the center of town, a school dedicated to farming, animal husbandry and wood production can be seen, where those wishing to learn the crafts of the town's primary industries can hone their skills. The intrepid worker can always find employment at the town's various farms and lumber yards.

Town Goal

As my seat of Power it will be the centre of my county's goal to be the breadbasket of my duchy and eventually my kingdom.

To do this i will be doing 3 things

During Kingdoms of Elyria, I will ensure that agriculture and lumber operations are increased to help make up 60-75% of my towns land area.
With Expo i will be using a town specialization pack to finalize the above number. I will also be spending a large amount of EP on farming and herding infrastructure. Hosting a centre of learning for Food production and all things related to it.

Town Planned Production

Planned production in order of importance:


  1. Grain
  2. Cattle
  3. Oats
  4. Pigs
  5. Lumber
  6. Sheep

Secondary (Depending on ingame crops)

  1. apples
  2. Potatos
  3. barley
  4. Beer
  5. Cider
  6. Rum

    will also attempt to develop a thriving horse breeding program to provide horses for the duchy. I will play this very much by ear, announcing it in more detail if events work out in my favor.

Who will we need?

We will need people of all walks of life! However, some jobs stand out as must-haves. Below I list a few of them and a rating system of need. 1 + will be Reasonable Need, 2 + Heavy Need and 3 + Major Need

  1. Farmers +++
  2. Cattle herders ++
  3. Sheep herders ++
  4. Pig herders +
  5. Horse & Ursaphantt breeder ++
  6. Bee Keepers +
  7. Lumberjacks/ Foresters ++
  8. Carpenters ++
  9. Distillers +
  10. Hunters/Rangers ++
  11. Blacksmiths +
  12. Butchers ++
  13. Teachers ++
  14. wagoners ++
  15. Guards +++
  16. Weavers/tailors +
  17. Leather workers +
  18. Vet ++

Town Council

Some of these roles will be assigned to Ministers from the Counts Council, but some may need local representation to free up the Ministers for their higher end roles. Will confirm who double ups and who we need roles for when more info comes out.

  1. Master of Arms: will be in Command of the towns Armed Forces. He will deal with their Training, Equipment, Patrols and pretty much anything to do will Military Matters he will report to the Minister of War or myself

  2. Master of Coin: will be making sure taxes are paid both to me then what needs to be passed up to the county. They will also need to track spending by other departments (ie Master of arms) (Corruption won't be tolerated and this role will have other incentives not to skim money from the top)

  3. Sheriff: would deal with all Crimes of the town and be de facto prosecutor for town cases. They will organise the recruitment of specialised police force and work with outside law enforcement agencies as well as bounty hunters. They would also place bounties on the heads of Criminals that got away or poachers. They report to the Minister of Law and order or myself

  4. School headmaster: is an honorary position given to the current Head of the aforementioned school i will invite to my town. Their role is self explanatory he will be the head of the school thus will deal with all Training and Research. They will report on progress of research and advise of future projects. (I will have certain set goals for research but its up to the headmaster how these are done and planning any other research)

  5. Town Planner: I will do a lot of the town planning and building but i will need someone to organise the builders, also organise people to fill the important roles like tavern keeper and such. They will also need to think of things that will help in streamlining our production lines for the town's trade model.

  6. Master of the Crafts: his role will be to represent the towns crafters and work with the Town planner to meet their needs. So they would need to keep an active list of what crafters we have in town and what there plans are. They report to minister of production and Trade or myself

  7. Landowners: as a base level any player who owns 3 lots of land part of the town will have a seat on the council.. if they have invested that much into the town they deserve a seat in the council and a right to have the voice heard in its deliberations. (they will not get paid as they are just powerful landholders invited as a courtesy) the amount of lots required to be on the council may increase as town size increases but warning to this effect will go out before any changes

I hope my town & Country is of interest to you all! Please let me know if you want to become part of it :)

Ether PM me or come onto our Discord:

I have not mentioned anything about religion or guilds as i don’t feel they are things in my purview. If a guild wants to move into my County, more power to them! I may even offer their leader a spot on the council if they are large enough.

The same goes for religion. As long as it does not affect my County in an adverse way, I have no intention of limiting religious freedoms...

Wow, that took ages to write! If you read it all, I salute you!!!!!!

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Towns and Baronies

Barony of Mældunesburh

The Fortress of Mældunesburh is a military stronghold located at the crossroads of major trading routes. Part of County Drakemoore in the Duchy of Sanctaphandri , it sits within the Kingdom of Ashland . Built at the behest of a Duke in years past, the fortified town was constructed in response to repeated raids and invasions that threatened the stability of the Dukedom. In recent years, however, the town has enjoyed a period of relative peace and prosperity, its bountiful farmland, abundant trade, and resident craftsmen filling granaries and warehouses within the walls. The Barony is a major hub for both producing food and protecting the breadbasket that is The County OF Drakemoore.

Town of Carse

Carse sits upon a hill overlooking the fertile lowlands of Drakemoore county in easy reach of the river and trade roads. Carse is known for its exceptional cattle and draft animals. The fertile fields around Carse are not only ideal for farming but with the diversity of perennial plants makes it great for grazing cattle.

Town of Chaos Falls

Chaos Falls is located near a great waterfall in the Grand County of Drakemoore. We would like to focus on making weapons and armor and breeding horses. We plan on using the waterfall as a defensive structure and as our primary water source as well as a secondary food source.

Town of Rouletta

Rouletta is situated in a on the side of the wooded hills inside the Grand County of Drakemoore. Concentrating on Mining the stone & iron deposits nearby, you can also see vasts orchards and Vineyards as well as modest grain fields surrounding the town. Further still you see Sheep being herded by shepherds. This is truly a rural town.

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Current Members

Bellow is a list of pledged members of County. we start small like all counties and grow slowly. i am also showing how much ep investment to be done in our county by showing those Gentry, Mayor and baron ep amounts

Me Current EP: 31800 Planed EP: 31800

Barons & Mayors

  • Ranualf Current EP: 8000 Planed EP: 8000
  • Vokul Current EP: 1000 Planed Ep: unknown
  • Casinoman Current EP: 1000 Planed EP: 1000
  • Karguo Current EP: 1000 Planned EP: Unknown
  • Otto Current EP: 1000 planed EP: unknown
  • Rise of chaos Current EP 1000 planed ep: unknown


  • Silky Current EP: 3250 planed ep: 3250
  • GalloInfligo Current EP: 250 Planed ep: unknown
  • Dejeezel Current ep: 250 planned ep: unknown
  • Hermes current ep :unknown planed ep: unknown
  • Wren Current Ep: 250 planned ep: unknown
  • Klorinth Current EP: 6500 Planned ep: unknown


  • Dion
  • Ryzek
  • Davneu
  • pricechawin
  • Sweetharmany
  • Old timer
  • leafblinder
  • Kammerton
  • Angel of chaos
  • Andy
  • Overlord
  • CatXn

Potential Citizens

there are some who thinking of joining but have not committed yet.

  • 3 said they will be joining on release
  • 4 are awaiting ping issues confirm

EP Development

we will roughly have over 60k ep

with these numbers and the fact i am a Double County (with 1 count currently pledging to will me there counties to manage) we should have a large developed County well on our way to a vision of the perfect Bread basket for our kingdom

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Job Board

Recruiting a Steward x 1

With multiply streams of income and tax i will need some one who enjoys working with numbers Am can do the day to day ruining of Drakus holdings.

I cant promise what pay as economy is not even known. but it will be reasonable

the perks.

  • I will provide a rent free House for you and your family.

  • I will provide for you and your immediate family Food needs free of charge from towns products. (limits may apply during Sieges)

  • Protected working environment.

  • Payed Vacations

  • Will endeavour to provide Work to your future Offspring in there chosen Professions.

  • Free access to County School courses for your self and your offspring

Job Duties

  • Recruiting Care takers/workers for Drakes Farms, Ranches and shops.

  • Accounting for House Drakus

  • May be required to help with Drakemoore accounting (if good fit may offer council role after proven work)

  • Some Travel may be required to Visit Different Drakus proprieties for audits.

More duties may become required with increased responsibility

I will also let u manage 1 Farm Estate which you gain 50% of the profits from it

Loyalty reward,

if you work for me and are loyal for over 6 real life Months i will transfer the farm land you managed to you as owner of it completely and all that comes with it.

Recruiting Rangers x 8

the County will be needing Rangers to police the Hunting laws and Tree Chopping laws.

Cant Confirm Hiring prices but they will be above standard rates.


  • I will provide a rent free Cottege for you and your family.

  • I will provide for you Food Credits to be spent locally on local food products (amount to confirmed)

  • Increased Bag limit for animal hunting County wide. (amount to be confirmed)

  • Free weapon & Armour repairs from designated Country repairer's

  • loan Horse why on patrol (stabling and feeding Paid by County)

  • 2 RL weeks year Paid leave for travel and adventure. (county will provide you with modest funds and travel rations to help pay for food and accommodation why on trip)

  • 50% off local school fees for you and your offspring.


  • Patrolling the county looking for poachers (animal and loggers) checking licenses of suspects detaining any who dont have Licenses and bringing them back in for trial. (this is primary role during peace time)

  • During war Scouting for the armed forces of the county.

  • Patrolling and keeping a eye out for Smuggling groups.

  • Patrolling and keeping a eye out for any Bandit bands or other armed groups coming into county without notice of intent.

  • Providing support in tracking down criminals (tracking skills required)

Loyalty reward

After 6 months RL service the Cottage will be transferred into your name with Subplot of land it is on transferred to you as well. Loan horse will be transferred to you as for reward for service. (County will continue to Feed and stable it for you) County will provide you with fully paid courses in your chosen school to increase your skills.

Recruiting Guards/Soldiers x 25

the County need a Core PC contingent for our Armed forces.

Cant Confirm Hiring prices but they will be around standard rates.


  • I will provide a rent free Shack for your family to stay. (why on rotation you will be in barracks)

  • I will provide for you Food Credits to be spent locally on local food products For you and your family for your off rotation and your family why you are on rotation (why on rotation food served at barracks)

  • Weapons & armour Supplied for duration of role. (if you quit before you loyaltiy reward this must be returned)

  • free horse riding and Weapons training

  • Free weapon & Armour repairs from designated Country repairer's

  • loan Horse why on patrol (stabling and feeding Paid by County)

  • 2 RL weeks year Paid leave for travel and adventure. (county will provide you with modest funds and travel rations to help pay for food and accommodation why on trip)

  • 50% off local school fees for you and your offspring.


    During Peace time

  • Providing Training in weapons to local Drakus Citizen Reservist.

  • Patrolling and rooting out for Smuggling groups & Poachers. (unlicensed hunters and Loggers)

  • Patrolling and rooting out for any Bandit bands

  • Providing support in hunting down criminals

  • over flow support to local Police forces in the county

During war Time

  • Fighting for the the county both at Home and abroad.

  • Protecting Supply lines of the Ducal army.

Loyalty reward

After 6 months RL service the Shack will be transferred into your name with Subplot of land it is on transferred to you as well. Loan horse will be transferred to you as for reward for service. (County will continue to Feed and stable it for you) County will Sponsor your enrolment to the Ducal Military Academy you will be paid full time wages why completing your training. all Food needs of your family will be completely covered for the remainder of your employment with County of Drakemoore. Custom Weapons & Armour will be commissioned for you to keep.

After 1 year RL service a Parcel of land out in the country will be transferred into your name to be used however you see fit.

If you Perma Died in Service to Drakemoore Before your loyalty Period all rewards for entire year go to your Heir.

those interested please contact me by PM & discord or leave a post here and i will catch up with you :)

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Coming soon

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there we go all done. hope you enjoy the new thread

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