Rosetti Bay needs Citizens(you)! [Aranor>Nareveth]

Are you someone that has plans for your life in Angelica’s Elyria? Make those plans here in Rosetti Bay!

We’ve got ocean, we’ve got forests, we’ve got mountains(???),

We’ve even got a road to the County and Ducal capitals! Look, it’s true!

We’re known for... Pottery I guess! Bring your pottery to Rosetti Bay! We need potters apparently! Lots and lots of pots! All of the pot!

Look here, it says “Very Rich” You could be Very Rich too in Rosetti Bay!

You know who is also very rich? Solistia Rosette, the mayor! JUST LOOK AT ALL THIS EP TO INVEST IN HER CITY AND ITS CITIZENS(YOU)

So come to Angelica>Aranor>Nareveth>The WIldelands>Rosetti Bay today and get a free citizenship! And join the Nareveth duchy discord to speak directly to your new beloved mayor!