Returning From A Long Trip

-Stretching her aching shoulders and arms, her hand gently swipes the hot trickling sweat from her brow. Her weary, traveled feet and tattered fluttering cloak makes for a sorry vision as she stumbles onto the shores of Oceanic Regions. Her eyes reflecting her hope for a new beginning as she looks for a place to call her home-

((This is my entry ;), with that said, I am a returning new player and need some guidance. I'm quiet a fair bit behind everyone else. If anyone has a way for me to catch up -been gone for 9 months now-, I would most appreciate the help. I've already claimed Oceanic as my 'home' server but I'm unsure on how to proceed from here. Thank you in advance for any aid provided)).

  • Though her body is travel worn, her mind is alert as she comes across a small hotel. Eyes assessing the hotel, her shoulders relax once she deems the building safe to temporarily house her stay. Fumbling in her coat she reaches for her coins. Having found the pocket with her coins inside, her hand takes hold of the dangling horse rains at her side before guiding her horse to the post. Tying the rains securely, she unsaddles her horse, sitting it over the rains tied to the post, she returns to brushing him down, removing all the dust and muck from his hide. Taking out her travel bucket she looks around for a well. Making her way to the well, she decides to call out to the horse manager standing to the side. Hearing her call, the gentleman looks up, nodding her head to the well asking for permission, the gentleman nods his head, tips his hat to her and goes back to resting his eyes as he leans against the wall. With a relieved sigh, the young lady heads for the well to fill her bucket with water for her horse. Making her way back to her horse she sits the bucket in front of him to drink from. She was not afraid to leave her stuff with her horse. He had a nasty bite to anyone who was not her, and a deadly kick for those who would approach. Gently patting her horses neck she mutters a quiet 'rest well', to him and the glowing eyes sitting in her saddle bags, as she turns to the hotel.

Making her way into the hotel, her hands fish around in her pockets for her coins. Approaching the busy barmaid filling orders, she taps her nail on the bar thrice, indicating that she was looking for a room and not just simply there for a meal. The barmaid calls out her acknowledgement before getting back to her current customers. Breathing a sigh of relief that there were rooms available, the young lady sits up on the stole at the bar as she waits, knowing that the barmaid was busy, she tilted her head down, folded her arms after tipping her hat to cover her eyes and waited patiently, a practiced skill helping her to be alert as her eyes close allowing her to catch some sleep while she waits.-