Fellow Elyrians,

As many of you have probably noticed, the last kingdom on Selene has been acquired by one of our very own Dukes who will now be now known as King Ceridian Calebron with his seat of power within the Duchy of Saltbreak. He graciously took on himself the decision to bring peace and prosperity to those troubled lands by integrating them within his own domain.

A series of arrangements have been made between our friend and ally King Ceridian and our Great Leader, King Raziel. - The Duchies known as: Bruntwater, The Dewfall, New Toadmarsh, Seastone, Skuldheim and Lyrhia will be officially integrated into Arkadia domain and become as of now Arkadian Duchies.

  • The Duchy of Saltbreak will keep a unique status as it will both be a duchy within the Arkadian domain and the seat of power of a new Kingdom.

  • The Domains known as Ashen (Ashen + Eastfall), The Sage and Meadowfire will be granted special rights and privileges.

  • They will be granted complete independence in the management of their domain.

  • They will not be required to fulfil any military duty nor provide military aid to King Ceridian.

  • They will be granted full protection by the Arkadian Crown. Any external harm or threats presented to them or any intent of such will be addressed by the full wrath of the Arkadian army and its Senate.

Those gracious concessions to the Northern independent states will come at the fair cost of a tax due to their king, King Ceridian Calebron.

These are the decisions made by the Arkadian Senate, in accordance with our laws and the blessing of our gods and King. Maybe they all live long and prosper,

Prime Raziel of Arkadia & King Ceridian

12/23/2019 6:05:20 PM #1

Nice, go Arkadia!

12/23/2019 6:19:14 PM #2


12/23/2019 6:26:59 PM #3

technicly it will be two kingdoms with two seats of powers so as Duke of Ashens i think the terms are good so based on what i was told by sbs bevore i steped down as king of tryggr it will probaply not be possible to merge the two kingdoms so i will have two choices stay in k4 or defect to other kingdoms and both of those choices have to be made ingame ... with those conditions i can protect the border of tryggr and no one can force me to fight my friends in al-k either so personaly i like the conditions still waiting until and of lanselection to finalice my choices

12/23/2019 6:51:11 PM #4

Seems like a complicated mess, but congratulations. That's better than a future as a warzone for everybody.

12/23/2019 7:44:12 PM #5

all this different biomes so close hmmmm sound good for business

12/23/2019 7:54:04 PM #6

Congratulation Arkadia! Way to go!