Does anyone else feels like this is a scam now?

Can i get my money back?


1/8/2020 11:24:50 AM #16

Yea, I agree

I don't like refunds and try to bring many people I know to the game as you can see I have been around a while. I think overall things will be looking up for COE

1/8/2020 11:42:24 AM #17

Had the studio not set those release date schedules, fewer would feel this game is not going the way it was initially thought to be going.

Now that those dates are missed, people are becoming concerned.

There are a number of events and features that are coming out before Alpha, and those events and features will be delayed and need fixing. So don't expect Alpha this year.

During this second year of delays it might be insulting to put up sales and even if it brings in a lot of funds, the damage it could do to other peoples perceptions who look at this game might not be worth the funds the sales brought in.

1/8/2020 11:45:45 AM #18

On a related note I want to say the word scam is oft overused as in this thread.

As far as I can tell, the studio is (and always has) doing their best to deliver the game which was promised.

A scammer would take the money and run, which clearly no one at SBS is doing.

So best if folks tone down the hyperbole and keep the conversations honest.

Unhappy with the delays, game direction, leadership, just say so but no reason to misuse words to query about a refund.

You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry. JAMES 1:19 NLT

1/8/2020 2:12:34 PM #19

It has been stated already what our policy is regarding refunds.

Since that has been answered and our Terms of Use policy has been reiterated that we do not allow refunds, we are going to close this thread now.

Thank you.

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