[NA-W][Tyria] County of Parthenia

Artist: SidharthChaturvedi, Fantasy Flight Games

(Parthenia was formerly Parthalan. Since mods strangely can't change thread titles here, I've had to make another thread.)

County Overview

  • Server: NA-West
  • Kingdom: Tyria
  • Duchy: Thorne
  • Ruler: Countess Cressida Westerly
  • County Seat: Parthanum
  • Settlements: TBD (2/3 available)
  • Focus: Agriculture, Commerce, Exploration, Research, Trade (via land/river routes), Naval Power
  • Discord: TBD
  • Point of Contact: Crysta via forums, or Crysta#3220 via Discord
  • Recruitment Status: Welcoming citizens and barons/mayors
  • Current DSS Location: Tyria > Thorne > Parthenia

Parthenia is a county located on the northeastern coast of the Duchy of Thorne, on the duchy border. It is home to roughly 200-300 citizens of Neran, Dras, and Waerd descent - with a considerable Neran majority. The primary industries are fishing, livestock training and raising, rainfed and pastoral farming, and overland/river/coastal sea trading. It's location also attracts a notable amount of courtesans and performers.

North of the capital lies the farming town of Ilnaflat (currently unclaimed), nestled comfortably in the foothills, and the (hopefully) scenic seaside hamlet of Greysage (currently unclaimed).

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Community Tenets

Be Cool

The simplest way to sum up our gaming philosophy is just 'be cool'. All we mean by that is the community, at its heart, will be a collaborative storytelling environment. If something is obviously going to ruin someone else's day, think long and hard about whether it is completely necessary. Antagonism and conflict will happen, but it should never be done flippantly or carelessly, and it can't interfere with the health of the community.

This also extends to both treatment and conversations on Discord and other social media platforms. We do not expect all players to be friends, but it is reasonable to expect all players to treat each other with a degree of civility. I have very little interest in policing private conversations, but avoid badmouthing other players and making channels your private toxic echo chamber. If you don't feel you can, please move on.

RP Optional, But Encouraged

If roleplay is not your cup of tea, it's fine. I like it, so I'll be doing it, and encourage others to do the same. There will be no quality controls put into place: all degrees of expertise, from beginner to veteran, will be welcome.

Do be aware that your in-character actions will likely have in-character consequences, much like they typically would in real life.



County Goals

Parthenia aspires to become a bustling trade hub between two flourishing duchies. There will also be a heavy focus on research and technology as a result: gotta' keep up with the times if you want to prosper, after all. To that end, the county will always be in search of players interested in trade, diplomatic, and scholarly pursuits. Specialists and generalists are equally welcome.

In Exposition, establishing new and connecting existing trade routes will be a priority. We're particularly interested in boats and making boats. The Parthanum Academy will be established to help with the cultivation and expansion of knowledge. Whoever hops onboard will get input in what other subgoals we may pursue.

Parthenia will happily coordinate with those with similar goals in an effort to establish mutually beneficial relationships - particularly with local organizations. Feel free to reach out.

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The government of Parthenia functions much like the typical county, but the leadership of Parthenia has historically enjoyed being well-informed by the other leaders among the community, and has learned a disgruntled population can be just as deadly as a foreign army. Thus, the formation of the Small Council and the Assembly of Peers.

House Westerly

  • Motto: "Beyond fear lies freedom."
  • Head of House: Cressida Westerly
  • Heir: TBD
  • Liege: Duke Kavazi Kymerion and Duchess Cecilia Thorne
  • Founder: Calchas Westerly
  • Founded: TBD

(Lore under construction)

Countess Cressida Westerly

(Also under construction)

The Small Council

The Small Council is a group of the Count's foremost advisers, who convene regularly to discuss the current state of the county. They are often figureheads of important groups within Parthenia, who work within those groups to ensure the continued prosperity of the county. The initial Small Council will be appointed by the Countess herself, but later different methods to appoint successors may be written and implemented.

Chancellor (OPEN): The mann historically regarded as the Voice of the Count or Countess. The mann essentially in charge of foreign affairs, who holds the highest diplomatic rank. They may embark on foreign diplomatic missions is to work for peace, growth of trade between nations, or to protect the citizens of Parthenia in the host country. These activities are important and sensitive and are usually carried out in coordination with the Count.

Requirements: Charm, diplomacy, lore (scribing), general knowledge of Tyria/Thorne/Parthenia. Frequent travel expected, so rudimentary survival skills also a plus.

Chaplain (OPEN): The primary representative of the Virtorian faith within the county and keeper of religious lore. They fill a wide variety of roles and functions, such as overseeing significant religious rites and holidays. They are considered pertinent to the moral fiber of the county.

Requirements: Charm, piety and knowledge of the Virtorian faith. Interest in a religious/spiritual focus and skills likely to complement such.

Steward (OPEN): The mann responsible for the county's economy, finance and revenue. They oversee how the money is spent, either directly dictating expenditure or authorizing it as required. It is their responsibility to ensure that the county has enough money to carry out their stated aims and objectives, and that they do not overspend, or under spend.

Requirements: Math, contractmaking, wheeling and dealing skills, city planning

High General (OPEN): The mann who holds command of the military, deciding how to deploy them to best achieve the ultimate goals of Parthenia, destroy the enemies of the kingdom and duchy, and to protect our interests and way of life.

Requirements: Combat skills, preferably a knight, mentally stable, good head for military tactics

High Admiral (OPEN): The mann who holds the highest Navy command of the Parthenia Fleet. Additionally, it is also the duty of the High Admiral is to ensure safe, secure and environmentally sound use of the waterways around Parthenia.

Requirements: Combat skills, mentally stable, good head for military tactics, survival skills - particularly swimming

High Constable (OPEN): The mann appointed to manage duties related to justice. In addition to appointing judges to the court and managing the City Guard, they supervise the legality of actions taken by the government and monitor the implementation of basic civil liberties.

Requirements: Combat skills, mentally stable, interest in law and acquiring law-related skills

Archscholar (OPEN): The headmaster of the Parthanum Academy and a position that typically devotes itself to scholarly pursuits and research. Upheld as a credible figure engaged in work important to the advancement of society.

Requirements: Archscholar will require a hyperfocus on knowledge skills and skills centered on research into technology

The Assembly of Peers

The Assembly of Peers is a significantly larger body of barons, mayors and representatives of private and corporate entities who have achieved some prominence within Parthenia. Members are invited to the assembly by the Countess or a member of the Small Council.

The Assembly of Peers convenes in Parthanum on a bi-yearly basis, and functions much like a larger Small Council meeting would. Members of the body are allowed to discuss matters pertinent to their area of governance with the leadership of Parthenia directly.

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Lore and stuff. Will be filled out later.

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Affiliations and Allies



  • Parthanum Academy: TBD

Trade Partners