2019 End of Year State of Elyria Post: Caspian

Caspian, where are you? And where's your yearly "State of Elyria" post?? What's the state of things where you are? Because from here it looks pretty depressing and grim.

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Posted By kajoreh at 01:43 AM - Wed Jan 22 2020

Does it really matter which version it is?
0.5...0.7...0.9 The numbers are just numbers. You can call each step whatever you want.

Not that it matters much.

I'm curious to why you think it doesn't matter? Each new stage or number, is them adding a bunch of new things to the game. For me personally, them finishing 0.5 and moving onto 0.6 is showing real progress is getting made.

If their engagement with the community is no longer creating the positive feedback they desire, I suppose one way to address that is to just stop having contact.

Honest I wouldn't be against this. I would rather them only share when they have something real to share. Having a shiny each week, is basically like a checkbox is being ticked off. Not every week is it bad of course, some are awesome.

I truly do miss the days of the DJs though. That crafting and farming ones, pure awesome. I loved the detail they went into. With how much of the game is completely unknown, well somewhat. I would take an in-depth DJ every 3 months over a weekly shiny.

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Posted By kajoreh at 01:43 AM - Wed Jan 22 2020

Does it really matter which version it is? The numbers are just numbers.

Yes. It matters.

And I'd guess they're still on 0.5. Most of the resources of the studio have been invested in DSS. They shouldn't have done an auction.

As is often stated, no game development resources are used for web events....or so they say.

Not buying that for one minute. If it were true, why no updates on 5.0 during the DDS and Settlers? I am sure they should have done at least one goal in 5.0 by now if resources weren't diverted to the other things.

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