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I live right in the middle of America. I am trying to decide on which server/domain I should play on. I also want to ask, when the game is playable and you move to a different country will you have to create a new account or can you change your server/domain?

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The choice of server really comes down to finding a community with which you "click". As far as moving, only your "titled" character (server locked package) is tied to that server, after that other characters can be on any server. Meaning if you have a mayor title, the mayor is tied to that server.

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Well from what I've seen in the forums, NA-W has been more welcoming of new players, and NA-E has been threatening new players.


NA-W: Welcome we hope you enjoy our community.

NA-E: Our settlements are already spoken for by our community. If you join without our permission we'll casus belli you and wipe you out of existence. (This is a paraphrase of the actual quote from the NA-E forums)

Answering your second question.

You won't have to create a new account, multiple characters can reside in one account. You can't change your server/domain. If you can't change your server/domain and if characters are bound to one surname per account, then you might have to create another account. But I don't see this happening. Your server/domain is bound to your surname (Last name/family name of the family your character is in). You would have to get a new surname, in the same account to to go to a different server.

Simply put you don't have to change your account. You can have two separate families in two separate servers/domains.

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Gotta agree with Stelaphina. Id just check out the forums or the discord channel and find a group you mesh well with since you are centrally located and usually ping is the suggested decision maker.

The one thing I would clarify though is that souls will be server bound, so you could change servers easily enough on the same account, but you would still be starting effectively from scratch without any of your stuff or skill ramps from previous lives.

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To be fair, Sir Pen, it wasn't all of Luna (NA-E) and it was only during DSS. Now that DSS is over, I don't believe anyone has that stance.

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First of all, that reply is in my opinion, incorrect in your statement of Na-West, and Na-East, Sir_pen.

There are various users that are NOT as you described on East, and there are various users that you described that ARE on west.

Some peoples view =/= the entire server.

Second of all, KylinJae, you should read about the kingdoms in their respected forum sections and get a feel for each area based on your communication from them by joining and getting a feel for each community that interests you the most.

Being able to play with them and speak with them will help to open up your options in getting to know a new place for you to live. You could even end up liking both of them and have a character on each server to test both to your liking if you wanted to eventually. This would require you to purchase soulpacks that are specifically locked to those servers.

You're not in any rush to lock your server at any specific time. So take your time and find the right home that best suits you and your needs for gameplay^.^

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Well Miss Violet I've only said my OPINION BASED ON WHAT I"VE SEEN ( read my original statement, seemed very antagonistic of you to ignore that and try to berate me) in my limited time on forums, and as a more recent joiner of the forums I'd say my opinion is more of use to him from a new forums person perspective since what meets the eye first is valuable as well.

------Do not Ignore this--------- That said from a more experienced perspective I'd say you could be right. I haven't seen all the posts nor have I seen all of the people here.

Secondly since Stelaphina had addressed my post you had completely wasted space on trying to aggresively address my posting. :P

All you had to do what address my opinion of NA West and NA East just like Selphina did, not like what you just did. --------------Do not ignore this---------

Thirdly then it is of the agreement to all that my previous posting about souls, surnames, and families bound to the server/domain. Miss Violet you were of no help here. All you did was try to address my posting and then try to brighten it up with flowers, so that you can make people feel like you're a bright person all the while attacking someone.

Also I have seen you have a fight with someone with the East side on this very particular issue, where you attacked them for posting the casus belli quote. Are you contradicting yourself now?

Lastly where in my reply was I wrong? I cleary stated that A. From what i have seen B. given examples of what I have seen.

The important thing here is "FROM WHAT I HAVE SEEN".

So what's this bullshit about saying that I have the opinion, that because of a few bad apples the whole tree must be bad?

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This is a newcomer post, I was not attacking anyone in my post, simply stating that it is wrong to state that Na-West is one way and East is the other way if its an incorrect statement. Hardly anyone will read the fine print.

I am not being agressive at all in any of my posts, nor am I trying to "add flowers". I was assisting in answering the OP's question, to which wasn't answered completely before I had posted (The website doesn't automatically update when someone posts a comment, you have to refresh to see it.)

If you feel attacked at all from messages, where its hard to tell tone, then I apologize if I have made you feel that way. I was simply stating that how you put it is actually not the way that it is. I have always stated I am welcoming to anyone looking to come to join us on the east server, as have very very many people on the east server. So I'm not entirely sure what you mean by "for posting the casus belli quote are you contradicting yourself?" as I have not attacked anyone in that way. Only provided a post with feedback/opinion. Again, tone is hard to read in text.

I didn't say your opinion is the representation of the entire server, I said that some people's viewpoints (the ones saying that if you place here we'll kill you from both servers) does not represent the bigger picture of both servers.

It's a post that will be looked at as "This is how west is, this is how east is" as this is a newcomer post inquiring in the newcomer section about the servers.

TLDR To the OP

Each server is different, each server has different maps, different communities, different stories, adventures etc. The only one who can answer the question for which is better is you yourself by getting to know the kingdoms/communities that interest you on each server, and you don't have to limit yourself to that specific server as you can buy soulpacks for other servers later.

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Well now, apology accepted Miss Violet.

Diplomatic people are so rare in this forum.

The problem wasn't tone I believe. The problem was the two words "completely incorrect" connecting everything. It would have to be replaced with the sentence "I completely disagree" as mine wasn't exactly statement as that is stating something to be, rather it was an opinion. So I felt like you were putting words in my mouth.

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♥ I'm glad that we could be able to speak on this, as it was not my intention to seem as if it was attacking you

Ah, thank you very much for your input on that I will keep that in mind in the future, I appreciate it Sir_pen

I hope that my post edit is better suited for it

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Well, as I recall the Lords of Death plan on playing on NA-West, which should make things....interesting there to say the least.


You can watch their progress as they ready themselves to tackle Crowfall in the near future.

Will give you a good look at what's coming.

You must all be quick to listen, slow to speak and slow to get angry. JAMES 1:19 NLT

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Posted By Kyleran at 8:22 PM - Sat Jan 18 2020

Well, as I recall the Lords of Death plan on playing on NA-West, which should make things....interesting there to say the least.


You can watch their progress as they ready themselves to tackle Crowfall in the near future.

Will give you a good look at what's coming.

Indeed. We expect northern Blackheart and western Tyria to be massively interesting, unless combat turns out to be a dud. Then, we expect those areas to be governed mostly by absentee nobles mostly living virtually in entirely different universes.

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Join us in EU 🇪🇺 ping is not bad and we got still many opportunities for Settlers

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Ya just look at the different kingdoms on each server. They all have a forum post, and just pick the server that sounds more interesting to you.

If you like alchemy, settle in Amestrys. If you can find it...(NA-E)

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Posted By Stelaphina at 7:42 PM - Sat Jan 18 2020

To be fair, Sir Pen, it wasn't all of Luna (NA-E) and it was only during DSS. Now that DSS is over, I don't believe anyone has that stance.

After not following the development of the game for a long time, I returned just in time to make a purchase of a county on the Luna server during December's SoE. Fine, great got something I really wanted.... Then I joined the Discord server for the kingdom. I was welcomed with all the niceties etc... until I mentioned I was interested in perhaps purchasing a remaining Duchy and in so many words I was asked did I have permission? Who am I working with? Prove who you are. I felt like I have to have permission to buy a duchy or live in fear of being zerged immediately? Who's spending who's money here? Really? I mean its a game and I wasn't ready for this nonsense. I have always played my past games specifically EQ and some others in a solo manner... I prefer it that way not from trying to be anti-social but it's just my way and there are many like me. I figured I could just get what I wanted and have some fun not understanding that the game was already really being played before it was released. So yeah, my welcome wasn't that great on Luna as recent as December's SoE and somewhat of a disappointment. BUT, it has motivated me... Players that have my mindset are the ones who can/will eventually upset the ones who have prepositioned themselves and their groups to fulfill their agendas while trying to disregard others who aren't apart of the "posse". Im not trying to deter anyone just giving the heads up on this server from my personal experience. Maybe its relaxed in the last month as Stelaphina mentions, I don't know I have stayed away since from the pre-release drama.

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