18 December

Announcing the Settlers of Elyria Event!

By AshKain

The next exciting chapter in the Chronicles of Elyria begins tomorrow with the Settlers of Elyria Event!

From 12 PM PST, December 18th to 12 PM PST, February 1st new and existing players will have a limited-time opportunity to change the history of Elyria forever by staking a claim on one of our four starting continents!

While the event lasts, every unclaimed Duchy, County, and Settlement will be on Dutch Auction, meaning the price will be dropping 1% every single day until the event ends! That’s not all - Flash Sales will be hitting every day throughout the event with featured domains going on sale every 20 minutes! Featured Domains will be an additional 10% off their regular price!

These deals won’t last, so don’t miss out on this chance to stake your claim and join our growing community!

You can read the full official blog post here!