19 March

Inside Chronicles of Elyria: Ep. 4

By Caspian

Hey all!

Episode 4 of Inside Chronicles of Elyria is here! In this month's episode, we take stock of our Milestone 1 progression and showcase the first half of what we’ve been working on thus far in Kingdoms of Elyria.

From fog of war to harvesting and player characters, we’re incredibly pleased with our pace of development, and should - within the next week or two - begin work on Milestone 2. As we discussed previously in our Road Ahead post, Milestone 2 will bring even more key components, including contracts and most importantly, NPC AI.

In between you waiting for the next episode of Inside Chronicles of Elyria, we’ll be releasing frequent development posts that detail exactly what we’re working on. Stay tuned for our first one next Friday.

As always, if you have questions or feedback on these videos, please get in touch via [email protected].