The Barony of Azura


The Barony of Azura

Server: Na-west

Kingdom: Valyria

Duchy: Ashira

Grand County: Cambria

Settlement: Azura

Sister Settlement: Blackbrooke Bay

House: Dovah


Azura is a military, production and trading-focused town located at the southwest edge of Ashira. Being charged with the protection of the region of Treague in the Grand County of Cambria, Azura is strategically placed in the region to respond to any possible invasions, border defenses, or skirmishes and ensure the protection of the citizens, as well as the stability of the flow of trade between the surrounding settlements. Aside from it being the base of operations of the Azuran Guard, it is also the birthplace of The Grey Wardens, an elite order tasked with the protection of the entire kingdom through any means necessary. To support Azura economically, aside from the support of the duchy as well as the counties, Azura aims to become a self-sustaining town through extensive trading and production of a wide range of goods. Meticulous care & support will be provided to the farming development across the entire barony to fill our lands with sufficient food to serve every Azuran, military or civilian. With Azura being a town surrounded by a wide variety of resources, there is also every intention to provide every mann with a chance to pursue the profession they desire, and to enable merchants from different parts of the world to trade freely and fairly within Azura.


With Cambria serving as the sword and shield of the Duchy of Ashira, Azura's focus is to make sure that we provide the most capable men to serve on any military campaigns, whether it is to attack enemy kingdoms or to defend our own. As such, our military can be mainly classified into two:

  • First is the Azuran Guard, which is the de facto military organization of Azura sworn to protect the entire region of Treague, as well as the rest of Cambria, from any threats and to be ready to march into battle should they be called upon. Strength, Discipline and Unity are the key tenets of the Azuran Guard as they live, fight, and die for one another knowing that they are the shield that guards our realms. In times of peace and stability, the Azuran Guardians are also encouraged to contribute to the community, whether it's through trade, farming or production of goods, since their sense of unity isn't just limited to each other, but to the people of Azura as well.

  • The other known military organization in Azura is called The Grey Wardens, an elite order of warriors founded by the House of Dovah that are entrusted with the protection, not only of the people in Ashira, but of the entire Valyrian Kingdom. Originally formed as a way to stop the blight that has sent the world into absolute chaos at a time long ago that history would rather forget, The Grey Wardens are now entrusted to serve the kingdom and to stop any threats that could send the kingdom into madness again through any means necessary. They are of extremely exceptional ability, so much so that their mere presence alone can turn the tide of any battle in their favour. They are also known for ignoring a recruit's racial, social, and even criminal background if they deem the person valuable in terms of character, ability or skill; As such, some would say that The Grey Wardens are no more than just an army of thieves and criminals (Not openly nor within earshot of any Warden, of course). Regardless of what people might think of them, it is undisputable that, despite their small numbers, they are instrumental in the protection of all of Valyria and are a force to be reckoned with.


While Azura is mainly focused on the protection of its citizens, to support their military operations, a proper economy is needed to be established. As such, the economy of Azura is based on farming, trading, sustainable resource extraction, and other militarily-relevant endeavors.

Farming: To feed any decent army ready to serve requires a lot of food; as such, farming is one of the primary economic concerns that the Barony of Azura will address. To ensure the development of farming, we will try to provide any support possible for anyone who wants to pursue a modest life as a farmer; Whether it's to provide protection from any would-be thieves or basic training and starting equipment needed to efficiently farm. We will also make sure that the price of the crops shall be fairly valued in terms of the market, regardless if it's the barony itself that wishes to procure the harvests for the men or any random buyer passing by, so that no mann may be deterred nor discouraged from pursuing this greatly valued profession. Lastly, we want to make sure that our farmers are one of the most efficient and knowledgeable ones around, so we plan to send out a contingent of explorers skilled in the bardic arts to various parts of the world in order to attain and document all forms of farming techniques and knowledge that could help improve our farming further.

Animal Husbandry: With the location of Azura being an ideal place to practice farming, it also makes sense that Azura is an attractive location to also pursue Animal Husbandry. From raising livestock that can be sold to the town and all neighboring settlements, up to horses and other mounts the Barony will need for any upcoming battle, our protection of the region as well as our strict fair market value pricing of the goods will help to ensure that this profession is highly valued and be an important part of our economic system.

Resource Extraction: With Azura boasting a plethora of resources available to the Barony, there will be a lot of opportunities for various citizens to fully utilize them and it is my intention to ensure that there is a proper allocation of the resources for everyone, depending on various needs; Such as how ore might be needed by the military since it can be converted into weapons and armor to equip the barony's military organizations. But in order to make sure that there isn't a secret oligopoly of the resources between a select few individuals, anyone who intends to extract resources regularly is required to obtain a permit from the Baron himself, or an authorized delegate of his, so as to properly account for everyone and the proper allocation of resources can still be maintained.

Trading: As Azura is essentially a port town that can lead to different places, it is an ideal place for trading to flourish between various settlements and even neighboring kingdoms. With the trade routes heavily protected by the Azuran Guard, and a wide range of raw materials can be extracted from the town (assuming you've received legal permits from the Baron), merchants can definitely get a pretty penny out of staying in Azura or even just passing by to sell their goods.

Other Professions: While Azura's focus has always been the protection of every Azuran and their welfare, we also want to encourage everyone to pursue whatever profession they desire; whether it's to become a blacksmith, a glassmaker, a spy, a courtesan, a farmer, a sailor, a woodcutter, a hunter or anything else. Because what matters most, in spite of everything, is that you get to do what's fun for you (as long as it doesn't involve harming anyone or causing any trouble). So if you’re looking for a place to settle down and hone your craft or if you're just a modest traveler who hopes to try something new and different, then Azura is definitely the perfect place to be.

Taxes: Our taxes will be based off of the structure of governance and taxation of the Kingdom, the Duchy and even the Grand County of Cambria's laws, in order to avoid any inconsistencies and any notions of unfairness within Azura. Whatever taxes accrued will be used to improve the infrastructure of the settlement, allow for more mobility without trouble around Azura, and for the military to receive proper pay.


While I've been rambling on about the many things you can do in Azura that could cater to what you want to pursue, how can I expect anyone to be willing to be under my command and be loyal to Azura when we don't even know each other? To solve this dilemma, let me formally introduce myself: I am Calenhad Dovah, the Baron of Azura, charged with the protection of all the citizens under the region of Treague, which is part of the Grand County of Cambria. I am very skilled in the art of war and politics, based on my previous experience of playing various games including, but not limited to, ESO, SWTOR, Black Desert, LOTRO, Dragon Age, Total War, Mount and Blade, CKII and many more. In the MMO games I've played, I have lead my men to victory in PVP several times, created a number of guilds that have dominated the server for some time, and have logged in for thousands of hours playing & getting to know each and every one of my people. I've always been interested in all aspects of war, politics & resource management and I intend to utilize the skills that I know in COE, as well as learn new skills that could prove useful in the game. It's always been my personal interest leading, commanding and serving people in the best way I know how and I hope that together, we can make Azura a place to be feared and in awe of.


Azura will be a very active barony, engaged in the protection of our citizens, defense of the borders, bandit hunting, organizing & training armies for the kingdom and duchy, promoting our trade, developing farmlands, taking part in invasions, as well as the Grey Wardens even working in different parts of the kingdom to quell dangerous threats wherever they may be. We will be in the thick of politics, warfare, trade, espionage, and economic development within the kingdom. So what does Azura need? The right people; People who want to be a part of something greater than their selves to reach a common goal. People who will revel in the achievements of our fellow comrades & be ready to serve each other's needs and treat people fairly regardless of their status. We are a community, a family, a team, striving for different things but having the same vision. So first, I am looking for players of varying experiences in gaming or irl at leading our military organizations. There are various forms of skill in pvp, with some being better at the actual combat and some being more adept at the tactical side of pvp; I want both to be a part of The Azuran Guard to protect our people. We want people who understand that for our order to be something which will be feared, our sword has to strike in unison at our foes; as such, Unity and Discipline is key to the type of people I want in our military. You also have to be willing to learn things you might be unfamiliar with, and heed advice from our military commanders.

We are also looking for people who prefer a more modest or simple way of playing the game through the pursuit of a profession. Farmers & Merchants will be preferred, as it is one of our main non-military concerns but Azura is still definitely open to all types of players who are interested in a more mercantile way of being the best in the game. Lastly, I also invite people who take pleasure in simply settling and starting a family that can last for generations to consider settling in Azura, since all Azurans will be under the protection of a capable military force and everyone will have the right to participate in the town meetings and vote on what is the best way for our community to improve, as well as to address any concerns you may have.


Discord Username: Calenhad Dovah #2268
Barony Discord: Azura
Friend Code: A68ADE?


You are also welcome to comment here if you are interested in joining us.

"The Fire that keeps Balance at bay"

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"The Fire that keeps Balance at bay"

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Really great post! Love all the little details